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Announcing: “Default Deals” by Peter Vekselman & Julie Muse


Introducing Default Deals by Peter Vekselman & Julie Muse, a step-by-step program for real estate investors with key resources & insightful training on how to tap into a “perfect storm” of opportunity emerging in today's market for default-driven real estate deals. 

June 2020 (eRelease) – AwesomeREI.com is thrilled to announce an innovative, new real estate investing program: Default Deals by Peter Vekselman & Julie Muse. This training teaches real estate investors how to find and tap into default-driven real estate deals that are emerging in today's environment. 

Real estate investors, teachers, trainers, and mentors Peter Vekselman and Julie Muse leverage their own rich history of personal experiences as real estate dealmakers in multiple U.S. markets for many years now to help other real estate investors who would like to follow in their footsteps.

Their easy-to-follow, systematic training reveals how to effectively mine “Hot Pocket” areas for default deals in almost any market. They share the three specific kinds of default deals that investors should be ideally targeting in these areas, and how to best handle each one. They also share four unique ways to structure default deals, and some truly rare insights for talking to and negotiating with property owners in various kinds of default situations, such as:

  • Financial defaults—pre-foreclosures, loan & mortgage defaults, notice of defaults, etc…
  • Tenant defaults—tenants who suddenly stop paying their rent due to a sideways turn in life
  • Transitional defaults—various other situational default circumstances that are emerging today.

In the Default Deals training, Mr. Vekselman and Mrs. Muse do an excellent job of not only “sharing the secrets” they use, but they also make it practical, usable and attainable for ordinary investors who wish to imitate their success, and make great money doing these deals day-after-day. They accomplish this by candidly sharing the core concepts, key benchmarks and insightful best practices that underpin their greatest successes with default deals in multiple U.S. markets. 

For newer real estate investors, Default Deals offers a rare and timely opportunity to accelerate their success with the shortest learning curve possible, while seasoned real estate investors with experience could easily use Default Deals to level-up their impressive operations and profits. 

“Default Deals” Training Includes:

The Default Deals training is laid out in a series of cogent, informational-packed modules, complete with key resources, “swipe & deploy” templates, bonus “amplifier training” sessions and more. Each module is broken down into easy-to-follow media (videos and audios) carefully explaining and demonstrating the entire process from start to finish, including:

  • Where's the Gold: Defining the ideal target market(s( and target properties, and how to recognize them quickly.
  • Default Deals Radar: How to easily find default deals (loan defaults, tenant defaults, etc.) in just about any market in the U.S.
  • Copy Cat: Leveraging Peter & Julie's rich experiences, keen insights & knowledge to quickly level-up your real estate profits.
  • Laser Focus: Why and how to forget “shiny objects” and “strike while the iron is hot” in Default Deals.
  • Double Down: How to boost your already thriving real estate investing business or level-up a newer business.
  • Find & Reach: How to find and reach the three ideal kinds of default deals that Peter & Julie primarily focus on.
  • Deal Structuring: Learn about the solid deal structures Peter & Julie prefer for default-driven deals, and why for each one.
  • Dealmaking: How to be a good “connector” with owners in various default situations, and then be “a closer” when it comes to negotiating the deal awesomely.
  • Baseline Criteria: The four, simple baseline criteria that Peter & Julie apply to every kind if Default Deal they consider.
  • Default Deal Funding: Hear candidly discussed the best (and worst) options for financing default deals in today's arena.
  • Owner Outreach Candor: Transparent, experience-based conversations on the pros & cons of letters vs. postcards, skip tracing sellers, DIY vs DFY direct mail, and more.
  • Owner Outreach Templates: See (and use) the time-tested, proven templates (letters & postcards) they most commonly use for each, specific kind of default deal.
  • Call Scripts & Templates: These can literally be followed step by step if desired, and are the exact scripts they're currently using every day.
  • Don’t Do This: biggest, most common mistakes that people are making with default-driven deals, and how to avoid them.

Bottom Line with Default Deals & Peter Vekselman…

In “Default Deals”, Peter Vekselman and Julie Muse reveal exactly how investors, just like YOU, can make great money helping people out of troubling situations. Using their straightforward criteria and step-by-step processes to find & reach Default Deals in markets across the U.S., new and seasoned investors alike can make great money, while also helping good people find great solutions to the very challenging situations they're finding themselves facing. Win-win.

Peter and Julie have cleverly distilled down the entire “Default Deals” process into easy-to-understand concepts, an easy-to-follow process, and completely duplicatable business model.

A Note from JP Moses, President of Awesome REI:

JP MosesThe “Default Deals” training program is a rare treat indeed—thanks not only to the timely topic and top-notch quality of the training itself, but also (and especially) thanks to the keen insights and experiences of the two people who are sharing it all, Peter and Julie.

First, Peter Vekselman. The guy's just got remarkable skills, 20+ years of experience “in the trenches” of real estate, 3000+ deals so far, and he's one of the best negotiators I've ever met, hands down. These things combine to make him an ideal trainer, mentor, and teacher for his specialty: Default Deals.

But wait, there’s more. ッ He’s mastered the art of contracts and controlling real estate, the nuances of which he shares (and simplifies) in his incredible training program. And, because the guy is so humble and giving, he’s also letting us in on some embarrassing mistakes he’s made, so we avoid them. 👊

And then there’s Julie. This lady knows her stuff! She was actually one of Peter’s students back in 2016, and Peter helped her elevate her business to a crazy high new level. She was such a rockstar student (1,600+ deals with $5M in profits) that she formally joined Peter’s team shortly after. And rightfully so, I'd say!

Bottom line, Peter and Julie are passionate about helping others level-up their own real estate journey, and right now it's prime pickings for Default Deals. If you’re ready to level-up your own REI game, then I personally invite you to check out this Default Deals opportunity with Peter Vekselman and Julie Muse. You’ll thank me for this introduction, for sure. 🙂

Get a “sneak peek” inside Default Deals with Peter Vekselman & Julie Muse here…

Reviewing Default Deals…

Video Transcription:

So everyone who's anyone in real estate investing knows that we have an immense and rare opportunity in the US real estate market right now. It has the potential to be the greatest transfer of wealth in a generation, right now, unfolding in front of us. It's not a matter of, should we be paying attention to this, but what shape is this opportunity taking exactly, right now? How big is it going to be? How long do we think this can last? Maybe most importantly, how do we not let it escape by us?

It's a perfect storm, and you're about to find out how you can not only see into this perfect storm of opportunity in your target market but how you can slice off a piece of that opportunity pie, if you want to, in your real estate game. You do that by tapping into an emerging market of default-driven deals.

So, hey, if we've not met before, I'm JP Moses AwesomeREI.com, and I am thrilled to be pulling the curtain back on our latest and greatest real estate investing training program. Warmly inviting you into this very profitable world of Default Deals. Said another way, you know, there's good people in tough situations right now, it's an emerging market of good people with real estate problems. They are very clear and present and painful, and they don't know what to do about it. They don't know how to solve this problem. This opportunity is giving you, as a savvy investor, an opportunity to step in and be the hero in their world, help them solve a problem that they can't solve themselves, and make a killing in the process. You make great money in this world of default-driven deals. It's all laid out for you in a series of step-by-step training videos inside AwesomeREI.com, which includes some time tested, proven templates, scripts, and best practices that are going to be very useful to you. It's taught by, frankly, two of the brightest, most impressive dealmakers I've ever met in my life: Peter Vekselman and Julie Muse.

These cats are incredible. I met Peter for the first time in 2010 at a shared mastermind, and I remember thinking at the time, man, I think he's one of the most thoughtful, smartest guys here. I had no idea. Peter's got over 22 years of experience, notched on his belt in the real estate investing game; he's done over 3000 deals. He ain't small potatoes by any means. And Julie Muse is one of his success stories because she started out as one of Peter's students, actually in 2013, just following in his footsteps, very quickly became a rockstar and then a partner. They consistently, actively do default-driven real estate deals in multiple US markets, multiple different kinds of markets, and multiple places in the country. Julie has done 1600 deals herself have made over $5 million in default-driven deals. Long story short, there is nobody, I think, more qualified, more skilled, or more credible than Julie and Peter to teach you how to tap into this perfect storm of opportunity in default-driven deals right now.

So now, you know, just kind of a high level, what this even is, why, and who, I want to just take you inside the dojo. I'm going to show you inside the program so you can see, if you decide this is a good fit for you, what you stand to get as a member of the default-driven deals endeavor. By the magic of Hollywood.

Welcome back. This is our real estate investing training dojo. This is AwesomeREI.com and this is our homepage. So if you're a new member of any of our programs, Default Deals or any other program, you go to the homepage and you'll see up here on the right corner where it says “My Stuff,” that will say “Log In.” It says My Stuff, because I'm already logged in, but first you'll have to log in with your username and password to access your goodies. You'll land, after you log in, on this page, this is kind of a “high-level dashboard” of the programs that we have. This program is called Default Deals, so you'll click here for your Default Deals training. As soon as you do you'll land on the dashboard for the Default Deals training. I'm not going to read all this, you can read it yourself when you join, but, basically, you can navigate through the training, any of our training programs, right here on the right-hand side. You can see there's a menu that takes you to all of the pages inside the training program in a very logical sequence (make sure you go through them in order if you're in there).

This kind of explains, if this is your first time here, here's how we do things, here's how this works and what you can expect. We like to have a little fun every time we put one of these together, and come up with some fun animated GIFs. So this is the dashboard page, and we always kick off, this is no exception, with Default Deals training you kick off with the kick start module; the very first module. It's basically, kind of a “mall map” for the training. It lets you know where you are; the you-are-here dot on the mall map, that's what this kickstart training is and where you're going. When you walk into a mall, if you've never been there before, the first thing you want to do is find that mall map and you want to see, okay, where am I? Then you find where you're going and you figure out how to get from here to there. That's what we accomplish in the kickstart training, specifically with regards to the program that we're looking at here. So this kickstart training, as you can see, it's only just a little over 30 minutes, kind of gets your head on straight, gets your sights set on the finish line, and tells you what's between here and there.

By the way, on each of our training programs for each of the modules, we also have an executive summary. This is not really a replacement of the video training. There's an optional audio version for those who just want to listen (they don't like to watch). I think the best way to consume it is to go through the videos; you can even go through it on your phone or your tablet. But after you go through the videos, it can be really easy to forget stuff sometimes, and you go, man, what was that thing that he said about that kind of default? Like the transitional defaults, there were some kind of, there was a specific criteria. I can't remember. I kind of remember what it is. Well, you, don't have to go through all the video or the audio to find that one little thing, because you can go back to the executive summary for any of our training modules. It's basically a Google Doc; all of the videos we have, we've created a Google Doc that is an executive summary of the training.

It's basically like the CliffsNotes. It's not a transcript; it doesn't read like a transcript, but it gives you a very scannable, easily consumable, and digestible version of the video. It's not meant to be a replacement of the video. I don't advise that you just read through these and assume that you're getting all the important things that you need to get from this. But it's a great way to just give yourself a refresher or quickly find something that you can't quite remember, especially since you can just use control F on your keyboard, for you fellow windows users, and then you can do a search for a keyword. Control F and I want to search for the keyword the, and it takes you right into where that word is every single time you see it on the page. Anyway, this is not about Google Docs. I just wanted you to know that we have handy dandy executive summaries all along the way to make this easier and awesomer for you. And that's really important to me. I really feel like it's important for any training that we put together for our real estate investing colleagues out there, that it's as consumable, as digestible as possible, and just easy to take in and understand and go back and quickly reference. Those executive summaries where my idea and you're welcome.

After we go through the kickstart training, we dive right into deal getting. This is where Peter and Julie really get into the meat and potatoes. We talk about what the heck are we talking about when we say default deals? What does that mean? Explain to me what you mean by default deals. And you may be surprised because there's three different kinds of default deals that they think we should be targeting in today's market and they specifically target themselves. What's the best market criteria? The five benchmarks for the ideal default market, specs for the properties, the kinds of properties that Pete and Julie focus in, five different specifications, kind of pros and cons of this versus that, you know, virtual investing versus going local, small towns versus big towns. So those are some of the things we cover here. Also, you can notice that kind of the Default Deals 101, there's two videos. If you click these, they open up there's two videos. The first video is only eight minutes long. Like I said, I want to keep them consumable and digestible. The second video in this section is 42 minutes long, so that one's a little bit longer. That's where we really get into what are the specific criteria. This is kind of, in many ways, the meat and potatoes; it's the most nutritious part of the Default Deals training, where you really get your mind wrapped around the framework of what a default deal is, and how you recognize it when you see it.

After you understand that we turn to how to find and reach the three specific kinds of default deals that Peter and Julie target: financial defaults, tenant defaults, and transitional defaults, and each of those has a respective video underneath it. So that's module two is finding and getting default deals. It's all about deal-getting.

Once you cross the finish line with that training module, it's really important that you also learn a little bit about how to structure deals, if you don't really know. How to ideally structure, default deals specifically because landing a deal is great, but you don't get paid until the deal is done. So, key pieces of this module are viable options for deal structuring from Peter and Julie's perspective, pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of the various deal structures that they review the best ones they think for beginners, the best ones for more seasoned investors. Basically, there's five videos in this module, and again, we're keeping them tight and focused and consumable as much as possible.

Once you get through with the deal structuring module, then you get into dealmaking. This is really a kind of a treasure gem inside the program because Peter and Julie are freaking ninjas when it comes to connecting with, and negotiating with sellers. It is an art and science; you combine those two things awesomely, and you've got Peter and Julie. So we talked in this video, Julie shares her exact scripts for how she effectively connects very quickly to the various kinds of default deal sellers. Then Peter talks about some negotiating ninjary and, trust me, you're going to learn a lot. You're probably gonna want to watch this video three or four times and take some notes. Well, you don't really have to take notes because we have executive summaries here for you. You can go back and use them as your cheat sheet.

All right, the next module, after you've learned how to be a dealmaker with these default deals, is to finally cross the finish line. Just kind of summarizing some of the final takeaways that you need to make sure you walk away with. Basically, we're going to take you from where we left you off in the previous module to the finish line to the closing, and cover some of the best practices that Peter and Julie used. There's only one video in this final module, about 30 minutes. Once you finish those five modules, you are ready to start crushing it with your own default deals game in your target market.

But we got a little more for you. We have what we call amplifier training sessions, and this is something we do inside our programs to give you a little bit more on top of the core training, the essentials, the core training is like the essentials of what you really need to know and actively do in order to be a default deals dealmaker. In the amplifier training session, we build upon everything you learned in the core training. There's some really awesome stuff in here: Five Success Accelerators for these default driven deals, Virtual Driving for Dollars (maybe you've heard of driving for dollars, but you probably haven't heard of virtual driving for dollars). The Perfect Partner Playbook, a lot of people have been asking us for that because Peter and Julie really do have a solid place in their business for partnering with others, for their deals. And they'll even partner with people who go through a program like this. So this is kind of explains the ins and outs of what that looks like for those that's a good fit. Julie walking through their airtight contract, step-by-step.

The Deal-Driven app and the Instant Accountability are optional upgrades, so you may or may not see those inside your member's area. The Resources is basically where you get all of the downloadable goodies or where you can actually download the contract that's included with the program, all the homeowner outreach templates, the lead intake, sheets, letters, postcards, all that good stuff. It's all here for you inside the Resources. We want to make sure we tell you not just what to do, but give you what you need in order to quickly do it yourself.

So that is the Default Deals training. That's kind of what we do here at AwesomeREI. Let me just show you up here at the top where it says, what is this? This takes you to our About Page. Every company has an about page on their website, right? That's our crew. Well, what I want to draw your attention to is our awesomely bold mission to help 10,000 100,000 real people, like you, level up your real estate investing game with specialized knowledge and training and insights that (a) accelerate your profits, (b) amplify your results and (c) make your real estate investing easier, awesomer, and more rewarding.

That's exactly what we aim to do with every single piece of content, every training program, everything we say and do here at AwesomeREI is all about that end game. And we have so far at the time I'm recording this video help 45,810 people. And yes, we do actually update that number on our website at least once a week with current numbers. So that's what the Default Deals training is all about. If you feel like it's interesting, if you feel like it might be a good fit for you, then I invite you to take a look at it. There's a link somewhere, probably at the bottom of the video here, but you can go there and find out more and see if it's still open or if we've closed it down. Sorry. I guess you missed out. So thanks for tuning in I'm JP Moses. I hope I helped you understand at a high level what this Default Deals training is all about. So you can see if it's a good fit for you and your real estate endeavors right now, or in the future. I'll catch you on another video, JP with AwesomeREI, out!

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