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Guy Makes $101.80 PER MIN. Wholesaling His First House



Hello boys and girls, got another thrilling win to share with you. Today’s hang-ten high-five goes out to Alain—yet another dude I have the privilege of walking beside as he builds a business. Alain just crossed that huge “first deal milestone” for a tasty $9,162 payday.

BOOM! (all caps this time)

6 things that make Alain’s first deal so dang re-freaking-markable:

  1. This one he totally crushed 10 hour wholesaler style–without ever meeting his seller or buyer in person.
  2. We’ve been working together only 7 weeks before this first $9,162 payday.
  3. After a solid year of prior struggling with zero to show for it.
  4. All together, he’s got around 60-90 mins total into this deal.
  5. So yep, that’s $108.80 per minute of actual time invested. 😀
  6. It was all way easier than he first thought it could go.

BOOM! (lol, how else can I say it? Might as well make it bigger 🙂 )

When Alain first texted us the picture (above) my boy JP reached out to him to hear about it, and even turned it into a fancy video. So here’s his concise-yet-impressive first deal story, including:

⇢ Exactly how he found his cash buyer (easily)
⇢ How he made this deal catch his perfect buyer’s eye.
⇢ A few game-changing lessons he learned along the way.

Let’s hear it right from Alain…

Hearing real people share real stories like Alain’s is just energizing, isn’t it? Really helps make this whole thing real. Just like with this guy and with these people too.

Among my favorite nuggets:

  • He’s already got his second deal, for a ~15K month
  • Also already branching into a new market remotely.
  • “If I want to wholesale a home a week, this is the kind of system that’ll do that for me.”
  • “I could have done the whole thing without even doing anything.” (YAS!)

BOOM! (colors this time 😀 )

Alain, a true pleasure to stand by your side through the twists & turns (learning curve) of this deal, my man. Time to rinse and repeat!

What do you take away from Alain’s story?

I’m all ears (soon as I get back from this surf 😉 ) Talk to me below…

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Justin Wilmot Mentoring

Justin Wilmot

This guy loves surfing so much that figured out how to make a killing flipping houses, and also spend as much time surfing & enjoying life as possible. After years grinding in restaurants, he stumbled into wholesaling houses for quick cash, but quickly got bored by the "necessary" daily tasks (like marketing, talking to sellers, negotiating, zzzzz...) Then he got this crazy idea for a new way to wholesale houses, and turned into a top-dog in multiple markets. He also digs teaching others how to model his methods and spend waaaay less time in 'busy work' drudgery, but still making great money flipping houses in a few hours/week. (And doing whatever the heck you want with the rest of your week!)

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Mark Schwartz

Looking forward to going through the traini g modules so I can get working on my first deal. Every other method I have yr ied so far has led to dead ends. There’s so much I could do with that kind of money. Looking forward to being able to help others in time of need.

    Patricia Gee

    Great reason for wanting to proceed with this program, Mark. You can do this!


Thank You for the reassurances. Lord knows I needed inspiration today as I have really been struggling. Thank You Justin

Kathryn Greer

Congratulations you are on your way and helping others have faith in the program.

Jacob Mandes

That is awesome I am looking forward to my first deal thanx for the insperation

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