Need to Contact Team Awesome?

We're real live human beings who (i) think you’re awesome, (ii) actually care about you and (iii) don’t mind in the least when you reach out to us.

Yes, I'm totally serious—we’re like the anti-Comcast.

  1. So, got a nagging question? (it happens)
  2. Need help with one of our training programs?
  3. Maybe a funny joke worth sharing? (try us)
  4. Wondering how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of that tootsie pop?
  5. Just wanna say something nice?  *fist pump*

Letter D's answer is 394 actually. For anything else, just reach out and touch us.

(No, not literally. Don’t make it weird. Just send us a message. 🙂 )

You're awesome. We're awesome. Let's do this…

Contact Us
First & last please. Fun nicknames are cool too.
The one you actually check, where you want us to reply.
Choose your own adventure. ⇈
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Crunch Berries and coffee for us—don't judge!
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Five Friendly FYIs…

🕒 We're here 10a-5p M-F—but will reply ASAP!
💪 Mostly within 1 “business day”—often even faster though!
👍 Please bear in mind we do take weekends & U.S. holidays off
⚠️ Expecting a reply or logins you don't see? Check spam/junk mail!
👊 And most importantly ⇊

Maybe a few other things you should know:

We are human beings. We answer these things ourselves. So we'll be as snappy as possible on our end, but just know it may take a couple days or so to get back to you, depending on what's going on over here. But we will get back to you personally.

We have office hours. Usually it's Mon-Fri, 10a-5p Eastern time. But we do take occasional days off, and usually spend all major holidays doing non-worky things with our friends and families.

We have a phone. To be honest, we'll usually respond faster to people who reach out to us through the form on this page. But if you really need to call, our number is (800) 765-4321. OK, just kidding, that's just numbers one through seven backwards. Lol, got you. Our real number is (877) 224-0445.

We have an address too. Want to mail us stuff? Sure thing: Awesome REI, 1000 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Suite 103-155 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 (We love holiday cards, gift baskets, and wine or beer. But please no envelopes filled with glitter. It's only funny when we do that.)

We have an email address as well. Want. If you would rather not fill out the form above to start an email conversation and you'd rather just send an email, here's where to send it: contactus [@]

 Don't forget to be awesome.

Team Awesome

—Team Awesome
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