Here’s a few of your fellow Z-Coders boldly sharing their WHY via video. ⇊ 👊 👍

Spring Chicken Michelle


19 Year Nashir

Alamo Gal

Dave 60

Karen Kentucky

Terry—Why Not

Josh—Baby Why

Guy 80

Klye from DC

Z Code + Drink More Water (In the Dark)

Corporate America Ron

Jorge (and his whole family)

Joe Las Vegas

Terry the Giver

Veronica Memphis Nurse

Retired 75

Ted Flip Houses

Cheryl Just Wanna Have Fun

Boyce and Wife

Adam New Jersey

Real estate fan

Travel Guy

Cristy a Single Mom

Dallas Lady

Wife Travel Boat

Marcus with 3 kids

Tired Property Guy

Anthony Retired Military

Russel the Cook

Money in the Kitty

Casey Jones Cookie Bakery

Digital Nomad

Rick – for Retirement Why

Mike Back in Business

Lady No Mortgage

Passionate Sharon

Alan the Provider

Mommy Angela

Lady from Maryland

Lisbeth Church Contributor


Wholesaler Guy

Freedom Why

Anthony House Flipper

Ty Guy


Glen of Austin

Give it a shot!

Teacher Paul


Family Nurse Jeff

Maritza Entrepreneur

Mr. Barber


Linda of Detroit

Earl Family Man

For Secured Retirement

Gerald Price

Penny 55

Tom a Win-Win

Real Estate Adventurer

Andrew A Loving Dad

Ralph 100% Committed

Laban from New York


Big Box Manager

Peter Sy

Steven – Minnesota

Jen the Server

Jennifer of Ohio

Fixing Flips

Impossible Is Possible


Outside the Box

Mr Bartender

William Smith

Ria of Detroit

Positive Guy from Florida

Edgy of Alabama

Freedom of Time


Heather the Multifaceted

Fred 74

Smart Guy

Diversity is the Key

Financial Freedom

Paul of Kennesaw

Texas Guy

John Kim

Tracy of Dallas

Life Changing

Guitar Man

For Legacy

Nigerian Entrepreneur

Just Looking Better

Sweet Mexico

No Looking Back

The Pirate 🙂

Franchesca of Philadelphia

Retired Army

Excited Flipper

Time, Family, Freedom


Amy Ellis

My Y is Me


Jack of all Trades


Passive income -why

Positive Terrence