Catching the REI bug at only 22 from a couple of Clemson pals, these ‘bad influences’ talked him into dropping out of college & going all-in with real estate investing. Since then, closing hundreds of deals involving about every kind of real estate investing transaction out there—and learning huge lessons from a journey teeming with big wins, some hard knocks & everything in between. Which is exactly why he passionately pours so much into helping others make their own learning curve to REI success shorter and less painful than his was.

“10 Hour Wholesaler?” Show Me The Money…

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One thing we hear a lot is…

“Show me some proof!”

And I totally get it, I really do.

Everyone seems to be a cool ‘real estate guru' nowadays, don't they? With “Flip” shows more popular than ever, and fakes and frauds a dime a dozen, how can you really know the true PROS from the seedy CONS without seeing some legit proof-of-concept from other people first?

After reading the write-up on How I Wholesale Houses Anytime, Anywhere – Working Just 10 Hours a Week, some folks understandably ask how in the world “10 Hour Wholesaling” honestly calls for:

  • no experience?
  • no up-front costs?
  • no analyzing deals?
  • no negotiating with sellers?
  • no earnest money?
  • no proof of funds letter?
  • no making offers?

And also:

  1. gives you an endless inventory?
  2. drastically reduces hours spent working?
  3. has ZERO marketing costs?

It's often summed up kinda like:

“Are you seriously saying I can make money in real estate without all the BS that comes with buying and selling houses? Instead, let other investors do ALL the work in finding, evaluating, negotiating, and contracting deals? Can you show me other people (besides you) pulling this fantasy off?”

show me the money!

Yeah, totally understandable.

And also do-able. 🙂

Truth be told…

We're hearing regularly from people now living this new reality. People who had the same doubts you probably do, but gave it a solid go anyway.

We've even got videos from some of them. Speaking of which…

I recently asked my friend (who's also a “video guy”) to put a compilation together of some of the real people who've sent us videos, right at the start of their journey as 10 Hour Wholesalers. He agreed, and also threw in some fun clips from Justin's “lifestyle investor” world, and even added some fancy movie music too. 🙂

Enjoy: 4-minutes of fun…

Video Transcription:

Justin Wilmot:How you doing? Justin Wilmot here coming at you from my office in beautiful Flagler Beach. Look, I just wanted to shoot this quick video to give you a message of inspiration of what it takes to be a wholesaler. If you don't know me, you don't know my story, I'm actually a real estate investor. I got my start, um buying renovating and fixing properties in Florida, in Central Florida, and I eventually found out that that did not produce the lifestyle at all that I was looking for and why I got into real estate in the first place. It was an immense amount of work. It was all I really do is create a gigantic job for me and let me tell you, at 23 years old, I found myself hospitalized with some sort of ulcer that I can't even pronounce. Couldn't even swallow anything, right?

I'm getting an MRI and cat scan at 23 years old, as a surfer… I grew up here on this beautiful beach my entire life, and look, at the end of the day, real estate is supposed to give you the life, right? There's a lifestyle, there's, there's an outcome that you want. And for me, fixing and flipping wasn't even close. I couldn't do anything with the money, right? It was great. I had what everybody would call great success, right? The, the, the big boats are at a nice boat, beautiful waterfront luxury condos on the water. Um, everything, right? Beautiful awesome cars, sports cars and all that stuff, but I had zero time and zero freedom to do what I do, which is travel the world and surf with my family and friends. So I had no life. Like I'm driving around in awesome cars, but the only thing I could do is drive them out to dinner.

Like that's not what I'm for. Right? And may not be what you’re for. If it is, then great, but there's a better way to do things. And so I'm known as the lifestyle investor, right? And so I want to invite you to learn the way that we buy and sell real estate, the way that we buy and sell real estate contracts and the way that we wholesale properties using none of my own money, none of my own cash or credit. Okay. If I can do it, growing up on a small beach town, zero college education, trust me, you can do it as well. To your success!

Testimonial #1:It's an incredible program developed by Justin for aspiring investors like us. Unlike other investor instructors, Justin dumbs it down, simplifying the wholesaling co-wholesaling experience.

Testimonial #2:This was a life changer for me.

Testimonial #3:Um, so right off the bat, just the value per buck, I think, it is worth it.

Testimonial #4:Hey Justin, just pulling up to the bank to deposit another wholesale assignment, check 12,000 bucks. I'm pretty happy with that one.

Testimonial #5:I love this because most people who are self-employed own a job and then just want to work a job and then they're just in the grind and they own the grind. This here will teach you not only how to do these deals step by step but also more importantly, you're going to learn how to actually build a business where you're working on the business but not in the business and having people bring you deals.

Testimonial #6:Thank you so much for the system you helped me put in place.

Testimonial #1:Thank you so much Justin, and it's an honor to work with such an investing genius.

Testimonial #2:I can't tell you how good it feels after all this time, so this is the real deal. Don't regret it. Get into it.

Testimonial #6:Anybody who doesn't think that stuff works, trust me, it works.

Ya know, hearing real people share real stories like these is just awesome. Some of my favorite highlights from real people in that video:

…Unlike other investor instructors, Justin ‘dumbs it down' simplifying the wholesaling/co-wholesaling experience…thank you so much, Justin…”

…Just pulling up to the bank to deposit another wholesale assignment check for $12,000, pretty happy with that one!”

…I love this because most people who are self-employed ‘own' a job… (Justin) will teach you not only how to do these deals step by step, but more…how to actually build a business, working ON…not IN the business…”

…This was a life-changer for me…I can't tell you how good it feels after all this time…”

Bottom line:

Social proof matters. And these are real people who now know first-hand this is the fastest & easiest way I know to start making money in real estate investing today, hands down. Even with little/no experience. 😀


PS – Want to learn more? Dive deep into a step-by-step from Justin on How I Wholesale Houses Anytime, Anywhere – Working Just 10 Hours a Week —OR— check out this video if you're interested in becoming a 10-Hour Wholesaler like Justin.

And of course, your comments are welcome below…

And don’t forget to be awesome.

(NOTE: Want to be a true lifestyle wholesaler? Let Justin show you how he makes a killing wholesaling houses in only 10 hours a week.)

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