Real Estate Investor Lead Machine: New Website Templates!

Patrick Riddle

Hey, have you seen our shiny, new ‘MAP' website template inside the Investor Lead Machine?

Nah, 'cause this is our official big reveal about it!

That's right, I'm super-pumped to officially let the proverbial cat out of the bag: Our Investor Lead Machine now has a…

New: Real Estate Investor Website ‘MAP' Template…

So, here's the short story, in a nutshell…

I recently shared in my blog post Investor Lead Machine—An Honest Confession about these nifty little web pages I’d made a few years ago, and how they became like “magnets” in helping my real estate operations to attract the leads I needed to level-up my game.

Over time these websites and emails gave me kind of a leading edge over my competition.

Then came my “genius” idea:

“Why don't I share some love my investor website templates with others?”

So, I decided to start sharing—I bundled my real estate investing website templates together and started offering them to other real estate investors who wanted to step in and start using them too. (I.E. skip the whole learning curve, and just start using my proven real estate investor website template as a ‘lead machine' for their own investing endeavors.)

Then, only recently, I went and made using my investor website templates easier, awesomer, and more automatic.

So, what used to be:

“Hey, here's my fancy investor website templates, all you gotta do is hire a web guy to put 'em up and—POOF—you got 'em!”

Just became more like:

“Hey, here's my fancy real estate investor website templates you can use. Just step up, click a few clicks, and—POOF—you got 'em! (I.E. your own Lead Machine online working for you 24/7/365 just like mine, with zero hiring or technical skills required.)”

Quite a few have excitedly stepped up to start leveraging this since we released it. And now, it just got even awesomer with the addition of my…

New ‘MAP' Website Template…

Honestly, this has been one of my favorites for a long-time—it just converts so well! When you see it, you'll get why.

Up to now, I just couldn't figure out how to get a unique “map” template in place for each person's unique city.

But I'm thrilled to say that, at long last, we've finally figured it out, and built in unique website templates for the top 250 U.S. cities (by population). We even built in a way to add more, if/when they get asked for.

So here, take a look at this short vid, cause I really want to show it off real quick…

Video Transcription:

JP Moses: What's up, awesome people? JP Moses and Patrick Riddle here. If you look at the shiny, new Awesome REI T-shirt there. Oooh… Ahhh… Alright, we'll coming out with those here shortly, but there is our Head Honcho Patrick Riddle. What's up my friend?

Patrick Riddle: What's happening, JP?

JP Moses: Man, thank you for hopping on here with me. I just wanted to make a quick announcement to those for whom this is really exciting and relevant for about our Investor Lead Machine—the new template that we've come out with. So just to give anyone who doesn't really have a clear idea of what this even is… The Investor Lead Machine is an easy button for your real estate investing business, right?

Patrick Riddle: It is an all in one system to capturing leads, managing those leads and communicating with those leads both on autopilot through campaigns that dripped out over time and just one off emails to your entire list of leads, whether that's your buyers list, your lenders list or whatever.

JP Moses: Right. So it gives you a painless way that you can have your own lead machine online working for your business 24/7/365, and based on the very same time tested proven templates that have worked well for us and so many of our colleagues over the years. So, this is not about that. This is about unveiling a shiny new template that we have been down in the Awesome REI labs, carefully crafting and we're really excited because—frankly—I think it's the best one. I think it's pretty sweet.

Patrick Riddle: It is my favorite template that we have, and pretty soon you'll see the interface and how point-and-click easy it is to choose different templates and then customize them to your liking. But, the template that we're unveiling today is a custom map background template for your leads page for whatever lead source that you want. And we've got a custom map background template for each of the lead sources. And so, JP, should we just dive in and show them this shiny, awesome template?

JP Moses: Let's see it.

Patrick Riddle: Alright, we are now sharing my screen, I believe. Can you see it?

JP Moses: Yes, I can see your screen.

Patrick Riddle: All right, so we are inside of the Investor Lead Machine software. Specifically, we are on the website templates page, and here are the different templates you can choose for your leads page. You can navigate per different lead sources. Every different lead source has totally different templates that you can choose from and they all now have this new custom map background . And we're going to be adding more over time more and more. So let's go look at the buyers…like for instance, if you're a wholesaler, you know, got to have a buyers list. This is one of the templates here, the new map one that let's take a look at it. And right now actually inside my account, this is the live template for my buyer a website—I've got it open in another window here and already customized for my area.

JP Moses: So this is the landing page that you would send all of your local, potential cash buyers or active cash buyers to, so that you can start communicating with them on an ongoing basis.

Patrick Riddle: Yeah, and right now this template is live, but if you want to use another one it's as easy as hitting “activate” and then clicking that button—Boom. And now the new map template is live over here. Now I'm going to wait to refresh this page because I don't have a map chosen yet. So let's hop in to edit this template and I'll show how easy is to change any of the text that you want on the page.

JP Moses: Our litmus test for this was make it so easy that my 11 year old could do it without any training ,and I think we accomplished that.

Patrick Riddle: All this is editable. You can come in here and just have it read however you want it. And then when you want to choose a city, we've got a custom map for the top 250 cities across the US as far as population. So, I'll just come down here and select “Charleston”, come down and save the templates… Boom. Now it's got our custom map background. And if we go to our page here, if you remember, we changed which template we're using, and now, there you go.

JP Moses: Man, I love that template! Also, one of the cool things you mentioned is that we have built in the top 250 cities by size and the list already. And I think it's important to say that, if any of our users happen to live in a podunk town and you don't see your city and you want to see your city and have a map of your city in the background, just reach out to us. It's something we can add on request if you're one of our users for this cool thing that we wanted to take care of you.

Patrick Riddle: Well, and let's just change it again just to show you a new area. JP, I'm are you in Memphis?

JP Moses: Yeah, I guess we could say that.

Patrick Riddle: There we go. Save. And then let's see if our changes all took effect. Dude, I love this man. I absolutely love it. Just like that—we've got the Memphis map background in place of Charleston, we've got our edits that appear here and I mean, you can have zero knowledge in tech skills and freely utilize this resource.

JP Moses: So, Patrick, about this template in particular, I just want to point out the reason that you and I like it so much. It's not just because of how easy it is and the cool functionality that's built in, but I think from the perspective of a lead who lands on this page—whether it's a private lender, or cash buyer or a motivated seller—landing on a page that looks like everyone else's web page might work or it might not. But this kind of website tempate speaks “local”. This says you're in their neck of the woods, and you're one of them. Even if you're not actually living in that area, it identifies you as a local resource for them.

Patrick Riddle: And I've never seen another page like this that uses a kind of map background and these things are pretty darn effective, as you'll see, for capturing those leads. This will, many times, get a higher optin rate where someone's signing up for your list than a lot of pages out there. Like JP said, you don't want to just be another “me too” page out there that's the same as every other page out there on the Internet. And this is your chance and opportunity. Yeah. So I think that'll do it—just, you know, a quick and dirty little video just to show how awesome this is. We look forward to bringing you many more feature updates and things in the future because we're just getting started with this software.

JP Moses: Alright guys, high five. JP and Patrick out.

What do you think?

Pretty cool, yeah?!?

If you're already an ILM user, I encourage you to jump into your account and try playing around with the ‘map' template for your own Investor Lead Machine website.

If you're not yet using Investor Lead Machine to make your online lead-gen efforts easier and awesomer, think it might be worth considering?

You can get an inside-look at Investor Lead Machine here and see what you think…

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