How to Scale Your Business and Get a Dozen Leads a Day


Did you know that lead generation is the most important aspect of real estate investing? It’s your lifeblood. Believe it.

Did you also know that in order to have consistent, killer lead gen, you have to systematize your business?

And having a rockin’ systematized real estate investing business is how you’ll be able to scale up and grow your biz, right?

Are you wondering how the heck you do all of that?

Well, fear not, friends – my good buddy and fellow genius investor, Rob Swanson, is here to show you how to take the painful hustle out of investing by systematizing the most critical piece of your business – lead generation.

In Swoops Swanson

I’ve been pals with Rob Swanson for 8 years now – and I’m just going to say it – I have a major man crush on this guy. It’s mostly because of his brain, his investing success and his insane teaching abilities. (Mostly) 😉


One reason Rob is such a great investing coach is because he absolutely loves this industry and loves sharing his knowledge with others so they can reach the same success he has.

He’s able to live a terrific active family life while crushing REI. He’s done a kazillion deals (yep, made up a word), actively does deals in 14 states and owns several real estate investing companies. After all, Rob’s an expert in wholesaling, structuring deals and raising money.

Most recently, Rob’s done something that every single investor can benefit from – he bought and then transformed the FreedomSoft software program into an uber-powerful tool.

Rob was generous enough to spend more than 2 big fat hours walking us through every step of his updated program. I’m talkin’ about a comprehensive walkthrough from start to finish – to show you how to organize, track and systematize every lead that comes in.

You are going to be blown away by the freakin’ awesome features this software offers – and how stupid-easy it is to implement – like, today.

But, of course, the point of this is not to sell you a product – it’s to show you how and why you must have systems in place in your business, which bring me to…

It’s Systems, Stupid

In this video replay, we’re breaking down the lead gen process into small, easy-to-digest nuggets of actionable info that you can get crackin’ on now.

By doing it this way, you’ll be setting up a solid framework for your business, which will then provide you a clear path to get you where you want to go and put you way ahead of the competition.

Here’s the thing…

You can’t scale your business until you have systems in place. As you’ll hear Rob explain, you need 3 simple things from which to build your business.

Once you understand that overarching concept, you can focus on the most important aspect of investing: lead generation. Rob tells us there are 5 phases of a seller lead – he’s sharing what those are and why those 5 phases matter.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also talking about why the fortune is in the follow-up of those seller leads. You’re going to be shocked to learn how many deals Rob closes from hang-ups he followed up on.

Shocked, I tell you!shocked

And, we’re serving up several questions you should be asking a seller you just did a deal with – your relationship with them does not end when the deal closes. No siree.

Plus, Rob tells us what the ‘status of a lead’ means and how it affects how you work your leads. He’s also explaining the phenomenal idea he came up with called TRAP. Trust me, you want to learn about this.

And I’m adding my .2 cents as well – by sharing a profound story about transforming from a hustler to a wholesaling CEO. After all, there is a difference in simply doing a deal and running an investing business.

Again, the key to it all is organization and systems.

Watch, Learn, Grow

I want to stress again that his packed webinar replay is not to sell you anything – that’s not our agenda…

It’s to literally show you how systemization can take the pain out of this business.

See, systematizing and outsourcing allows you to focus your time and energy on your highest and best use – yes, you need to understand and know how to do the day-to-day tasks, but you don’t need to do them long term.

Look, his complete ‘show & tell’ will provide you a bigger vision of what’s possible in your business.

As far as I’m concerned, Rob’s newly updated FreedomSoft is a robust system with everything built into it that an investor uses and needs.

And, to make sure you’re protected, Rob will also cover what the TCPA is and how to avoid getting yourself in trouble with them. (Your attorney will thank us. You’re welcome, in advance.) And he blasts through a great Q&A session about repair cost estimates, how to import stuff from your other CRMs, and lots more on the concept of scaling and systemizing your business.

After this webinar, you just might cancel any other 3rd party subscriptions you have and jump all in with FreedomSoft.

Get going on this now!

Pro Tip:

This is a full webinar, so if you’re short on time or attention span, feel free to use the lower-right “gear” to speed it up and watch faster… Or slow it down to hear us sound drunk if you want. Cause that’s always fun.

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