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Announcing: “Abandoned Profits” for Real Estate Investors

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Introducing a cache of expert training & ‘smart tools’ to help real estate investors find abandoned profits 

August 2017 (eRelease) – is thrilled to announce Abandoned Profits for real estate investors, marrying (i) a leading-edge training program showing investors exactly how to find and profit from ‘off-market hidden gems’ with (ii) exclusive, in-house ‘smart tools’ to simplify and accelerate market research, deal funding, cash buyers and more.

In 2016, the acclaimed Abandoned House Secrets training program was first released, in partnership with 17-year Florida real estate investors Sean and Tracey Flanagan—a comprehensive, step-by-step ‘blueprint’ of unique tactics and strategies for systematically taking down high-profit abandoned properties. Their full clever-yet-simple system was carefully detailed and shared with real estate investors interested in learning how to duplicate their business and tap into abandoned properties as a consistent source of profits.

To further amplify this remarkable training, it’s now being offered in rare combination with a series of innovative ‘smart tools’ to help people quickly solve many of the most common problems associated with actively buying and selling abandoned properties, including:

  1. How do I find the best target markets to focus on? (locally or nationally)
  2. How do I quickly find cash buyers for abandoned properties I want to quick-flip?
  3. How do I find private lenders (or hard money lenders) for abandoned houses I want to close on?

Insight on Abandoned Profits for Real Estate Investors

Here’s a short video we made, with a close look at exactly how we’ve leveled-up this training, any how it aptly handles these problems on abandoned profits for real estate investors…

Abandoned Profits Training by Sean & Tracey Flanagan

Also, here’s a short, helpful video interview with Sean and Tracey discussing their massive success with abandoned houses over the years, and their innovative, 7-module Abandoned House Secrets training…

Abandoned Profits Training Includes:

  • Why abandoned houses is such a rich opportunity today
  • Steps for nailing your abandoned houses opportunity market
  • Types of areas to target for abandoned houses (and which not to)
  • The 3 best ways to get abandoned house deals (step by step)
  • How to find abandoned property sellers—the 4 best ways (even those who don’t want to be found)
  • Creative abandoned houses marketing that gets results but costs almost nothing.
  • Sean and Tracey’s 3-step “Lead Magnet” campaign
  • Their 6-step “Street Blitz Method” for finding abandoned houses
  • Which parts of this you should (and shouldn’t) outsource
  • How to find out about abandoned houses that don’t necessarily look abandoned
  • How to handle calls from abandoned properties owners
  • 5 secrets to gaining an abandoned house seller’s trust
  • Multiple abandoned house deal case studies
  • Sean & Tracey’s exact systems, tools and scripts
  • And much more…

Bundled ‘Smart’ Tools & Resources to Boost Abandoned Profits for Real Estate Investors

As an experiment, a number of key, in-house real estate investor tools & resources are being offered in rare combo with the abandoned house secrets training, including:

Target Market Finder—A custom-built, automated solution to help people determine their ideal target market with lightning speed—it lets you quickly see hot spots in every city across the country. Created to help investors quickly figure out the best areas for higher-profit deals in just minutes. Effective in almost any U.S. market.

1-Minute Leads—A powerful tool that finds cash buyers and hard money lenders in less than a minute. On a local or national level, your choice.

Private Money on Demand—A highly-acclaimed private money-getting system. This simple step-by-step training has the power to completely transform your business and your life. (Not an understatement—a small armada of others have already done so thanks to this.) Also includes the infamous “$1.2 Million in Under 9 Minutes” video and a downloadable loan tracker & calculator.

Fund & Flip System—Tailored websites for private lenders and cash buyers you can swipe and use in your real estate investing business. These tools are designed to make it “paint by numbers” easy for you to easily cultivate lists of cash buyers and funding contacts your business needs.

Nationwide Hard Money List—This offer includes an in-house, nationwide list of active hard money lenders already compiled. This top-shelf resources gives investors immediate access to hard money to fund deals quickly when needed.

Leverage & Scale—In this rare, closed-door conversation with Sean Flanagan he shares everything he wished he knew when first getting into real estate and specifically abandoned houses. Discussing shortcuts to getting that first abandoned house deal, and how to quickly scale your operation if you want to.

Private Coaching Call—A rare opportunity to toss any question you have at Sean, and get straight answers back that’ll help you level-up your real estate game from wherever you are right now.

Abandoned Profits - Sean Flanagan

The Bottom Line on Abandoned Profits for Real Estate Investors

We believe that pound for pound this is the best training available to teach everyday investors how to systematically profit from abandoned properties in any U.S. market. What Sean and Tracey teach (and do) is very special in that it’s simultaneously (i) unique, (ii) time-tested, and (iii) proven to work extremely well.

Any real estate investors interested in leveling-up your game by tapping into the abandoned properties opportunity,  consider joining Sean Flanagan for an upcoming Live Abandoned House Training webinar, where you’ll learn:

  • Your instant “abandoned house” farm area at the click of a button…
  • The BIG secret to finding them as soon as they become vacant…
  • How to get 9 out of 10 abandoned house owners to call YOU…
  • The fastest way to find private and hard money lenders…
  • And of course, much more. 🙂

See if Sean has an upcoming Abandoned House Training here

AwesomeREI is a crew of real estate investor-entrepreneurs who, with a healthy dose of core values and culture, have banded together to provide exceptional training, coaching, tools and resources for other awesome investors. In short, AwesomeREI is real estate investing for awesome people.

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Disclaimer: is not a law firm or legal counsel. Consult a legal professional and/or financial professional before taking action on anything from Abandoned Profits for Real Estate Investors, Abandoned House Secrets or Sean Flanagan.


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