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Airbnb Awesomely: New Features Changing the Game for Short-Term Rentals

JP MosesHey, JP here with some really cool Airbnb intel to share with you…

The titan platform of short-term rentals has added some awesome new features lately that hosts should know about.

And yes, members of  “Your First BNB” training (there are quite a few here now) will definitely want to know about this, so you can start exploring new ways to accelerate profits and level-up your bottom-line even more in your short-term rental game.

As you know, millions of people are now more flexible about where they live and work — they're spreading out to thousands of towns and cities. And they're staying for weeks, months, or even entire seasons at a time.

A new world of travel has emerged out of the pandemic. People are using short-term rentals for more than just vacations and business travel: excursions, experiences, getaways, workcations and more.

So, seeing the trends, Airbnb has introduced some cool new features to accommodate this new world.

#1 Cool New Feature: “Categories”

For 25 years, the way you search for travel online has been the same, simple starting point…


But now, Airbnb has decided to help open the world more by enticing you to consider places that you maybe would’ve never have thought to search for…

Airbnb “categories” are collections of homes organized by what makes them unique. You can now search by what kind of trip you want to experience, like:

  • Camping
  • Desert
  • Beach
  • Historical Homes
  • Castles
  • Treehouses
  • Tiny Homes
  • Design
  • OMG
  • And more fun options

“Design” is a super-fun category. These are over 200 homes that have been selected because they are either from notable architects like Frank Lloyd Wright or they've been in cool design or architecture magazines.

“OMG” is for properties where you’d think, “I can't believe this even exists!” For example, there’s a yellow submarine in the middle of the woods in New Zealand. So yeah, OMG seems fitting.


These new categories allow people to search by whatever their passion is, whatever they’re interested in and in just about any place in the world — which means you’ve now got more opportunities to profit from hosting Airbnb rentals.

Let’s say you know you want to look in a specific location… somewhere in France. Well, you can narrow down your search by category with an option like “historical homes” or “vineyards” or “surfing.” Yep, there's now a surfing category in France.

Legit: There is a category for everyone.

Another Cool, New Feature: “Split Stays”

It splits your trip between 2 different homes. So you’d choose 2 homes back to back, and it pairs those homes together.

If you have a longer stay somewhere, you can try 2 different homes. Of course, you can also use the new categories feature with it.

You could, for example, have a split stay at 2 national parks: Joshua Tree and Zion.

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#3: “Air Coverage” Protection

Airbnb also wants renters to feel like the company has their back. So it’s created “air cover” for guests. Airbnb claims it’s the most comprehensive set of free protections in travel.

  • There’s a “booking protection guarantee” for the unlikely event that a host cancels a booking within a month of arrival.
  • And there’s a “check-in guarantee” — if a renter can’t get into their Airbnb.
  • Plus the “get what you booked guarantee,” if an Airbnb is not as advertised — for instance, the AC is broken or there are fewer bedrooms than advertised.

In all those 3 instances, Airbnb will find renters a similar or better home or provide a refund.

And, “air cover” also provides a 24-hour safety line. If a renter feels unsafe, they get priority access to specially trained agents.

Airbnb says there’s no other product like “air cover” in the travel industry.

A feature like this explicitly protecting Airbnb guests can benefit hosts indirectly by prominently assuring potential guests that the description & availability promised in your listing is fully backed by Airbnb itself (through this new feature).

So, Where To…?

Here’s the thing — a lot of people really haven't left their houses much for over 2 years. And this summer is going to be the first time that a lot of people step outside and go somewhere. In fact, with Memorial Day behind us (as of this writing), it’s already started.

Now’s your chance to capitalize on it.

With these new Airbnb summer releases, now’s the perfect time for you to jump in for the first time or level-up your REI business… profiting nicely starting with “Your First BNB”

Get to it!

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