With the help of the BNB Formula, real estate professional Jessica is learning about opportunities available that don't require ownership.

Jessica EDallas, TX

After purchasing the program, Janice is looking forward to her first listing.

JaniceNorfolk, VA

“I'm really happy to have all the great tips that Brian provides”


With the BNB Formula Greg now see his dreams as achieveable reality instead of just dreams

GregRichmand, Michigan

“There is just incredible information to move you along so fast”

GregLake In The Hills, IL

“The program is really well-thought out and well-done in general.”

GenesisiFort Worth, Texas

Gerson wants to continue learning using the BNB Formula.

GersonLancaster, CA

“Your program is just awesome, I've made a bunch of money with it and i'm looking forward to making more.”

GaryOrlando, FL

Krista says the program has helped her start off on the right foot and looks forward to learning more.

KristaWyoming, MI

Jakub has been able to save money on furnishings and has formed a new perspective on the BNB business.

JakubSeattle, WA

“Brian has done a really great job, you'll be happy with his course”

John thinks the program is easily understable with it's step-by-step formula

JohnHutto, TX

Karen was looking for an extra source of income.


Keith is excited to get into real estate without any big expenses.

KeithFrisco, TX

The BNB Formula gives Kelly time to enjoy his life.


The BNB Formula gives Krista time to enjoy her life.

KristaDenver, CO

Tiffany says the program is easy-to-follow and streamlined.

Layan P & Tiffany WPlainfield, IL

“This is a great product if anyone is interested in getting into the AirBNB business”

LincolnDanville, CA

“The classes are valuable and there is a lot of content that will help to set me on the right path”

MelissaAnglewood, CO

“Michelle is excited to use the program to generate extra income in the future.”

Michelle MApopka, FL

The BNB formula let Mike feel empowered when he first started his BNB journey.

MikeSparks, Nevada

Mitchell was amazed at how well-organized and comprehensive the program was.

MitchellHouston, Texas

“You can tell that Brian really cares about you and wants you to succeed by how detailed the program is.”

BelindaBarrington, NH

The BNB Formula gives Lawrence the opportunity to spend more time with his family instead of working.

LawrenceUnited Kingdom

The BNB Formula gave Michelle a sense of confidence and legitamacy she didn't possess beforehand.

MichelleFresno, CA

The program has given Jan a sense of security with her income and she no longer dreads her finances.

JanSarasota, FL

“The BNB Formula allowed me to earn enough income to pay for further properties”

Deb MBritish Columbia, Canada

“It's been an enjoyable ride thus far”

DarricAtlanta, GA

“It's probably one of the best laid-out, most informative pieces of information I've found in a long time.”


Elliott is using the BNB Formula to get into real estate without the capital needed to purchase properties.

ElliottMarietta, GA

“I didn't feel like I was a professional, but I am now… doing two condos at one time.”

Sabrina Dallas, TX

“When you put the numbers together, it just can work.”

Kevin C Austin, Texas

Steve has gotten great reviews after listing out parts of his own home on AirBnB.

Steve F Madison, WI

“I believe that AirBnB is a great way to rent… because I have when I travelled.”

Elizabeth H New York City

Before the BNB Formula, Ed was struggling with finding funding necessary for traditional property investment.

Ed Denver, CO

Garrett is using the BNB Formula to manage renting out one of his rooms and is making a profit.

Garrett Anvhorage, Alaska

After spending thousands on other programs, Victor is getting out of debt using the BNB Formula.

Victor Fair Lawn New Jersey

Linda is co-hosting with another person and hopes to secure her own rental properties soon.

Linda D Three Rivers, CA

“The BNB Formula seems to be a great way to create passive income. I'm near retirement and looking for passive income.”

Dan F Sarasota, FL

After applying the concepts to her own property, Marisa hopes to expand her experience.

Marisa Burlington, Vermont

Robin is using the BNB Formula to prepare for retirement after hearing of success from others.

Robin Cottonwood, CA

“The moment we knew we were succeeding was the moment we had the listing.”

Yasmeen Sonoma, California

Anne is using the BNB Formula to rent rooms from her historic home to generate income.

Anne P Detriot MI

“It was really fun to be able to dive right in and to know you are on the right path.”

Josh V Scottsadale, AZ

Kim and her husband are using the BNB Formula to learn how to generate supplemental income.

Kim Albany, NY

Mike is using the BNB Formula to get into real estate without the expenses associated with purchasing property.

Mike Deltona, FL

Real estate investor Ashley is using the BNB Formula to better manage her existing AirBnB.

Ashley C Dallas Fort Worth Texas

CoCo has told her friends about the BNB Formula and plans on putting it into action once she moves back home.

CoCo Los Angeles, CA

“You have all the knowledge, tools, and education in order to succeed.”

Wei C Buffalo, NY

Mac knew AIrBnB could be promising but wasn't sure on how to get into it before the BNB Formula.

Mac F Baltimore, Maryland

Robert is looking to convert his existing rental properties into vacation rentals using the BNB Formula.

Robert M Urbana, OH

Caroline was told about the BNB Formula by a friend and was inspired to find her own success.

Caroline P Poulsbo, WA

Patsy has been involved with AirBnB for two years and is using the BNB Formula to make the experience even better.

Patsy Takata Mexico

“I had made $3,000 in bookings and I obtained the Superhost status within about 11 weeks.”

Jamie Austin, Texas

The BNB Formula is giving Gary a way to spend his time and build supplemental income as he transitions into retirement.

Gary Monteray, CA

“We were excited about the potential and ability to make some changes in our life.”

David G Thayne, Wyoming

“Just after a few short months, we had recieved so many five star reviews that qualified us for Superhost. Our property has been booked consistently.”

Carrie C Marietta, FL


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