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4 Key Traits SUPER Investors Possess


You probably dreamed of being a superhero when you were a kid, right? I mean who didn’t, right?

So while I’m still around waiting for some X-ray vision and maybe an invisibility cloak (admit it, you’d love these too), the current reality is that I’m still just me, JP Moses, Director of Awesome here at Awesome REI.

But here’s something cool: I may not be a superhero yet, but as an adult (most of the time) and seasoned real estate investor (now 17+ years), I know just what it takes to be a Super Investor, which is maybe, kinda the next best thing?

So let’s talk about that for a sec…

What the Heck’s a Super Investor?

super serius 4So, what sets your typical investor apart from the Super variety? Is it bulging biceps and the gift of looking good in tights?

One can only hope… not.

Really for me, it’s all about the Big 4…

Why you’re real estate investing in the first place

Where you want your business to go

How you aim to get there

What really motivates you – long term

The Goods Are Here

This is the focus of today’s post, and I really hope it helps challenge you to recognize these 4 key traits within yourself – because they really could mean the difference between your super success, ho-hum mediocrity, or ultimate failure.

Sooooooo… Ready to become a Super Investor?

Watch and learn…

So there you have it!

Remember, these Big 4 aren’t so much tactical in nature or an exact science. But “mental mastery” over these things can really launch you from ‘the investor next door’ to a bring Super Investor, able to leap tall investment properties in a single bound. 🙂

So, What’cha Think?

Agree? Disagree? Got something of your own to add? We love it all, so please comment below…


Johnpaul Moses

JP Moses is a roughly-hewn man-child who jumped into REI back in Y2K and full time in '02. After many twisty turns over the years, from landlording to short sales to rehabs to Realtoring to lease options to REOs to notes to owner financing, blah, blah, blah… he finally stuck his flag deep into wholesaling. Today JP's Memphis-area operation's wholesaled somewhere north of 400+ transactions and actively turns 3-7 houses a month. He also really digs helping others and pours a ton of his heart and soul into helping his fellow real estate investors from his own REI and business-building experiences.

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I need to get my butt in gear and get started like yesterday!

Kathryn Greer

Thank you for sharing this information. At first it may not seem to be about real estate, but it all begins with us the individual and setting our goals and priorities.

Tina King

My husband and I are very excited to start the 10 hour Wholesaler courses. Have paid out a lot of money to get into real estate investing. Need more info!

Alan & Tina

    Patrick Riddle

    You’re going to LOVE 10HW! Follow Justin’s system and as he would say, “Make it happen!”

    – Patrick


You rock! Thanks much.

Debra Garcia

All you have shared has been tremendous help. Than you

Fredy Chavarro

very good and inspired

Patrice Berry

Hello guys this was so cool. I love the humor thrown in, but staying on task for the 4 traits. We have to or should be able to laugh and enjoy learning and transitioning into a lifestyle change. I understand my why, I know where I am going, the getting there is interesting , but I know what motivates me everyday. Revisiting the 4 key traits or hearing someone else speak on them gets the surge of energy flowing. Thank you this was really helpful especially the goal setting tips. I am going to go buy the books tomorrow.


Bianca Adams

Hi there guys,

This was a great video! Thank you for the genuine passion and clarity in explaining what has worked and what you have learned and the outside resources. I have been looking for some clarity for a long time, and I appreciate that I have the opportunity to make money then reinvest in myself. I intend to be coached and learn as much as possible, now I have the specifics to adjust my mindset and move forward confidently! I am grateful.
Bianca Adams

Daniel MacDuffie

Thanks for sharing– I always enjoy the awesomeness. Cheers

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