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Announcing: “Property Scout Pipeline” for Real Estate Investors



Introducing awesome new software to get property leads on autopilot for real estate investors.

February 2017 (eRelease)

Hello Awesome REIers…

Today is a good day – nope, scratch that – it’s a great day! Nope, wait, it’s a frickin’ awesome day! And you’re going to think so too, I’m sure of it.

Want to know why?

Well, I’ll tell you…

I have found something that will save you loads of time and money while making your lead generation efforts so much better… more efficient… more organized… more productive… and more lucrative. Best of all, it doesn’t matter where in this beautiful country you’re investing – you can use this in any market area.

Allow me introduce you to Dolmar Cross and his incredible, property lead-generating system: Property Scout Pipeline.

I want to tell you all about Dolmar and why he created this amazing software. So first, check out this helpful video that’ll shed some light on all the awesomeness…

Property Scout Pipeline Review of What The Software Does

Cool, right?

The true beauty of this system is your Property Scouts do your marketing for you. The training educates them on what they need to know and they’re armed with marketing templates that have already been proven to generate leads. They’ll put out flyers, drive for dollars, send out direct mail…

Everything to find deals is done for you, so you can spend your valuable time closing deals.

Consistently getting leads means the difference between having a thriving real estate investing business and having… nothing.

And Dolmar’s system not only gives you massive amounts of zero-cost property leads using scouts, but it manages them for you too.

Here’s What The Property Scout Pipeline Provides For You

By leveraging Dolmar’s automated system, you can post one of his simple Craigslist ads… and begin getting property leads within no time from Property Scouts eager to work for you.

Property Scout Pipeline trains, manages and tracks your Property Scouts for you and does so much more, at the press of a button. It’s totally automated… so you can simply focus on turning property leads into profits.

Here’s just a taste of the awesomeness:

Complete automated system that recruits, trains and manages Property Scouts

⇨ Tested & Proven Craigslist ads for recruiting Property Scouts – just copy and paste

⇨ Creates lead generation automation (all you do is post ads online to bring on new scouts, it does the rest)

⇨ Tracks your leads, organizes photos, files and documents – providing everything in one place

⇨ Helps you close deals without spending a bunch of money on marketing

⇨ Allows you to gain a footprint in virtual markets with local scouts on the ground

⇨ Gives you multiple tactics to legally compensate your scouts

⇨ Provides you with all the documents needed for success including the Property Scout Agreement

⇨ And much, MUCH more 🙂

Dolmar has flipped over 100 properties using this system… and today, only works about 15 hours a week.

And it’s all because of property scouts and the systems, processes, and training he created to fully outsource his deal finding.

Check out Property Scout Pipeline today – a proven system for quickly and easily generating property leads to grow your business.

AwesomeREI is a crew of real estate investor-entrepreneurs who, with a healthy dose of core values and culture, have banded together to provide exceptional training, coaching, tools and resources for other awesome investors. In short, AwesomeREI is real estate investing for awesome people.

(NOTE: Need some off-market action? Learn more about how you can start tapping into the Property Scout Pipeline of ‘hidden’ seller leads.)

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Disclaimer: is not a law firm or legal counsel. Consult a legal professional and/or financial professional before contacting the leads provided by 1-Minute Leads.


Patrick Riddle

Shortly after buying his first real estate investment property wayyyy back in 2002, Patrick decided to quit school to go into investing full-time... and he's been at it ever since. Patrick absolutely LOVES teaching. So, the last few years, he's spent a good bit of time helping other investors learn from his experience and mistakes, to shorten their learning curve to success.

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Walter Schick

Hi there just curious so do the scouts find buyers (investors) as well in those areas?

    Patrick Riddle

    Hey Walter, good question. The software and training isn’t built to have your scouts find buyers (investors) for you. However, any of the scouts that are really active submitting you property leads, you could certainly train them yourself to find cash buyers for you.

    – Patrick

Daniel Martinez

Great video.How could I get more information on this software?

    Patrick Riddle

    Hey Daniel, there’s a link in the post above where you can get all the details on the software.

    – Patrick


Is the Property Scout Pipeline available yet?

    Patrick Riddle

    Yep, it’s available now Robb. I just sent you an email with info. Feel free to contact our support if you have any additional questions.

    – Patrick

Bala Abubakar

Its excellent piece of information

Jeffrey Ellis

So, your Highly Awesome Customer, ” Success Hero, ” would be answering these questions no problem, & with a smile! I bet even enjoying it. I hope you find the right guy. Getting people started and helping them through sounds pretty Awesome! Thanks Patrick.

Luis Gracias

i would like to see how it works , if that is possible…

    Patrick Riddle

    Hey Luis, you can click the link in the post to learn more about Property Scout Pipeline. It walks you through how the software works.

    – Patrick


Help to get my hands on this course

    Patrick Riddle

    Hey Joseph, for more info, click the link above and Dolmar goes over all the details.

    – Patrick

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