Re: Investor Lead Machine—An Honest Confession

Patrick Riddle

Hey, so a little confession to make.

Gimme a second though.

OK, here goes…




There, I said it. 🙂

Here’s why:

A while ago I thought I had this super genius idea that’d help real estate investors like me a lot. Turns out I was missing something kinda obvious, due to an unfortunate assumption I made.

You see, I was enjoying some big-time success attracting new leads for my real estate business—I mean like:

  • cash buyers,
  • other wholesalers,
  • even private lender leads.

My secret? These nifty little web pages I’d made, to be like “magnets” to help my REI business attract the leads I needed to level-up my game.

Nothing fancy really. Just simple web pages with a concise, compelling message for just the right people. And honestly it took me a little trial-and-error before I finally nailed it.

Then, I also did pretty well cultivating relationships with those new leads—by asking good questions, setting expectations, and so on via email.

Again, some trial-and-error of course, but over time these websites and emails gave me kind of a leading edge over my competition, and became like a ‘greased chute’ between me and my shiny, new buyer/wholesaler/lender leads my real estate business needed.

Ah, good times.

My “genius” idea:

my genius idea

My websites and emails were working so well for me, I decided to start sharing. So, I bundled my templates together and started offering them to other people who wanted to start leveraging them.

So, basically I invited people to an ‘Easy Button' for my success—to step in and start leveraging the same potent websites & email templates I was using, skip the learning curve entirely, and kick-start having your own ‘greased chute’ for your business.

But here’s what I overlooked:

Most people struggled to actually connect the ‘tech-dots’, and struggled to follow through:

  1. Setting up a website domain name,
  2. Downloading my website templates,
  3. Hiring a web guy/gal to customize and get them live,
  4. Using an email autoresponder service
  5. Adding my follow-up email templates to that service,
  6. Other techie things, etc.

Bottom line, most people loved the idea of leveraging my time-tested, proven lead-getting templates, but ultimately got lost in the weeds in trying to connect all the dots and set it all up right.

So…that’s right, I’m not perfect, and I totally didn’t see that coming, and being as big a problem for most people as it obviously was.

Lesson learned. :-/


The best sad stories have surprise turns you didn't see, ending in a big win—and mine's no exception.

Now, I’m aiming to redeem myself and make things right. Hang onto your hat…

The last couple of months, we’ve been down in our Awesome REI labs creating something really special. And now, I’m all grins to finally pull the curtain back and tell you about the solution I'm calling…

Investor Lead Machine

Investor Lead Machine

Investor Lead Machine (ILM for short) is basically the “easy button” for everything I just described—a painless way you can have your own Lead Machine online working for your business 24/7/365—and based on the very same time-tested, proven ways that’ve so awesomely spoon-fed real estate people like us exactly the kinds of leads we need for years now.

The fact is, ILM is a simple, powerful tool that’ll make your REI leads-getting endeavors easier, more automatic and awesomer.

But please know this…

ILM is not meant to solve all your business problems, end world hunger, and make all your wildest dreams come true.

Said another way, it’s not this super fancy, intense platform or in-depth CRM for running your whole business or anything. There’s things like that around already, but they typically cost hundreds of dollars monthly and make you want to hire a person just to understand and operate it.

Instead, I like to K.I.S.S.

That's right, I like the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” approach to things like this, and focus on fewer, better things.

So, think of Investor Lead Machine less like a ‘swiss army knife’ type tool, and more like a Bowie knife that handles exactly one thing (generating and cultivating REI leads that you need) but handles it easily, and really, really effectively.

swiss army knife vs bowie knife

Want to take a look inside the Investor Lead Machine?

Sure, here—you can go take a look at it yourself in this ILM video I made…

I even give you a little peek at the inside, so you can see if it’s something you think might boost your REI endeavors too.

Happy investing! 🙂

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