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Driving for Dollars App 2.0—Cool Stuff Coming 🙂

A few months ago, I was invited to test-drive and review an app called the Drive Buy REI app, and I was impressed.

To me, it take a time-tested  deal-getting method, and makes it simpler, easier and awesomer to do.

Back when I first started my real estate investing endeavors (golly, back in 2000) I did a lot of driving for dollars the old-school way:

  • Just driving neighborhoods looking for possibly distressed properties.
  • Writing addresses on a big, yellow legal pad.
  • Looking up tax records for all of them when I got home.
  • Then printing & mailing one-off letters to all of them.

It was a time-consuming process, but the ROI was definitely there.

With an array of leading edge way investors are landing deals today—SEO, Facebook, PPC, etc.—the old tried and true driving for dollars might seem outpaced. But the truth is, it still works and works quite well—but in the age of iphones, Androids , social media and push-button ease, it's not getting any love anymore.

Until the Drive Buy REI app, that is.

I freaking LOVE this app. 🙂

  1. Just start driving, and turn the app on—it automatically follows you, zoomed to your location.
  2. When you drive by a possibly distressed property, just pin it on the map, and keep driving.
  3. The app automatically locates property & owner info (tied into local public records)
  4. So when you get back home, your whole list of pinned properties is ready to download & do whatever you wish with.

I recently reconnected with app creator Nate Pummel about the next version of the app he's only days away from, which'll be even awesomer, including:

  • Easily snaps between & Google Map satellite view.
  • Better Google Street View verification (even for properties with no visible address)
  • Can now break routes down into separate lists (targeting this vs. that zip code, for example)
  • Built-in direct mail! (send, track & manage letters & postcards to any/all leads based on your custom routes targeted)

When Nate was in a giving mood, I hit record and got him to go a level deeper on the details of coolness coming for the Drive Buy REI app. So, check the video above, if you haven't already. 🙂

Tax Yields Map
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