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AwesomeREI Internal Calendar

This is a private, internal page meant for Team Awesome eyes only. It contains things like scheduled events, team outages, schedule of internal/external promos, noteworthy deadlines, etc. Don’t be “that guy” and share it with outsiders.

Also, the default time zone you should see on the embedded calendar below is Eastern Standard Time, but if you decide to embed this into your own Calendar using the iCal feed (see below), then it’ll show events in whatever your local time zone is.

iCal Feed

If you want to access/see this calendar from other applications (like embedded into your own calendar for example), then you need the private iCal address for this calendar…

You can copy and paste this iCal link into any calendar product that supports the iCal format. Warning: Anyone who sees this link will be able to view all event details of this calendar.

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