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Announcing: “Abandoned House Secrets” for Real Estate Investors


Introducing awesome new training for real estate investors on how to routinely turn abandoned houses into money in the bank in any market.

(eRelease) – is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking, new training program that teaches real estate investors how to systematically find and profit big from abandoned houses, regardless of location, experience or market conditions.

Abandoned House Secrets was developed in partnership with 16-year Florida real estate investors Sean and Tracey Flanagan, and serves as a comprehensive, step-by-step ‘blueprint’ of all the unique tactics and strategies they’ve been using to systematically take down high-profit abandoned house deals for more than a decade now. Their entire creative-yet-simple system has been carefully documented, recorded and served up on a silver platter for any real estate investors who want to follow in their footsteps and crush it with abandoned houses.

Abandoned House Secrets includes:

  • Why abandoned houses is such a potent opportunity
  • How to nail your abandoned houses opportunity market
  • Best areas to target for abandoned houses (and which to avoid)
  • The 3 best ways to get abandoned house deals (step by step)
  • 4 best ways to find abandoned house sellers (even those who don’t want to be found)
  • Creative abandoned houses marketing that gets results but costs almost nothing.
  • Sean and Tracey’s 3-step “Lead Magnet” campaign
  • Their 6-step “Street Blitz Method” for finding abandoned houses
  • Which parts of this you should (and shouldn’t) outsource
  • Unearthing vacant houses that don’t necessarily look abandoned
  • How to handle calls from abandoned house sellers
  • 5 secrets to gaining an abandoned house seller’s trust
  • Multiple abandoned house deal case studies
  • Sean & Tracey’s exact systems, tools and scripts
  • And much more…

Sean & Tracey Flanagan on Abandoned House Secrets

Right from the horse's mouth: Here’s a short video interview with Sean and Tracey discussing their massive success with abandoned houses over the years, and their innovative, 7-module Abandoned House Secrets training…

Video Transcription:

JP: Hey guys, what's up JP Moses here with Awesome REI. Hope you're doing well. I want to pull the curtain back on something super-fast and want to let you guys know we have something really, really exciting that we have been down in the labs working on for some time now. And we are in the process of unveiling it.

It is called— drumroll—Abandoned House Secrets. And it’s unparalleled training for real estate investors in my humble opinion. And it involves these two cats over here, Sean and Tracy Flanagan. How's it going guys?

Flanagans: Great, doing good. How are you doing?

JP: Doing well. Doing well. So what I want to do here is just want kind of reveal what it is that we have been working on together for the last few months now that it's wrapped up in a nice little package and we're starting to hand it off to some people.

I want to talk about who it's ideally suited for, what makes it unique and then just basically kind of splat that in a quick video. We don't have any kind of script, so those of you who are expecting us to be super professional, don't. You guys, we've known each other for some time now, but you have a very interesting story in about two paragraphs.

Can you tell me the super-fast Readers Digest version of how and why you're involved in abandoned houses?

Flanagans: Yeah. We had a real successful wholesaling in a pretty good sized real estate business in general through 2007 and when the market crashed, we lost that. We lost just about everything. We had a lot of houses, a lot of money in the bank. We were very well what we thought was we were set up good for the future, but the market crashed we lost a lot just about everything that we had—our house and we lost money and we didn't have way to keep marketing and stuff.

Stuff wasn't working. I mean, it was working before and we had to find a new way to kind of reinvent the wheel and find something that was gonna work for us to make money in real estate, because it's what we do, and we need to figure out how to do it with little to no money.

And we did. We found abandoned houses, which were all over the place at the time. And they still are.

The trick was figuring out how to get in touch with these owners and out of necessity, we figured out how to get in touch with them and we figured out how to get all their information, basically for free. To the best of my knowledge nobody else has been able to replicate that and figure out how to do it. And especially for free, even with skip tracing, um, which doesn't always work. Now, more often than not, it doesn't work, and our way does.

JP: Now I know we don't have time to really dig into your story, but you have a really fascinating story that that goes through how, as we've discussed it, how abandoned houses presented itself to you as an opportunity that you would never even really considered much up until that point because you fell so hard. Because you were, you know, you hit bottom—you were kind of licking the bottom of the ash tray of real estate investing in life and when you get to that point.

And you go, when everything that I've ever known that has worked doesn't work anymore, what do you do? You got to change the game. You gotta to start some new rules and try something different and you guys did.

Then you went through a good bit of trial and error, but at this point you've got this thing perfected. You've got it nailed and you are killing it in abandoned houses and you're doing some things that, I mean, abandoned houses are not new. You know, you can recognize an abandoned house if you're out driving the streets. A lot of times you see an abandoned house, and some of them are not so easy to recognize and there's some, some tricks of the trade you guys have taught me there.

But what you guys have done that so special and so unique is this three-step lead magnet campaign that you have put together that is unlike anything I have seen before. It is extremely creative but also extremely simple and I love that about it. It's very low tech, but very high impact. You guys get like a 90 percent response rate from and you have, you have abandoned house sellers contacting you, you're not having to hunt them down.

Flanagans: Yeah, it's, it's pretty magical.

JP: And then there's your street blitz method, which is also just a very simple but elegant and effective way to mine for abandoned houses. Most investors who've tried this in my experience, and I've worked with a lot of investors over the years, they just don't know how to do it. They don't know. They haven't cracked the code on how to do this really, really well.

And you guys really have since I've had the chance to learn from you, we've implemented it into, into our wholesaling business here in Memphis and well, let's just say James and Chris and I have just had a conversation yesterday saying we've, we've been leaving a lot of money on the table up until now on the abandoned houses side and we have a very successful wholesaling business, we do a lot of direct mail…. to, you know, absentee owners with equity. We do probate, all that stuff works for us and we're going to continue doing that. But this has opened a whole new world to us in terms of a channel of very potent channel of leads that are really almost untapped.

You know, I mean this whole abandoned houses thing is just a series of handsome pay days waiting to happen and you guys figured out how to make that happen like clockwork and I love it.

So, what did I say when we first started talking about this? I said, guys, I know you want to keep this kind of close to the vest, but what could I do to convince you to let me help you put some training together on this so that we can teach at least some people how to duplicate what you've done and I think through some arm twisting and maybe a little passive aggressive manipulation, I was able to get you to do it.

So that's what we've been working on, right? We've, we've put together this training called Abandoned House Secrets and it is second to none in my humble opinion. This is Sean and Tracy's exact system from start to finish. No stone unturned for this channel of leads for abandoned houses. Their marketing campaign, all three lead magnets in detail and versions that you can actually use. Not, that you have to go have to reinvent that wheel on their street blitz method, how they find abandoned houses, how they find the ones that don't look abandoned, how they get the seller's reaching out to them, how they have the conversations with the sellers because the sellers themselves are unique and special from abandoned houses.

Let me just ask you guys, know that we've kind of wrapped up this thing and we're unveiling it to our colleagues out there, who would you say this is ideally suited for, this training?

Flanagans: Well, it's honestly for anybody that's interested in real estate investing. And I know that's a broad answer, but if you're a newer investor, it's a great lead source for a new investor or an experienced rehab or wholesale or whatever. You’re just going to reach so many different motivated sellers.

And the only difference is if you want to find somebody and you're a beginner, and you don't have quite as much money and you can't close on these properties, or you are looking to target subject-to deals or lease offices or that sort of thing… You might have tweaked the neighborhood a little bit as opposed to what we normally target, which, you know, Tracy and I, in our renovating business we target a certain neighborhood. And if we were targeting another motivated seller that we could take over payments on their house, we might target it a little better, newer neighborhood, but…

I know it's a broad answer, but just about anybody can benefit from, from what we're doing and tapping into their, uh, into their real estate business, I think.

JP: Well, I think an important thing to spotlight is that it doesn't matter what your exit strategy is, right?

Because you guys have done it all. You've been wholesalers, you are currently mostly rehabbers. You're buy & hold investors as well. It’s kind of like the probate arena, right? It doesn't matter what types of deals you do, if you need leads, probate leads can be quality. If you know how to mine those and this the same thing with abandoned houses, it is a channel of leads.

So, I want to be real clear about the training we put together. What you need in addition to the information that's in it is the fundamental knowledge of whatever type of deal it is that you're going to do. We're not going to teach you everything you need to know about how to wholesale a house or how to rehab a house or how to do rental properties or how to do lease options or whatever it is.

We're going to show you how to extract everything you can out of this niche channel of leads and exploit it to its fullest potential. And that's what you guys have done marvelously in this training.

Tracy, what do you think makes this training itself different? I mean, you guys are like me,16 years in the game, you guys have been through a lot of stuff. You've been through a lot of courses and you know, books and seminars and stuff and I have too. So what would you say makes this unique and stand out from other stuff that we've been exposed to?

Tracy: I would have to say the most unique thing is you're able to advertise for almost nothing. Not only is it super easy, but it's almost free and I think that's what I like the most.

Sean: Yeah, almost free you're talking about 10 cents or so to get a prospect, give or take a penny.

It is very low barrier of entry. So, for those who have money to spend on marketing in our business—and we do spend a lot of money on marketing—but this is among the lowest that we have to budget for because of that fact.

JP: So very cool guys, I just want to put this out there. I just wanted to introduce you to Sean and Tracey, if you're not familiar with them, and let you know that we put this together. Abandoned House Secrets training for real estate investors. It's available right now. If you're interested, we have a press release on our website. You can go check out. Just go to Okay. You can see the press release for the launch of this training and a little bit more information. You can see if it's something that's a good fit for you in your real estate endeavors, wherever you are right now.

It's a good fit for me. We've implemented it and some of my colleagues as well who've lead in on this. We've got a few people, at the time we're recording this right now, we got a few people here and they're kind of getting their feet wet and the feedback has been amazing.

Have you guys been reading that? What people have been saying is they've been in there.

Flanagans: Yeah, it's very cool.

JP: It's very cool. It's all online by the way. So there's no like, big box of books and tapes and stuff that you're going to get. If this is a training that's a good fit for you, it's online education right there at your fingertips. So go check it out. Sean, Tracy, thank you guys. Appreciate you.

Flanagans: Thanks for having us.

Abandoned House Secrets Reviews

Before our full, open program launch, we invited a few early students into the Abandoned House Secrets training arena to see how they’d feel about the content and training quality, and to see if there’s anything we could improve further before launching far and wide.

We’re thrilled to report that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive – it’s a hit!

Watch this short video highlighting some of the early, positive reviews…

Video Transcription:

Hey Patrick riddle here with Awesome REI where we bring you real estate investing training and tools for awesome people. Today I'm going to share with you some reviews that we've gotten from new members of our training program called Abandoned House Secrets.

Now this is taught by Sean and Tracey Flanagan who are abandoned house experts and this program is published by my company Awesome REI. Now we just started accepting new members a days ago as of the recording of this video and we're already getting some killer feedback . Just wanted to share some of those reviews with you.

Before we get to that: Why the heck abandoned houses to begin with?

Well, houses are abandoned every single day in every city across America for lots of different reasons: Maybe job loss, maybe the owners are behind on payments, a divorce, excessive repairs, maybe there's a big fire or other catastrophe; code violations, death owner goes to jail. Those are just a few of the reasons why houses are abandoned every single day.

And there's very little competition oftentimes. Right when a house becomes abandoned, it doesn't look like it. You know, the owners still stops by to keep up the property or neighbors keep it up, or even park in the driveway.

So often times abandoned houses are not easy to find, but there are some tips and tricks to making it not only easy to identify which houses are abandoned even if they don't look like it, but also tips and tricks that Sean and Tracey have learned the hard way to finding the owner, and is not what you think. Pretty cool stuff.

Now abandoned houses are easier sales to make whenever you're talking with the owner. I mean obviously the property has been vacated. Many times they think it's just a lost cause or that the bank already owns and that there's just no hope. So oftentimes it's just much easier. I mean, they're not emotionally attached to the property and it's just easier to get the deal.

A big benefit of abandoned houses is that this is market resilient. Meaning, today, next week, next year, 10 years from now, they're going to be abandoned houses in any phase of the market cycle.

And frequently they're higher profits. Now, why is that? Because many times these abandoned house deals have lots and lots of equity, leaving you plenty of room to profit.

OK, now let's check out what a few of our brand new members have said about program:

Rex Oliver says, “I love the abandoned house course. This is a very systematized way of doing it. Thank you.”

Larry Waltz wrote in and said, “Super cool, Sean and Tracy. You are truly special folks. I can tell that you not only know what you're doing, you are gracious in your sharing. I loved your genuine, informative candor. Thanks again”

And another one here from Dean who said, “I really liked the course. Well thought out.”

Now what's the next step for you? It's to head over to Awesome REI to learn more. When it comes down to it, if you're struggling to find good deals in today's market, if all you're doing is using traditional deal finding strategies just like everyone else, and you're in a position where your phone's not ringing anymore, some of the things that used to work, work aren't… then head over to You're going to want to find out more about the Abandoned House Secrets training system.

And that's it. So this has been Patrick Riddle with Awesome REI. We'll see you again soon.

The Bottom Line on Abandoned House Secrets

We believe that pound for pound this is the best training available to teach everyday investors how to systematically milk the abandoned houses arena for everything it’s worth. What Sean and Tracey teach (and do) is very special in that it’s simultaneously (i) unique and (ii) time-tested and proven to work extremely well.

If you’re struggling to find good deals using traditional deal-finding strategies (like everyone else), then you should seriously consider leveling-up your game and effectively setting yourself above your competition by exploiting the abandoned houses opportunity.

AwesomeREI is a crew of real estate investor-entrepreneurs who, with a healthy dose of core values and culture, have banded together to provide exceptional training, coaching, tools and resources for other awesome investors. In short, AwesomeREI is real estate investing for awesome people.

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