The Essential Life Cycle of a Real Estate Investor


“Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. I believed that if I precisely duplicated the actions of others, I could reproduce the same quality of results that they had.” –Tony Robbins

Re-read that if you need to. It’s pretty profound really.

And after 16+ years in the real estate game and personally knowing hundreds of investors now, I can attest that it’s just as true for real estate investors as anyone else….

Success leaves clues.

What’s more–and most people don’t realize this–but there’s actually a surprisingly specific path that pretty much everyone who makes it big in this game ends up walking–kind of an ‘essential life cycle’ for successful real estate investors. 

So naturally it stands to reason that you’d get a serious leg up if you (i) could know what this real estate investor ‘life cycle’ really looks like, and (ii) could see precisely where you are in this cycle, and be aware of the dynamics of what’s coming ahead.

Think of it this way:

You know how, when you walk into a new mall you’ve never shopped in before, you have basically two options to get where you’re going (which is of course Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, cause admit it you know you want one):

Option 1: Wander around until you eventually stumble upon it.
Option 2: Use the mall map.

I mean for me, it’s a no-brainer–I’ll find my way a heckuvalot faster by first perusing the mallscape, observing where my stores-of-choice are located, and of course, orienting myself from this little guy…

you are here

So you go right ahead and meander around until you find what you’re looking for if you want to, but by that time I’ll have already scored the best pretzel. (That’ll learn ya.)

A ‘mall map’ for real estate investors…

I turn your attention to a recent webcast in which we (Patrick & JP) dove into precisely this: The Essential Life Cycle of a Real Estate Investor.

The big idea here centers mostly around understanding the 5 major milestones every successful real estate investor must hit at some point, and how a sooner-than-later grasp of them can flat-out accelerate your success. Plus we also get all up into some other fun stuff like:

  The flaws of the “tool-belt” approach to investing,
  Being a specialist vs generalists
  Doing REI as a business vs. a hobby
  Working in vs. on your business
  Breaking the solopreneur barrier (and why you really must)
  Operating at your highest point of contribution
  The 2 leading linchpins (of awesome success or epic failure)
  Biggest, most common obstacles that sabotage investors

So Look…

If any of this stirs your interest, then feast your mind on the video below. We dove in headfirst, then opened up for a solid, anything goes Q&A in the second half (we love doing that). I think you’ll find it enlightening…

Pro Tip:

This is a full webinar, so it’s a tad… beefy. If you’re short on time or attention span, try using the lower-right “gear” shaped icon to speed up the video and watch it faster. Or alternately, you could slow it down and make us sound like we’ve had a few too many–whatever floats your boat I guess.


We’d love to hear them–please share below.

Oh, and PS: This was part 2 of a 3-part series we did. We’ll post part 3 soon, but if you missed out on our Part 1 webcast on Finding Your Investing ‘Why’, it’s definitely worth checking out too.

And don’t forget to be awesome.

Patrick & JP

Hi, we are Patrick and JP and we are real estate nerds, older and somewhat more respectable than we typically look, and mostly pretty good friends. Patrick: Visionary, freelance ponderer, unapologetic iced coffee enthusiast, loves beach volleyball, local IPAs & flipping pillows over to get to the cold side. JP: Communicator, troublemaker, bacon evangelist, harsh critic of them who put clothes on their pets, loves Costco samples & traveling everywhere like such as. Together: They combine to form the Giant Superhero Robot that is Awesome REI.

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Wilson Milton

Great session guys,
I really got a lot out of it. Looking forward to the next one, and THANKS
very much for taking the time to really care about others and sharing this very helpful info

    Patrick Riddle

    Hey Wilson, that’s great to hear. Glad you enjoyed!

    – Patrick


Sure wish you would put these in mp3 so people who can’t afford the time to watch videos
could benefit from your wonderful material.

    Patrick Riddle

    Philip, if you want an mp3, you can learn how to convert the youtube video to mp3 by googling “how to create mp3 from youtube video”.

    – Patrick

      Johnpaul Moses

      @Philip, yes as Patrick said, there’s abundant ways you can do this. I just Googled “YouTube to MP3” and got a whole pile of options for doing it. Here’s one I plucked right off the top of the list for ya:

Leon johnson

I want to know how to start at the beginning. I have no training at all. I need to start at the very beginning. Please have someone contact me. I see all the great ideas. But I need to start at the first word.

    Patrick Riddle

    Hey Leon, right now, I’d suggest that you soak up as much info as you can – read books, blogs, watch videos, listen to podcasts – and start surrounding yourself with active real estate investors – go to your local real estate investment association, go to a foreclosure auction, tax sale, etc. Based on your needs and goals, choose an investment strategy that suits you best right now. For many beginning investors, wholesaling is a great place to start. Here’s a really meaty blog post on wholesaling if you wanna learn more over on Justin Wilmot’s blog…

    – Patrick


      i would like to talk to a person not a webanar

        Patrick Riddle

        Hey Wayne, if you have any specific questions you want to run by us, you can contact our support.

        If you want to focus on networking with other investors rather than studying training, call any investor marketing you see in your local community (bandit signs, newspaper ads, etc), join your local REIA, go to a foreclosure auction.

        – Patrick

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