Eric has multiple existing and potential future properties he hopes to manage using the BNB Formula.

EricAtlanta, GA

James was looking for a new cash flow model after years of real estate experience.

JamesIrving Texas

Joe was encouraged by the money back guarantee, and felt that the BNB Formula was a no brainer for him.

Joe JGreenwood, SC

Kellen is finding potential investors as he networks with others involved in the business.

KellenPhoenix, AZ

“It's easy to stick with the program. Very solidly written. I was already successful with real estate, but it allowed me another avenue and a different income stream.”

KenLas Vegas, NV

Lotus is giving the BNB Formula a try and has quit her job and moved cross country in preparation.

LotusNorfolk, VA

Luke knew the BNB Formula would work because of his past real estate experience.

LukeFort Lauderdale, FL

The BNB Formula means real estate involvement is possible even without large upfront paymens.

Mukharjee ChowdaryAtlanta, GA

Tony is excited to fully commit to moving forward with the BNB Formula.

TonyFlorissant, Missouri

“This is definitely a doable and scalable business.”

Fred BStockton CA

“It would be awesome to rent a house out for what it's really worth, and not just for a monthly rent that a tenant would pay.”

PetePensacola, FL

Mark is excited to rent out the extra space in his own home.

Mark BCanton NC

Tom and his wife are excited to complete the course and begin their venture together.

TomSacramento, CA

“I'm very hopeful and quite excited to continue with the course.”

SeanSydney, Australia

Joe is handling multiple properties and is always looking for more.

JoeSan Antonio, Texas

Renting her home has allowed Ingrid the freedom to travel as she also looks for her second property.

IngridBrewster NY

The AirBnB business allows Shelly and her husband to find success together after her move from Canada to the United States.

ShellyTampa, FL

“I saw using short term rentals as a great methodology to increase my cash flow and net worth.”

IraRichmond, VA

Rami wanted to diversify his business portfolio and feels that the BNB Formula will allow him to do so.

RamiDallas TX

Peter hopes to set appointments and meet with landlords as he gets more in depth with the BNB Formula.

Peter ENewtown, Bucks county, PA

“I was in debt from buying real estate investing courses. I am very excited to keep going with the BNB Formula and it will help me to become more financially solvent.”

RisaWest Lebanon, New Hampshire

Chad plans on obtaining numerous properties this year and is encouraged by the BNB Formula.

ChadHouston, TX

After numerous investments in real estate, Johnson now has the time and freedom to live life on his terms

JohnsonLoganville, Georgia

“I knew that I wanted to make passive income and the BNB Formula seemed like the way to go.”

TashaVacaville, California.

All of Todd's AirBnB business questions have been answered through the BNB Formula.

ToddScottsdale, AZ

“I believe that anyone can get into this business and be successful.”

Mark BPhiladelphia PA

The BNB Formula has given William a new way to invest in real estate without owning property.

WilliamOttawa, Canada

The BNB Formula is giving Rick an out from his countless dead-end jobs.

RickDurham, NC

“It's been a great blessing for me and for my family to have money coming in more passively.”


Greg wasn't able to get into real estate without capital until he came across the BNB Formula.

GregPhiladelphia PA

Jonathan is hoping to have regular guests and scalable success as he continues forward.


Randy and business partner Joe decided to get into real estate and are using the BNB Formula to be able to make money off of properties without owning them.


“I knew I wanted to start a business of my own, but wasn't sure really what direction to go.”

JordanTallahassee, Florida

In just one day, Matt already had eyes on his first unit. Now he's looking to start making revenue.

MattLas Vegas, NV

Property management business owner Mindy wanted a new stream of income with short term rentals.

Mindy MWest Palm Beach, FL

Michael is excited to get started and secure a future for his family and him.

Michael CAllen Park, Michigan

“I did develop a new perpective, a new dream of building the business into a seven figure company.”

WynnCharlotte, NC

Pat has gotten responses from a number of landlords and turned his opportunity into income.

PatMonroe, Michigan

Bernie wanted to be free from working for an employer after 30 years, and was inspired to follow the BNB Formula after staying in an AirBnB himself.


The BNB Formula is giving Devin a way to build income as he transitions from active duty military involvement.

DevinMacon GA

John didn't have a direction or plan before purchasing the BNB Formula.

JohnAtlanta, GA

Lawrence is thankful to have found an opportunity that doesn't require large sums of money or liability.

LawrenceDexter, Michigan

Joel wanted more out of life and the BNB Formula is giving him a path to achieve that.

Joel GMiami, FL

Jamie is taking the necessary steps to start moving forward with his AirBnB business.

Jamie VScotland

The future is clear for Jim after discovering the BNB Formula.

Jim CAtlanta, GA

The flexibility of having AirBnBs without owning property is what drew Lauren to the BNB Formula.

LaurenLouisville, KY

“I'm very very encouraged that the opportunity is legitimate.”

LarryOmaha, NB

Mike has 15 years of AirBnB experience, but the BNB Formula has enhanced his skills and success.

MikeYorktown, VA

“Even though it's only been a little over two weeks, my self esteem and confidence has risen further than I thought it could.”

TammyFruitland, Utah

Retired executive Walt is considering investing more time in short term rentals after personal experience and the BNB Formula.

WaltPensacola, Florida

Coco couldn't commit the money needed for traditional real estate investment, but the BNB Formula is giving her a realistic way to provide for future needs.

CocoRaleigh, NC

“This is a great way for me to actively participate in real estate and create an excellent income to follow.”

HowieActon, California

“I feel like by just applying the program that I can achieve the same success that so many others have managed to achieve with the program.”

Marc MSeattle WA

Sierra and Sean work together with their family to make the experience great for their guests.

Sierra & SeanIndianapolis, IN

“Once we got our first property, I knew that the program worked.”

AndyKnoxville, TN

“I can tell that it will be a good thing for me and I feel I'll be very successful.”

BettyMobile, AL

Arthur wanted another way to have passive income and is completing the BNB Formula to make that happen.

ArthurPhiladelphia, PA

Robert is using the BNB Formula to ensure that he has the freedom and ability to be his own boss.

RobertLos Angeles, CA

The BNB Formula has given Julie all the information she needs to move forward, even without a lot of money.

JuliePhoeniz, AZ

“My life has changed in terms of the outlook. My outlook is exciting.”


“I was searching everywhere for a real estate investment approach that would only require a limited amount of cash and not involve purchasing the properties.”


“I know that I followed the steps enough that I can't go wrong. I'm going to see some kind of results.”

DavidFort Worth TX

Instead of having to wait to invest a lot of money into real estate, Jeremy purchased the BNB Formula to get started now.

JeremyStephenville, Texas


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