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Hi there. We are a small (growing fast) 7-Figure Online Publishing Company offering training, tools & content to U.S. real estate investors. We’re seeking a full-time Visual Communications & Graphics Designer to help us imagine, plan and create awesome graphic assets to visually communicate concepts, ideas and offers in a compelling way through our marketing & products.

If you're interested, then please carefully read this entire page ⇊ and then follow the instructions for next steps…

The “Quick-‘n-Dirty…”

You, In a Nutshell:

The perfect fit for this is a seasoned graphic & visual communications designer with a track record in digital marketing, online advertising and/or managing graphic design projects. You'll collaborate with our marketing & products teams to thoughtfully analyze & interpret our needs, and then conceptualize & produce awesome communication designs for them. This will often range from designing & optimizing digital assets for social media ads, online sales letters, e-commerce pages, etc. Also the visuals needed for our digital products, including logos and brand designs. Pretty much anything under the “digital marketing” umbrella that an online company needs to better acquire or serve our customers. We’re looking for someone to hop in on a full-time basis (9a-6p EST, M-F).

Us, In a Nutshell:

We’re Awesome REI, an online publishing company with a rich history of experience in the real estate investing industry. All of our customers/clients/members are real estate investors with U.S. based target markets, but could be operating from anywhere in the world. The awesomeness we create for them ranges from content-rich blog posts, videos & podcasts to structured online training programs. You’ll see on our website www.AwesomeREI.com our company tagline is “Real Estate Investing for Awesome People”, which gives a little hint about our vibe and culture. Our success hinges on delivering awesomeness to people that helps them level-up their REI game in some way. We take our mission statement seriously and revisit it together weekly. It's a key driver & filter for everything we say and do as a team, and we're super proud to talk about it anytime we can.

Seem interesting? Then let's go a level deeper… ッ

Real People Helped So Far ッ

Our Mission is to Inspire, Empower & Equip people to LIVE AWESOMELY.

To always be leveling-up with specialized knowledge, world-class training and rare insights that ➊ accelerate profits, ➋ amplify your results, and ➌ ultimately make your life easier, awesomer, and more rewarding in meaningful ways.


Are You and This Position a Perfect Match?

Hmmmm, could be. Depends, does this sound like you?…

  • You agree – It’s cool to work with a fun crew in a small biz, and be involved in fueling its rapid growth.
  • You work awesomely from home – You’re self-reliant, and the idea of working 100% remotely suits you just fine. You’re a self-starter, and quite comfy self-managing much of your own organizational activity, workflow and time.
  • You’re not just a PSD generator – You’d rather not simply sit in a corner all day with Photoshop, just filling orders and cranking out formulaic designs that don't require much thinking or trial-and-error.
  • You really appreciate the key differences between
    ➊ Being basically a “decorator” producing graphically appealing (pretty) designs, and
    ➋ Collaborating with a team to create strategic communication designs that produce results.
  • You “play well with others” – Instead of seeing graphic design as merely creating a thing (producing an artifact) you see design as a creative process with engaged stakeholders — a means of analyzing, structuring, planning and creating images and text to awesomely communicate ideas and concepts in the most compelling way.
  • You’re self-reliant – You follow instructions well, but can also think for yourself and don’t always have to be told every little thing to do in detail.
  • You’re an action taker and a finisher – Great at following-up and following-through to the end of a project or task, without needing someone to check in or watch over your shoulder.
  • You’re conscientious – Naturally mindful (maybe even anal) about the details of a thing, and really need for things to be “done right”.
  • You’re maybe even a little weird – We have a unique culture (which you can read more about below). We’ve kinda mastered the art of not taking ourselves too seriously, while taking our business and customers very seriously. In other words, “characters welcome.”

So, if this sounds like you, then keep reading and read carefully

What Are We Looking For?

In my experience, many “graphic designers” are basically decorators using graphic means to pretty things up. We're looking for more than this. Honestly, the term “graphic designer” feels a little inadequate for this role—like being called a draftsman, color artist, or something else that doesn't aptly describe it.

In contrast, our Visual Communications & Graphics Designer will be in more of a “holistic” role of conceptualizing, producing, managing, and optimizing any/all of the graphic assets related to our day-to-day business. Things Matt covered in the video above, like digital sales letters, ecommerce pages, and online ads targeting prospects and customers, plus more.

You’ll be working closely with others to conceptualize, create & deploy the graphic assets needed for our various projects, and then collaborating further with our developers & video production team to implement it all in an awesomely persuasive way to our target audience.

So, you’ll be creative, innovative, team-oriented, and enjoy a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing priorities. Our team works hard and at times we wear multiple hats, but we play hard too. It’s an incredibly exciting time for Awesome REI as the business is growing quickly. You could say it’s an awesome time to join Awesome REI. ッ


Your key ones most of the time will look like…

  • Proactively collaborating with our Chief Marketing Officer on an ongoing basis to clearly define messaging and specs for the various graphic design elements in any project.
  • Also, working with our marketing & products teams to plan, structure & visually communicate the various concepts & ideas central to our day-to-day business and current projects.
  • Learning and implementing persuasion techniques to create powerful graphics congruent with our internal “design values” and ultimately increase sales and customer success.
  • Collaborating with the managing director on all upcoming projects, clarify priorities and advocate for your ideas and initiatives.
  • Quickly, clearly communicate any roadblocks or issues that might arise during the design process to any/all stakeholders in a project.
  • Create or select and edit key images and visuals to ensure the highest level of quality.
  • Design multiple iterations of designs to optimize clarity and persuasiveness via “split testing”
  • Ensure deadlines are met with the highest level of production.
  • Learn to analyze “split testing” data to draw insights for further design iterations & optimization.
  • Manage an up-to-date and secure archive of all assets accessible to team members.

Essential Skills?

Yes! I already mentioned or hinted at many of them, but the perfect person for this will be…

  • Awesomely skilled in graphic design platforms (Photoshop and/or Illustrator)
  • Also comfortable working with PowerPoint and/or Keynote
  • Equipped with a working knowledge of fundamental graphic design principles
  • Phenomenal at type layout, including font selection, coloring, spacing, spelling & casing
  • Able to work both independently and under close direction
  • Sincerely open to feedback and responsive to creative directional changes with a quick turnaround time
  • Super detail-oriented, taking pride in thoroughly QAing your work
  • Calm and composed in fast-paced environment with lots of moving pieces
  • Awesomely organized and efficient in how you use your time
  • Humble, hard-working, high integrity, and a track record of being honest, dedicated and loyal.
  • A primary English-speaker
  • Be comfortable “failing forward” sometimes, and learning from mistakes along the way.


Sure, while not absolutely essential, it’d be super cool to see…

  • Experience with basic web design layout
  • Experience with basic front-end web development (HTML, CSS)
  • Experience with basic video editing
  • Desire and ability to assume a leadership role to direct a wide range of projects and visuals

The Remote Work Arrangement…

Since we don’t have a “storefront” or physical office, we all get to enjoy the rare benefits of a remote work lifestyle. Just about everything we do happens through the internet, email, Zoom, and Twist ( ⇠a Slack-like service…but awesomer ッ)

We have weekly team meetings on Tuesdays via Zoom. So you need to be cool with that. We expect a lot from our small team, but as a result we’re very flexible with work times, vacation schedules and we love to cut up and have a lot of fun while getting awesome stuff done.

PS- This is also why the “self-starter” thing is so important. If you can’t organize yourself well, or the idea of not working around people in an office makes you feel sad, then this isn’t for you.

Hours and Pay…

  • This is a full-time position, with “normal hours” being between 9am – 5pm EST Monday through Friday.
  • Oh, and we take normal U.S. holidays off, of course.
  • As for salary, this really depends so much on what you bring to the table, and should definitely be a key part of our very first conversation.
  • For the time being, know that we're fully prepare to enthusiastically offer competitive, full-time compensation for the right person with the “it” factor who brings all the things to the table in terms of skillet, experience & insight.

A Note from the President:

El Presidente Fancy​Hi, thanks for your interest. A few key things I want to personally share with you…

First, Regarding Our Culture: We have a fun and unique culture, and it’s important that we’re a fit for each other in this regard. Not everyone is, and that’s OK. We love to cut up and have fun together, while also very serious about serving our customers awesomely.

You should definitely get to know us a little more, including our values and what we stand for here: https://awesomerei.com/about ⇠ MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW THIS BEFORE REACHING OUT TO US.

Second, Regarding This Position: Please understand, this role is sooooo much more important to us than simply coming up with great graphics and designs. There is a certain “it” factor that goes into creating what we need to fit our current design standards and best appeal to our customers.

The ideal person for this role is someone who’s thinking beyond just editing & creating images—it’s someone looking to actively work together to plan, create and visually enhance digital assets that arrest a reader’s attention, persuasively convey the message, and compel the right people to take action.

So if this juices you, and using your skill and creative energy like this to help shape and improve the lives and financial well-being of our customers seems like a great fit, then I look forward to hearing from you. 

How to Apply

If you think this job is peanut butter and you’re jelly, then please email your resume along with a COVER LETTER to adrian(at)awesomerei.com. Please note that standard form letters will be simply discarded, so make it personal. We're real humans and we enjoy working with other real humans too. So, show us a little of humanity. ッ

No exceptions, you must include the following visibly labeled in your cover letter:

  • Why Me: In 1-2 paragraphs, explain why you’re the ideal pick for this position—specifically, what makes you a real stand-out for this?
  • Before: Concisely describe your previous experience in graphic design. Just one or two concise paragraphs please. Including concisely sharing any specific experience(s) with working with digital marketing or online advertising before.  (Also, any experience(s) in real estate investing up to now? Totally not required, but we'd like to know. ッ)
  • “Those things that hurt, instruct”: What's the toughest challenge you’ve ever overcome in your life? How did you overcome it? What was your biggest lesson learned from it?
  • Personally: What stood out to you the most when you read this page, and why?
  • Reading: What are the last three books you’ve read?
  • When Not Working: What do you do for fun?
  • What/Why Now: Explain what you’re doing right now for a job…
    • If you don’t have one, concisely explain why.
    • If you have one, explain why you’re looking elsewhere.
  • My Portfolio: This is your chance to show off! Please attach a copy of your portfolio (or a link to your portfolio), so we can see samples of work/project you've worked on before. We want to see your creativity shine, and see if we are indeed a good match!
  • Lastly: Please also include a smiley face in the subject line of your email, like this “Visual Communications & Graphics Designer Position  : -)”  … That’s your first test to see if you are good at following simple directions, and whether or not you even read this entire posting.

Feel free to offer any helpful details you think matter, but also be concise and make your letter as easy to digest as possible. I know we're asking a lot here, but no novels please. There are only so many hours in the day, after all.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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