Avoiding the ‘Tactical Trap’ in Real Estate Investing

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A surprising, little-known fact: 

 A great deal of people who set out to build a lucrative, thriving real estate investing business… never actually end up accomplishing it.



Me: You heard me.

Not trying to be Debbie Downer here, but in spite of the opportunity aplenty the real estate game has to offer, there’s a rather large number of folks who make an earnest go of it, only to end up failing pretty hard at the end of the day.

So but… Why?!

I mean, if REI offers this rich path for financial freedom and personal awesomeness (and yes, it sure the heck does), then why the flip would so many of us struggle so hard and fizzle so frequently?

Well there’s a whole slew of reasons why actually–a big, steamy pile of all-too-common obstacles that sabotage would-be investors… like bright shiny objects… information overwhelm… “Negative Nancies”… and the list goes on.

We (Patrick and JP) actually hit on a whole bunch of these ruthless dreams killers in our recent video post: The ONE Thing Your Success (Or Failure) Hinges On In Real Estate. And then in The Essential Life Cycle of a Real Estate Investor we asserted that success leaves clues, and took some time to actually chew on some of these clues together (including the 5 major milestones every successful investor must hit at some point).

So today I want to shine a big, blazing spotlight on one of the single biggest, but least understood threats to the momentum, velocity and overall prosperity of everyday investors. It’s called the ‘Tactical Trap’ and once you get your head wrapped around it, I think you’ll understand exactly why you want to avoid it like the plague — and how to do so.

This alluring trap is the leading cause of death of investor hopes and dreams.

Is this what’s sabotaging your success?

Take a look and see if this hits home…

Pro Tip:

This is a full webinar, so if you’re short on time or attention span, feel free to use the lower-right “gear” to speed it up and watch faster… Or slow it down to hear us sound drunk if you want. Cause that’s always fun.


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And PS: This was the third in our 3-part series, which has been all about shortening your learning curve and saving you from the bone-crunching mistakes we’ve made along the way. If you missed the first 2 parts, they’re solid too and definitely worth a gander.

 Pt 1: The ONE Thing Your Success (Or Failure) Hinges On In Real Estate
 Pt 2: The Essential Life Cycle of a Real Estate Investor

And don’t forget to be awesome.

Patrick & JP

Hi, we are Patrick and JP and we are real estate nerds, older and somewhat more respectable than we typically look, and mostly pretty good friends. Patrick: Visionary, freelance ponderer, unapologetic iced coffee enthusiast, loves beach volleyball, local IPAs & flipping pillows over to get to the cold side. JP: Communicator, troublemaker, bacon evangelist, harsh critic of them who put clothes on their pets, loves Costco samples & traveling everywhere like such as. Together: They combine to form the Giant Superhero Robot that is Awesome REI.

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