Hi, we are Patrick and JP and we are real estate nerds, older and somewhat more respectable than we typically look, and mostly pretty good friends. Patrick is a visionary, freelance ponderer, unapologetic iced coffee enthusiast, loves beach volleyball, local IPAs & flipping pillows over to get to the cold side. JP is a communicator, troublemaker, bacon evangelist, harsh critic of them who put clothes on their pets, loves Costco samples & traveling everywhere like such as. Together they combine to form the Giant Superhero Robot that is Awesome REI.

Time for Something Awesome

Well… hello there.
And welcome to our little circle of awesome.

With this humble little blog post, something remarkably special and cool is kicking off, and frankly we’re happy as a slinky on an escalator to have you here sharing in it with us.

But before we go any further, let’s set something straight right from the get-go:

We're not what you’re probably expecting.

Kind of a strange thing to put out there, I know. Let me explain.

I’m not sure how you landed here, but since you’re reading this right now, it’s fairly safe to assume that you’re into real estate in some way, right? I mean, chances are you’ve probably got more than just passing interest in acquiring money, wealth and freedom through real estate investing.

So there’s zero need for me to try and convince you why REI’s such a crazy powerful way to make these things reality for you – you already know this.

But here’s the dirty little secret: When it comes to the education, information and training side of things, much of what’s available nowadays has a certain sticky film to it. Yep, sad but true… REI’s got issues. And anyone who’s been around this space for more than a few days already knows this pretty well.

You smell what I’m cooking here, don’tcha?

  • It’s the late-night infomercials and questionable hotel seminars.
  • It’s pie-in-the-sky promises and easy-button solutions offering to make all your wildest real estate dreams come true with little-to-no actual effort from you.
  • It’s webinars and websites and online videos with enough hype to choke a horse.

Now please don’t take me wrong here – there’s absolutely nothing intrinsically bad about people selling stuff or using salesmanship to do so – we’re all selling something after all. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with investing your time and money in a quality self-education vs. the school of hard knocks alone (we’ve spent many tens of thousands of dollars on our own education too).

But there IS something shameful and nefarious about exploiting people’s hopes, dreams and hard-earned dollars, while painting a totally unrealistic and fantastical picture of what the real estate opportunity actually looks like in most people’s actual real life.

And the sad truth is, there’s just far too much of this kind of tom-foolery going on.

I could go on and on and on, but the simple fact of the matter is, at some point the world of learning ‘how to invest in real estate for fun and profit’ went largely off the rails.

If any of this rings true to you, then I have this crazy idea for you…

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

Sure, things have gotten pretty far out of whack, but imagine: What if we could turn the tables and make real estate investing genuinely awesome again?

What if we could align together again around values like:

  • Creating win/wins
  • Having fun (not taking ourselves too seriously)
  • Constant improvement and sharpening each other
  • Honesty, integrity, authenticity
  • Abundance (not scarcity) mindedness
  • Having a positive impact and making a real difference

If these values resonate with you, then great news:

These are our values too, and it’s exactly what this whole place is all about. 😀

It’s too common for real estate investors to struggle, wander after shiny objects, let fear hold them hostage, or just fizzle out. We’ve totally been there too. Our mission here is to help you stop doing that and be awesome instead.

We’re not infomercial guys and you won’t find us offering “free” seminars in hotel rooms. We’re just real life actual human beings who care and are willing to let you learn from our many wins and losses so you can shorten your own success curve in the process.

It’s Real Estate Investing…for Awesome People.

If you’re new to real estate, we believe in you and don’t want you to quit. You can do this.

If you’re experienced, we want to help you crank things to the next level.

If you need help pushing past the obstacles holding you back – whether tactics, strategies, mindset, or business skills – we want to help.

We actually care about you and your success, and we want to be a part of helping you crush it.

So if you want to grow your business, do more deals, make more money, stride towards freedom, expand your mind, have piles of fun, and be generally awesomer in the process, then you’re in the right place.

“Now wait just a dang minute…”

I can hear you already, with that sideways, squinty-eyed look,

“Do these jokers actually expect me to believe this?”

Yeah I get it, I really do.

And it’s exactly why I kicked off with, “We’re not what you’re probably expecting.” Because chances are, you’re probably feeling jaded and just waiting for more of the same old shenanigans. More flashy infomercial hype. More arrogant, self-indulgent douche-baggery. More instant riches and overnight success. More over promising and under-delivering.

I know … proof’s in the pudding, and at the moment AwesomeREI.com has only just been born – we haven’t actually made the pudding yet. 🙂

All I can say right now is, that other stuff just ain’t us. It’s not the stuff we’re made of, and if you hang around here for a minute I think you’ll see that quickly.

So how’s this going to go down?

Well, we’re aiming to set a new standard for learning to be awesomer real estate entrepreneurs together. This means sharing a steady flow of knowledge, wisdom and insights with you, stemming from many, many years (kinda almost literally eons) of cumulative experiences, plus what we’ve been lucky enough to learn from our close friends and colleagues also in the biz.

It also means being honest, authentic and realistic about the actual work it will require from you to make anything happen here that actually matters.

It means sharing the ups and the downs… the wins and the shaping losses that make us who we are – and extracting the invaluable lessons together from both sides of the coin.

And it means having just as much fun as we possibly can together at every turn.

Why So Serious?Cause…

I mean, who says REI's gotta be stale, saggy and boring? And why not pretty much always cram all the fun we can into whatever we're doing? At least, that's how we feel anyways.

So if you're a debbie downer or really into boring stuff, then we prolly won't work for you.

For the rest of us, there's a whole platter-full of tasty ideas working for you right now over here. Like big, juicy, ‘Knowledge Bomb’ blog posts, an insightful podcast, and certainly an impressive array of real-life based training programs (we actually have a few of those already). We’ll fill you in as things continue to take shape. In the meantime, if you want to get to know us a little better:

You can meet team awesome here. You’ll be happy to see that we’re real human beings you can relate to, with actual, real-life experiences in real estate and business that we’d like to share with you for everyone’s benefit.

You should also totally take a mesmerizing gander at our core values and what in the world we stand for. (Notice our “12 Always Do’s”, “11 Always Don’ts” and “10 Awesomes”)

Oh, and also feel free to feast your eyes on our highly-acclaimed Awesome REI training programs to learn about everything from private money getting, to ’10-hour’ wholesaling to motivated seller lead generation and tons more.

So yeah. Here we go I guess. Let’s do this.

Let the awesome begin…

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