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Introducing awesome new software to get property leads on autopilot for real estate investors.

February 2017 (eRelease)

Hello Awesome REIers…
Today is a good day – nope, scratch that – it’s a great day! Nope, wait, it’s a frickin’ awesome day! And you’re going to think so too, I’m sure of it.

Want to know why?

Well, I’ll tell you…

I have found something that will save you loads of time and money while making your lead generation efforts so much better… more efficient… more organized… more productive… and more lucrative. Best of all, it doesn’t matter where in this beautiful country you’re investing – you can use this in any market area.

Allow me introduce you to Dolmar Cross and his incredible, property lead-generating system: Property Scout Pipeline.

I want to tell you all about Dolmar and why he created this amazing software. So first, check out this helpful video that’ll shed some light on all the awesomeness…

Property Scout Pipeline Review of What The Software Does

Video Transcription:

Here's your Property Scout Pipeline review of what the software does—Hey, I'm Patrick Riddle with Awesome REI, who was the publisher of the Property Scout Pipeline, which was created by Dolmar Cross. And if you're wondering what exactly is a property scout, all it is, someone that finds properties for you. You may have heard of the term “bird dog” before; Dolmar prefers to use property scout because these are people out there scouting properties for you and sending them your way.

Now, if you're not familiar with Dolmar yet and wondering who the heck is this Dolmar Cross guy, well first, he is a family man. He's an investor and entrepreneur, been in the real estate game for over a decade now.

And those who know him best know he's a systems guy. As soon as he learns something new in his business, he's out to put the processes, team systems in place to extract himself and to limit his time involvement.

So, why was the software created?

Well, Dolmar started killing it using property scouts to do all of his property lead generation. And Dolmar was starting to make really good money, but it became a huge time suck having to train and repeat over and over again all the things he said to each and every scout to manage not only all of his scouts themselves, but also all the leads that were flowing in and he set out to find that solution, to create that solution to help in the whole recruiting, training and management process.

What is the Property Scout Pipeline do best?

It allows you to scale. You can have dozens of scouts, even hundreds of scouts in multiple markets across the country because all you have to do when you have access to the software is two things.

You post ads online and bring on new scouts and Dolmar lets you use his proven ads and tells you which free sites to post on. And then second you make offers on the property leads that you want to profit from as they come in. And that's it. It handles the rest. All of the recruiting and training, and it even gives your scouts a back office to log into and start submitting property leads to you asap.

So, does the Property Scout Pipeline work for beginners?

Great question, and yes, it does work to start generating you property leads because it doesn't matter how much real estate knowledge that you have right now, the system already has all of the built in training to just hand off to your scouts so that you can start getting leads and bottom line in the real estate investing, if you don't have leads coming in consistently, you don't have a business. Once you have leads coming in consistently, it's only a matter of time before one of those is a good deal.

So, what's included when you order?

You get the Property Scout Pipeline software, you get the Property Scout blueprint, which this is the step by step guide to using scouts to get no cost property leads…. You get your scout recruiting website, you get the Property Scout training guide that you just hand over to your scout a so that they know exactly what to do to refer properties to you. You get all of the marketing templates and paperwork needed. Everything.

Quick disclosure, I am not an attorney. Dolmar is not an attorney. Users should seek advice from a legal professional before using the software and before using property scouts to profit in your business. For more information, head on over to

Again, that's This has been Patrick Riddle with Awesome REI. Hope you've enjoyed and we'll see you again soon.

Cool, right?

The true beauty of this system is your Property Scouts do your marketing for you. The training educates them on what they need to know and they’re armed with marketing templates that have already been proven to generate leads. They’ll put out flyers, drive for dollars, send out direct mail…

Everything to find deals is done for you, so you can spend your valuable time closing deals.

Consistently getting leads means the difference between having a thriving real estate investing business and having… nothing.

And Dolmar's system not only gives you massive amounts of zero-cost property leads using scouts, but it manages them for you too.

Here's What The Property Scout Pipeline Provides For You

By leveraging Dolmar’s automated system, you can post one of his simple Craigslist ads… and begin getting property leads within no time from Property Scouts eager to work for you.

Property Scout Pipeline trains, manages and tracks your Property Scouts for you and does so much more, at the press of a button. It’s totally automated… so you can simply focus on turning property leads into profits.

Here’s just a taste of the awesomeness:

⇢ Complete automated system that recruits, trains and manages Property Scouts

⇢ Tested & Proven Craigslist ads for recruiting Property Scouts – just copy and paste

⇢ Creates lead generation automation (all you do is post ads online to bring on new scouts, it does the rest)

⇢ Tracks your leads, organizes photos, files and documents – providing everything in one place

⇢ Helps you close deals without spending a bunch of money on marketing

⇢ Allows you to gain a footprint in virtual markets with local scouts on the ground

⇢ Gives you multiple tactics to legally compensate your scouts

⇢ Provides you with all the documents needed for success including the Property Scout Agreement

⇢ And much, MUCH more 🙂

Dolmar has flipped over 100 properties using this system… and today, only works about 15 hours a week.

And it’s all because of property scouts and the systems, processes, and training he created to fully outsource his deal finding.

Check out Property Scout Pipeline today – a proven system for quickly and easily generating property leads to grow your business.

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(NOTE: Need some off-market action? Learn more about how you can start tapping into the Property Scout Pipeline of ‘hidden’ seller leads.)

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