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Announcing: “One Minute Leads” for Real Estate Investors


Introducing awesome new time-saving, lead generating software for real estate investors.

January 2016 (eRelease) – is super-pumped to announce our latest and greatest real estate investing tool: 1-Minute Leads. With this innovative, cloud-based software, investors can now forgo the normally arduous and time-consuming process of manually searching, sifting, and zeroing in on key business leads. 1-Minute Leads does the heavy lifting by providing extremely targeted leads lightning fast.

One Minute Leads is a quick and easy tool every investor will want in their arsenal. We’ve taken the tedious, manual process of finding leads such as wholesalers, cash buyers, hard money lenders and even team members and automated it with just a few keystrokes and a mouse click. (You’re welcome, investors!) It’s now the simplest, easiest and awesomest way to generate leads – faster than a knife fight in a phone booth.

It works with 3 awesomely easy steps:

  1. Enter keywords such as ‘we buy houses,’ ‘wholesale deals,’ ‘VIP buyer’s list’
  2. Enter your target market’s city and state
  3. Click ‘Get Leads’

Then the magic happens. In less than a minute (typically 30-40 seconds), leads of active cash buyers, hard money lenders, other investors, etc. are expediently served-up on a silver platter.

Here’s how it all goes down: 1-Minute Leads works like a search engine by unleashing its digital minions to scour the public information available on the interwebs, mining, sifting, sorting and compiling together the relevant details. The found leads are then populated on the page with the lead’s direct phone number and website link provided. This software even filters out and scrubs the non-relevant info to ensure only the best leads are presented.

Intrigued? We thought so. Check out this informative video that shows exactly what this awesome software can do and how it can save crazy amounts of time from here on out.

Watch: 1-Minute Leads Review of What the Software Does

Video Transcription:

In a moment I'm going to give you my One Minute Leads review of exactly what this software does.

Hey, I'm Patrick Riddle of Awesome REI where we deliver real estate investing, training and tools for awesome people.

Alright, so what the heck is One Minute Leads? Let me explain by first answering: Why did you create the One Minute Leads software?

And the idea for it came from wanting to automate one of the manual processes that we teach aspiring real estate investors. In a couple of the training programs that my company offers, we teach students some strategies for how they can do some research online and do some searching around using certain keywords to find good potential leads for their business. Good potential wholesale deals, a potential cash buyer had a fund what I refer to sometimes as emergency funding, aka “hard money lender”s or “transactional funds”.

I'm also doing some research and typing in some quick things to find potential team members like an appraiser, attorney, Realtor etc.

So, the idea came from wanting to automate that manual process of researching these things online and make it really quick, simple and easy, and save you a ton of time in the process. And so that's what we've done.

So what exactly does One Minute Leads do?

Well, it works just like a search engine and so you just type in certain key words, you pick your location, city, state, and then you just get leads—the software does the work. It goes out, scours the internet and then scrapes together good, relevant contact information. And for each lead that the software finds, you get a link to their webpage, you get a phone number, then occasionally, sometimes you might even get a mailing address and email address.

So, basically once you type in some keywords and location and get leads, boom, a few seconds later—it might take 30 to 40 seconds—leads start to pile onto the page. Pretty cool, pretty cool.

So, what does One Minute Leads do best?

What it does best is with certain key words, you can quickly find real estate investors, some of which are actively buying properties, who could be great cash buyers.

You can also find people that are selling wholesale deals—active wholesalers who have deeply discounted properties already under contract.

You can even find potential funding quickly and easily—hard money lenders, transactional funding, etc. You can also find good potential team members. So, it's pretty useful, in a myriad of ways.

What does the interface look like exactly?

It's real super-duper simple. It's just got an area for you to put in some key words an area for you to put in location and then you just simply click get leads and this is actually delivered through our members area. So, you just log in and then have some instructions to use it.

Other stuff that you should know about One Minute Leads…

Every lead is not—I repeat is not—going to be a good lead. I mean, just like any lead source, if you think about it, any lead source for your business, if you're generating leads, you know, a lot of them aren't necessarily going to be good leads. So, you still have to mine through the leads to find the good ones.

Also the information that software finds isn't private or some secret source of data that's unavailable online. It's finding information that's been voluntarily posted, published online and it's doing that just very quickly for you, and expediently. And we even have some filters that are built in the software to take out some of the irrelevant results just to make it that much more effective for you.

I do want to just toss out just a quick disclosure. I am not an attorney. I'm glad that I'm not an attorney. I mean, but users should seek the advice from a legal professional before contacting any leads. Bottom line, treat your business like a real business and get good legal advice. When it comes to lead and contacting leads by telephone or any other method, there's just, there's rules and regulations. And you know, as time passes there ever changing, so get good legal advice before taking any action with leads.

And if you want to find out a little bit more information, I hope that I've given a good One Minute Leads review of what the software does. For more information, just head on over to

Alright, this has been Patrick Riddle with Awesome REI. We'll see you again soon.

At the time of this press release, we are in Beta testing… and feedback thus far has been strong, including comments such as: “LOVE the software,” “So easy to use,” and “Got 52 leads in less than a minute, totally awesome!” You can request to become a user of 1-Minute Leads HERE.

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Disclaimer: is not a law firm or legal counsel. Consult a legal professional and/or financial professional before contacting the leads provided by 1-Minute Leads.


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