Brad and his wife manage multiple lakefront properties and found direction after his son went through the BNB Formula course.

Brad Madison Lake, OH

After a bad long term tenant experience, Kathleen is selling her home and using the $100,000 equity to start her AirBnB business.

Kathleen HNorthfield, Minnesota

Jose found the BNB Formula to be an entry level introduction to real estate and alternative income streams.

Jose SWest Milford, NJ

After going through the BNB Formula program, Ronald plans to launch his first listing in the next few months.

RonaldNew York City

After struggling with funding for existing real estate, Mark is using the BNB Formula to change his outlook.

MarkPortland, OR

David is using the BNB Formula to help make his bed and breakfast profitable.

David K

Working full time and providing for a disabled partner, Luke is using the BNB Formula to find more income and manage his timeshare property.

Luke WWarrenton, VA

George is using the BNB Formula after trying other programs he did not like.


“I brought the program to supplement my income for when I retire.”

WendyLibra Georgia

Adam owns multiple properties and is using the techniques learned with the BNB Formula to better manage them.

Adam B

Bejoy wanted to get into the AirBnB business and knew it was profitable, but didn't know how to start before the program.

BejoyLouisville, KY

Cassius is building a business with the BNB Formula after being an investor in many areas.

CassiusPhoenix, AZ

After renting out one room in his home, Greg plans on making up to $80,000 per year with his new four bedroom house.

DavidOcala, FL

Greg is focusing on renting his property after working on various ventures before the BNB Formula.

GregScottsdale, AZ

Carlos plans on making up to $1,500 a month with his first property.

CarlosEastbay, CA

“It was amazing to see an opportunity like this, where we can be in the real estate industry.”

IleanaOrlando, FL

After working with his investment parther, Jim is using the BNB Formula to secure freedom for his wife and him.

JimMoorpark CA

The BNB Formula has given Kim the confidence she needed to get involved in the real estate business.


Laura plans on having her first property by the end of the year.

LauraVancouver, WA

The BNB Formula is helping Eric find a more stable form of income.

EricSt. Paul Minnesota

Ricarda is setting up his first listing and working on finding more after the BNB Formula course.

RicardaMexico City

Vince purchased the BNB Formula to build income without the expensives associated with long term renting.

VinceAtlanta, GA

After seeing others succeed with AirBnB, Robert is following the BNB Formula to find his own success.

RobertWilliams Bay, Wisconsin

Cathy plans on getting involved in the real estate business without the starting costs associated with purchasing property.


Marili is using the BNB Formula to get into the AirBnB market at its peak.

MariliAustin Texas

The BNB Formula is helping David to manage his business with his family.

David FSt. Louis Missouri

Bill is commited to finding properties and success with the BNB Formula.

Bill SOgden, Utah

“I could do this while I was working my current full time job… you can never have enough streams of income.”

DougSeattle, WA

George is using the BNB Formula to build passive income without the need to purchase property.

George MChicago IL

Kevin is excited to apply everything he is learning with the BNB Formula.


“The BNB Formula gives me the opportunity to stay in real estate and stop working so physical.”

KimWichita, Kansas

Realtor Pattie is using the BNB Formula to learn how to better market her properties.

Pattie KPalm Desert, Calif.

Peter purchased the BNB Formula course to make a second form of income.

PeterPerth, WA

Hang-Phung signed her first rental agreement after the BNB Formula gave her the knowledge she needed.

Hang-PhungKandra, California

After staying in AirBnBs himself, Jarek has realized that there is money to be made with the BNB Formula.


Steve had a negative view on AirBnB and vacation rentals, but now has a new outlook thanks to the BNB Formula.

SteveFearnley, Nevada

Amar has managed an AirBnB property before, but the BNB Formula is giving him tools to increase performance and source more properties outside their own.

AmarSan Franciso Bay

“This is going to be an immense source of extra income.”

AnthonySan Antonio, TX

“The BNB Formula was able to provide that low risk, high reward potential that I was looking for.”

MichaelDayton, Ohio

“I wanted to do the BNB Formula because I wanted more steady monthly income, and more residual income, and ongoing income.”


“I didn't realize how simple it could be. It's just one of those ah-ha moments.”

HansHuntsville, AL

Bobby secured his first property and is using the BNB Formula to move forward.

BobbySanta Cruz, CA

Completing the BNB Formula in spare time is allowing Camilio and his wife to get into the business on their terms.

CamiloMiami, FL

Ciro wanted supplemental income for his retirement and is using the BNB Formula to get exactly that.

CiroPerth, WA

Dave is finding lots of potential properties as he completes the BNB Formula.

DaveEdmonton Alberta CA

“It's a good way to get some extra income into your house.”

June HNew Albany, IN

Multiple business owner Megan is using the BNB Formula as she renovates and aquires new properties.

MeganHamilton, New Zealand

“The BNB formula gave us the confidence that we could move forward and navigate our way through developing a really excellent listing.”


“I was very suprised to find out all the shortcuts I had been missing out on”

Cheryl NSarasota FL

“I learned how to turn this business into an automated machine.”

CynthiaBrick, NJ

“Since having the program, I've increased my monthly income by over $1k a month.”

EricPhoenix, AZ


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