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Announcing: MicroMarket A.I. by Ken Wade


Introducing MicroMarket A.I. by Ken Wade, a remarkable new training program that expertly teaches real estate investors to systematically use proprietary data to make world-class investing decisions, allowing you level up your REI game and enjoy game-changing results in nearly any U.S. market.

August 2021 (eRelease) – AwesomeREI.com is super-excited to announce an incredible new real estate investing program: MicroMarket A.I. by Ken Wade. This unique system is for newer and seasoned investors who want a rare view into their target market right now. MicroMarket A.I. allows REIs to look through a lens most people aren't capable or even aware of, thanks to proprietary intel and rare technical analysis (TA), with loads of target market examples.

Ken and his co-teacher Christina Krause give you everything you need to be a Local Market Master in your target market — to profit quickly and repeatedly.

  1. The MicroMarket A.I. training program is cleverly divided up into a series of info-packed video modules, plus resources, tools, extra “amplifier training” sessions and even more.
  2. Each training module is divided down into easy-to-understand media (videos and audios) that clearly explain how you can achieve Local Market Mastery. You’ll be equipped to see and profit from your target market like a world-class dealmaker, making world-class, market-based decisions in your day-to-day deal-makings and overall investing.

MicroMarket A.I. Includes:

  • Secret: proprietary data to help you make smarter investing decisions
  • Jump in: why you need to embrace this opportunity
  • Killer: 4 things that can murder your success
  • Why: what’s yours
  • Mindset: insights, principles, best practices
  • Core 4: 4 specific investor types we’re primarily speaking to
  • See to Believe: a larger vision beyond the silo of your current market
  • Data: leveraging world-class macro and micro intel
  • Acronyms Galore: STAR, THAR, TAPS and more
  • Get in: how to tap into vibrant market cycles and wealth phases in other markets
  • 4 More: specific types of local real estate markets
  • Pros/Cons: transactional dealmaking vs. investing
  • Time: no wasted time going down expensive learning curves
  • Outcome: quickly win faster
  • 101: market cycles & seasons
  • Intel: Target Market Summary + MicroMarket Reports & Maps
  • Accelerate: Amplify your profits by targeting the highest ROI zip codes and neighborhoods
  • Exit: target micromarkets based on exit strategy
  • $: how to profit
  • All You: find and match the best niche markets for your specific investing tactics and strategies
  • Charts: so many amazing visuals
  • More: get more deals and better deals by knowing how to price them
  • FYI: there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula
  • Offers: reflect the market risk, even down to the micromarket level
  • Acquisitions: save $ by casting your net with proper targeting
  • Pro tips: throughout modules
  • And much more…

Bottom Line with MicroMarket A.I. & Ken Wade…

Ken WadeMicroMarket A.I. gives newer and seasoned real estate investors all of the right ingredients, plus the expert knowledge, direction and steps needed to become a Target Market Master. It enables you to find money “hiding in plain sight” by really understanding market cycles and seasons, so you can profit quickly, over and over again.

A Note from JP Moses, President of Awesome REI:

JP MosesKen Wade has been deal-making since the late ‘80s and teaching people his real estate investing strategies for decades. You’ll likely never know a more skilled number cruncher and data expert in the realm of real estate than Ken Wade. He’s like the perfect combo of legit real-world experience, integrity, honesty and inventiveness — all mixed with a proven, lengthy track record brimming with deals and “lessons learned” from mistakes.

Ken clearly loves helping others elevate their own real estate journey. If you’re serious about real estate investing, we cordially invite you to this unbelievable opportunity. When it comes micromarkets, you want to learn from the one-and-only Ken Wade.

  • With this training, he shows you how to see — and profit from — your target market like a world-class dealmaker
  • You’ll learn how you can become a Local Market Master by making world-class, market-based decisions in your day-to-day deal-makings & overall investing
  • Plus, your MicroMarket A.I. path to success will be accelerated by our first-rate tools, resources, amp training videos, charts, maps and best practices for your own real estate investing endeavors

Bottom Line: Anyone can be successful with this micromarket strategy in countless real estate markets across the United States. MicroMarket A.I. teaches newer and seasoned investors to see a larger vision beyond their current market by leveraging world-class macro and micro intel to start tapping into vibrant market cycles and wealth phases in other markets — to become a Local Market Master.

Get a “sneak peek” inside MicroMarket A.I. with Ken Wade here…

Reviewing MicroMarket A.I.

Video Transcription:

You're about to get a behind-the-scenes look and review of everything that's included with the training program and the proprietary resources and tools and other goodies known as MicroMarket A.I.

Hey, I'm JP Moses with Awesome REI, and I am super-pumped to bring you a concise review of what's inside, the different training modules and resources and downloads and just everything that's inside included in this program.

So first you need to know this program is powered by awesome. That means it is developed by Awesome REI. That's us. We are the publishing company of MicroMarket A.I., in addition to a handful of other things.

So just some super quick context. In a tiny little nutshell, we are real human beings who enjoy investing in real estate and making great money in it in just a variety of ways and in various markets across the US. We also enjoy helping other humans, like you, level up your real estate investing game in whatever way possible.

So our ridiculously bold aim, which you can see on the screen right here, is to over and above our own real estate investing endeavors to help 100,000 real people, like you, level up your real estate investing game with specialized knowledge and training and insights that will accelerate your profits, amplify your results, and just make your real estate investing easier, awesomer, and more rewarding. That's really why we're doing this. That's why we're in it.

And thanks to this, we get a chance to collaborate with these world class real estate investors all across the country like Ken Wade and Christina Krause who have their own special, unique genius zone in real estate investing. And we get to dissect and reverse engineer their successes and give you access to the same tools and resources they're using. And just put it all together into a hard hitting, no fluff framework of core training and resources that you need. If you want to accelerate your success and just following their footsteps, duplicate their results with as little learning curve as humanly possible.

So in this program, we're diving into Ken and Christina's unique genius known as Micro Market A.I. And it's kind of like the “Magic 8-Ball” of the real estate market, except legit, not fake like 8-balls.

So when you log into the program, you'll click right here. This will take you to the dashboard where you access everything inside the program. You'll land on this page. This is basically just a page that sets the stage. It tells you a little bit about what to expect if it's your first time with us, what to expect, where to go, how everything works, and you can find your way to everything in the program, either in the sidebar here there's a list of links that you can navigate through, or the same links are at the bottom of every page, just so that you can figure out how to find your way around.

Now, before I go any further. I just got to say, I am continually impressed with Ken Wade and Christina Krause. And if you don't know who these guys are, I've basically known them both separately for, like, over 20 years, literally, for both of them. And we're really just super happy to have them teaching and sharing and bringing you all their awesome into the MicroMarket A.I. program.

Just briefly about them both. Ken's a dealmaker highly experienced in multiple investing strategies and markets all across the US. He's also kind of this delightfully nerdy mad scientist who invented Housing Alerts. It's the only real estate market analysis system that reliably, deciphers and accurately predicts local real estate cycles, and it's the engine underneath the hood in the MicroMarket A.I. program.

Now, Christina is your MicroMarket A.I. co-pilot. She's along for the ride the whole time, and she's the founder of Postal Impact. If you haven't heard of that, it's a real estate marketing kind of an easy button for some of the biggest high-level real estate investors across the US. She's a world class dealmaker herself and just a great human who's super passionate, like we are about helping others accelerate success, bringing her own insight and experiences and even mistakes to the table. She's just really an awesome person.

All right. So basically, as you can see, this program is broken down into 3 modules. Module 1 is the “Kickstart.” Module 2 is labeled “Insight” and Module 3 “Intel.”

Before you even dive into the MicroMarket tools in your own target market, as a member of the program, you're going to get some really rare insight and world-class information just handed to you. You can start making much smarter investing decisions in your day to day operations and whatever target market you're in and just extracting a lot more money from your target market. And you'll be able to do that by seeing your market now through a lens that just isn't available to most real estate investors. And frankly, most don't even know exists.

You're going to see where the honey holes are, where you should be focusing your time and attention in your target market and figuring out the ideal strategies for tapping into them, even down to the neighborhood and zip code level. But I'm getting ahead of myself. So like I said, the Kickstart module just basically builds a foundation for you. It kind of tells you where you are on the mall map, so you can see where you need to be and what you'll see and learn and experience all along the way between here and there.

So just in terms of some basic functionality on the pages you'll see, like in the Module 1, the Kickstart, there's three videos and you'll toggle them open here. If you're an audio person, not a video person, you can pick the audio option. And once you're done with the video, you'll just mark it as complete. Kind of a neat way to help you keep track of where you left off in case you don't watch it all in one sitting.

Below the videos you'll see, there's also executive summaries of each video. So each video has its own executive summary, which is really helpful. It's not meant to be a replacement of the video training, but kind of a Cliff Notes version of the takeaways in each of the videos. You can even print them off.

Now, moving on Module 2, Thinking Like a World-Class Investor. So before you can start seeing your target market through the eyes of a world-class deal maker, you really have to start with leveling up your mind with some of the foundational first principles and best practices. So you can start thinking like a world class dealmaker. And in this module, we cover who are the four deal makers that were primarily talking about in this program that this applies to. Marketology — the secret sauce underlying and under the hood of this whole thing is really just some exciting stuff inside.

And moving on to Module 3. Intel, this is where it's time to start learning how to see your market through a world-class dealmakers' eyes. And you'll see just how MicroMarket A.I., makes a, what is normally a very complicated, highly technical process for deep thinkers, as simple and easy to read as traffic lights and your Google results, basically.

So that's it in terms of the core training, and there's all of the executive summaries for Module 3. Once you cross the finish line with the core training, though, it's time, now that you finished the feast of training to dive into dessert. And that's the amplifier training.

So these are important relevant training over and above the core training of your MicroMarket A.I. That's not to say that they are of lesser value than the core training. Quite the opposite, actually. They're not necessarily part of the core essentials that you really must to understand in order to implement this, in order to get everything you can start extracting more money out of your target market, these sessions will really amplify and level up what you learned in the core training and take it to a whole another level. So that's the amp training.

Last but not least, MicroMarket Tools. This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. This is where you start tapping into your target market summary, your micromarket report, your micromarket map, and even all the hot market lists that you were told about. Seriously, this is intel that you won't find anywhere else. You won't be able to access this. I mean, this is proprietary information about whatever target market you're focusing on right now. Whatever you've got in your crosshairs, you'll be able to see exactly where and how you should be focusing your attention to extract as much cash as possible from even the zip code level.

All right. So last but not least on my screen, you can see Housing Alerts and Instant accountability. So if you're a member of the core MicroMarket A.I. program, then you'll see all of this that I've shown you, except for these two links, the Housing Alerts and the Instant Accountability. These are optional upgrades that some opted in for in the order process. So if you did, congratulations. You'll see them. If you don't see them here in your menu, then you passed. And that's okay. You're going to love them, though, if you said yes, and you'll see them in the sidebar.

So look, bottom line, this whole program is all about giving you a rare view into your target market right now and helping you see it through just a rare lens that isn't available to most real estate investors. And frankly, most don't even know exists. And it's all thanks to the proprietary data and rare technical analysis under the hood that we give you right here. And you get everything you need to be a local market master in your target market, which is just going to equip you to start making world-class investing decisions and level up your real estate investing game.

So that's really just basically, that's a high level review of the different training modules and forms. And now you know where to go to find the things and how to consume it. These are things that come with the MicroMarket A.I. training program. As a member, you get our full support anytime. You can send us an email to [email protected] Or you can reach out to us in the little chat dooblydoo in the bottom right hand corner of our website, we're real human beings. We keep regular business hours Monday through Friday. So if you reach out to us after hours, then we'll reach back out to you in the next business day. We're just available. We're here to help.

I guess that's all I got for you. I'm JP reviewing the details of MicroMarket A.I. and all the related awesomeness have a good one.

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