“So, who are you—and what even is this place?”

Good question, for sure. After all, the internet's full of all kinds of weirdos, right?
Basically, we're a small team of real estate investing weirdos. 😉

You should def check out our Awesome core values & mission below, but in a tiny nutshell…

  • We're real humans who enjoy investing and making great money in real estate in a variety of ways and in various U.S. markets.
  • We also enjoy helping other real humans (like you) level-up your REI game in some way.
  • We do this with straight-talk and sharing candidly—not just from tour wins (which are nice, right?) but also from the losses too (which kinda suck, but are important to learn from too).
  • The cherry on top of the lessons we learn (and share) from our own real estate adventures, is getting to explore, extract & share from the REI adventures of our trusty friends, colleagues and mentors too.

Who Are We and What Do We Stand For?

Real People Helped So Far ッ

Our Awesomely Bold Mission

To help 100,000 real people (including you) level-up your real estate investing game with specialized knowledge, training and insights that (i) accelerate profits, (ii) amplify your results, and (iii) make your REI easier, awesomer, and more rewarding.


Always Do's
Most Interesting Man in the World

  1. Always care.
  2. Always have fun.
  3. Always keep it real.
  4. Always have an abundance mindset.
  5. Always be students, not just teachers.
  6. Always keep improving, learning and growing.
  7. Always be grateful. (not just for the good stuff)
  8. Always have a positive impact and build people up.
  9. Always respect people enough to just be honest.
  10. Always learn from your mistakes.
  11. Always give first.
  12. Always be awesome.
Always Don'ts

don't do it.

  1. Don’t make it too weird. (a little is ok)
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  3. Don’t sweat the small any stuff
  4. Don’t NOT learn from mistakes.
  5. Don’t stop believing. (hold on to the feeling)
  6. Don’t do things half-heartedly.
  7. Don’t be that guy. (you know the one)
  8. Don’t put Baby in the corner. (nobody does that)
  9. Don’t lie even once. (or all your truths are iffy at best)
  10. Don’t be a hater, a jerk face, a troll, a telephone-tough guy or a grammar nazi.
  11. Don’t forget to be awesome.
chuck norris approves

  1. Real estate investing! (as a means, not an end to itself)
  2. Making mad money! (but also, people over profits)
  3. Freedom baby! (to write your story, steer your ship and rock those socks & sandals!)
  4. Integrity! (honest hearts produce honest actions)
  5. Winning! (success is fun and fuel for greater impact)
  6. Failing! (when you extract the lessons and fail forward)
  7. Growing! (constant and never-ending improvement)
  8. Kindness! (even when mean people suck, do unto others…)
  9. Over delivering! (as in, going the extra mile whenever possible)
  10. YOU! (you beautiful hunk of human, you)
Patrick Riddle–Founder, Beach Bum, Cold Brew & IPA Enthusiast

Patrick RiddlePatrick's entrepreneurial journey began while at Clemson University when he purchased his first investment property. Shortly thereafter, going to school no longer made sense... so he promptly quit, dove into the world of real estate investing, and never looked back.

Since 2003, Patrick has been self employed... and today, spends most of his "working" hours (if you can call 'em that) at Awesome REI.

A few of Patrick's favorite things:

-- His "Boosted" electric skateboard (which he says was the best purchase he's ever made)
-- TACOS: Beef tacos, chicken tacos, fish tacos, really any kinda Mexican cuisine
-- Coffee: Hot in the morning, cold brew in the afternoon
-- Playing beach volleyball at the Windjammer on Isle of Palms
-- His incredibly awesome wife & daughter

Patrick & his family currently reside in paradise (aka Charleston, SC).

JP Moses–Director of Awesome, Questionable Jokes Teller
jp mosesJP Moses is a roughly-hewn man-child who first got into REI after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad back in 2000 and went full time in 2002. His business has had many twisty turns over the years, and he's tinkered in everything from landlording to short sales to rehabs to Realtoring to lease options to REOs to notes to owner financing, started and ran his local REIA club for 6 years, blah, blah, blah… Until he finally stuck his flag deep into wholesaling and has since flipped somewhere north of 400+ transactions.

Today JP runs a thriving wholesale operation in Memphis, TN that actively turns around 3 to 7 houses a month. And like Patrick, he's also passionate about helping others along their journey, and pours a ton of his heart and soul into helping his fellow real estate investors with tips, tactics and lessons learned from his own real estate and business-building experiences.

He's also a guy of deep faith, and a die-hard family man (have you seen how cute his kids are?!) Among his core values are authenticity, creativity, value-giving, general fun-ness and being unshaven.

He’s super proud to be in charge of bringing an extra dose of awesomeness to everything we do here.

Charity Akers–Chief Membership Experience Gal, Sand Person

Charity Akers GreathouseCharity is the gal at AwesomeREI who holds everything together for us.  From being in charge of Customer/Member Experience to helping with all the worky admin things behind the scenes that everyone else seems to take for granted because she does them so darn well.

Truth be told, Charity's not only the lubrication that keeps our gears rolling internally, but she's also kind of the awesome mom of us. Not that she's old enough to be... cause she's not. But she's just that way. And we love it. And we love her.

Also, her Snapple Fun Fact is that she's one of the Sand People. Meaning, she enjoys collecting sand at each beach she visits, and labels and proudly displays it in her home. True story.

Seriously. She's amazing. She's likely the one you'll be talking with most of the time when you contact us, so say hi to her next time you chat w/ her.

Tim Krulia–Numbers Cruncher, Steelers Uberfan, Tater Tots Lover

Tim KruliaAs our CFO and resident MBA, Tim is certainly the smartest sounding of all of us.  Tim used to work for Patrick's real estate company and managed over 50 property renovations. Things evolved (as they do) and Tim's now our numbers guy and makes sure we're on the straight and narrow. He keeps all our money someplace safe like under his mattress or something. He also tries so hard to make Patrick remember to keep his receipts, but old habits die hard, so it seems to be a losing battle for sure. Still, Tim presses on.

He's also a huge Steelers fan, but don't hold that against him.

David Eldred–Systems & Tech Engineer, Digger of Bottles, Buen Chico

David EldredDavid Eldred's Jam is making systems, people and processes sing. He's our how-can-we-make-it-work-better-faster-easier guy here at AwesomeREI. He's also the one most likely to wag his finger at JP for his sometimes questionable jokes.

He has a passion for continuous improvement and lean/agile methodologies. Formally trained in the dark magic of business administration and – OH yeah – he speaks Spanish. Like, for real speaks Spanish. He once disassembled his first car just to see how it worked. He's kinda like Sylar from Heroes but without most of the mess & psycho aspects. But this guy just loooooves to know how and why things work, and doesn't really understand what "good enough" means. He signs his emails with Semper Anticus which means "always moving forward", if that tells you anything.

So when David's not actively tuning the very welled-oiled machine that is AwesomeREI, he is spending time with his lovely wife and three strapping boys. He loves the outdoors, carpentry, and most things history related.

A few more Snapple Fun Facts: He's been known to dig really deep holes in the ground searching for antique bottles, and never turns down an offer to go fishing (wifey approved of course). He's also almost never home on Sunday mornings, because that's precisely when you'll find him serving somehow in his local Church community, which he truly loves to do.

Shoshana Cenker–Crafty Content Crafter, Disney Zealot
ShoshanaShoshana is our resident word nerd extraordinaire. She's been a professional writer, editor, proofreader, marketing consultant and all-around wordsmither since 2002. A graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington (Go Hoosiers!), she kicked off her career as a TV news writer and producer in Washington, DC and later in Atlanta, GA, before segueing into print and digital arenas. (That's segueing not Segwaying.)

She met up with the one and only JP Moses, whom she considers a mentor, back in 2013 and began collaborating with him on various real estate investing content endeavors. This lady knows her REI.

A diehard Disney fan/expert, Shoshana and her three young kiddos—twin boys Aiden and Akiva, and daughter Lyla—live happily in her hometown of Memphis, TN. She enjoys traveling, cooking, karaoke, working out, participating in her synagogue and spending time being active with her kids at parks, on hikes, biking around their neighborhood and walking their pups Dreidel and Memphis.

Jeracelle Joson–Support Hero, Potterhead, Not a Battery
Jeracelle JosonJeracelle joins the AREI team from across the ocean in Manila, Philippines. As our Support Hero, she uses her degree from the University of the Philippines Manila and 10+ of experience in the customer support industry to provide—yep, you guessed it—support and assistance to our AREI customers. This Potterhead (aka Harry Potter fan) loves that she gets to connect with so many different people and help solve problems and make their life Awesomer. Yasss to that!

When she's not re-reading The Chamber of Secrets for the 27th time, she's with her family—a hubby and two little kids. She's fun and environmentally friendly, and her friends know they can come to her when they need a good giggle or outright belly laugh.

A favorite quote that guides her is, "What comes easy won't last long and what lasts long won't come easy."

Also her fun name kinda reminds us of this, but I digress...

Matt Proper–CMO, Wearer of Many Hats, Jolly White Giant

Matt ProperMatt's a dude you can't miss. I mean that quite literally—this Penn State grad is a towering 6'7". For real.

As our Awesome CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) this former pro volleyball player has spent years marketing professionally before landing with Team Awesome. He also has a super nerdy tech background in coding, but whatever.

So, from writing copy to creating new ads or other promotions for our Awesome programs and services, Matt's well-versed in the whole marketing 'verse. And—we shucks—he says that he especially enjoys our friendly, teamwork-driven Team Awesome atmosphere, 'cause he sees that we really, truly care about our customers and their success. Matt is a totally task-oriented, high-achiever kind of dude. Basically, he gets stuff done. (Btw, "totally task-oriented" is kinda fun to say out loud.)

Living with his wife and two young boys in Southern California, he enjoys surfing and spends most of his fun time hanging out with his family at parks and beaches. Suffice it to say, playtime is bigtime in the Proper place. (that's also fun to say out loud!)

Ben Cope–Website Wizard, Internet Genius, Disney Cruise Addict
Ben CopeBen is our actual, legit Web Wizard and technical sherpa behind all the online awesomeness that happens here. Born a hardwired entrepreneur and natural problem-solver, he doesn't just think outside the box...he kinda lives outside most boxes.

Besides being a full-time web developer and our secret weapon (shhhhhhhhh) Ben's also got an Angel of a wife (that's her name,  Angel), two crazy-awesome kiddos (Emily and Anna) and a dog (Beasley) and cat (O'Malley)—both rescued animals.

So he's a wizard with a great big, juicy heart. Yeah, he's our Dumbledore.

And Snapple Fun Fact: Ben's got a not-so-secret addiction to the pure, child-like joy of the Disney Cruise experience. The Cope clan just keep going.... and going... and going... (Guess there's worse addictions out there. 😉 )

Edy Dava— Factotum, Polymath, Swiss Army Knife
All the way in Laguna, Philippines, Edy Dava lends AREI a huge helping hand—well, two of them actually. And we sure need ‘em both cause they can do so much!

On many days (OK, every day) she wears more hats than you probably have in your closet right now. Her official may be “Administrative Assistant”, but she’s actually more like the high-end motor oil any great engine needs—not easily noticed, but absolutely essential to keep things running Awesomely.

For serious. With a degree from Mapua University, her professional experience in market research, real estate, logistics, training, podcasting and social media management is a perfect match for us. She enjoys that her role calls for a variety of different skills, and especially loves being part of a work culture that’s so fun, friendly and super positive. ッ

Snapple Fun Fact: She wears makeup on workdays, even though she works remotely from home. Dedication!

And with wisdom beyond her years, she says ⤏ “What fuels me is to think that everything is temporary—that there is a deeper meaning to what life is, that we do not strive to gain everything for our own happiness, but for the happiness of others because in a life that's temporary the latter is more rewarding.”

When not working Awesomely, this spirited, spontaneous & sunny single mom of 2 delightful kiddos loves to chill & hang out with friends, check out vlogs and edit photos & videos. Her ambitious efforts to keep learning & growing (which she does well) are beaconed by her favorite quote: “We are not meant to stay the same. Change is good. Continue to evolve to a better you.” High five, Edy! ッ

Nobody puts baby in the corner
Nobody puts baby in the corner
Nobody puts baby in the corner
awesomely excited guy
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