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Announcing: "The Capital Syndicate" by Lee Arnold - Awesome REI
In the REI game since Y2K, JP's deal-making adventures run the gamut from rehabs to rentals to realtoring to wholesaling—from REOs to lease options to seller financing to raw land. Many 100's of deals later, his active real estate game is played remotely today (from home) in various U.S. markets, and intentionally with the smallest team possible. The aim is high margins with the least possible time & effort. Less, but better.

Announcing: “The Capital Syndicate” by Lee Arnold


Introducing The Capital Syndicate by Lee Arnold, an innovative, new program detailing how average real estate investors can make great money with a simple process: Connecting other investors who actively need funding for their real estate transactions with a “Syndicate” of private lenders needing to invest their money across the United States.

March 2020 (eRelease) – AwesomeREI.com is thrilled to announce an exciting, new real estate investing program: The Capital Syndicate by Lee Arnold. This unique training program teaches new and seasoned real estate investors how to level-up their REI game by adding an impressive income stream to their existing real estate operations: Private Money Brokering—essentially connecting two key stakeholders in the real estate investing game:

  1. Private real estate investors needing money for their for real estate deals, and
  2. A “Capital Syndicate” of private lenders with money they need to deploy.

In The Capital Syndicate (TCS) author, trainer and real estate investor Lee Arnold shares a simple, systematic framework that lets regular investors (i) routinely access the funding they need for their own real estate transactions, while also (ii) making great money “brokering” the same private deal funding to other real estate investors who need it.

Mr. Arnold makes a compelling case with The Capital Syndicate, revealing how average people can make great money with this strategy as an easy “add-on” to their existing real estate endeavors—demonstrating how even a “full-time” income can be very realistic with only a “part-time” monthly effort.

The training is laid out in a series of sequential, info-packed training videos, complete with all related resources, and even bonus “amplifier training” sessions atop the core training modules.

Each module is broken down into easy-to-follow media (videos and audios) carefully walking through the entire private money loan process step by step—from why you should be a private money broker, to how to find and connect with the right people who need your services, simple best practices for having the best conversations possible with those investors, and finally steps to actually getting paid at the closing, without even showing up!

The Capital Syndicate Includes:

  • The Awesome: What’s so great about being a private lender in today’s market? And how much money can an average person really expect to make, even part-time?
  • Wide Open: Understanding and embracing everywhere in the U.S. you can freely do this without a license, which is frankly just about everywhere.
  • $$$: Why you don’t actually need to connect with a ton of investors to make a TON of money with this strategy…over and over again.
  • All the $$$ You Need Too: Get unlimited funding for your own deals — write ALL the offers!
  • Even Double Dip: That’s right, make easy money brokering $$$ for your own deals — be your own best customer!
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: The 3 BEST avatars you should focus your time and efforts on (and who not to)
  • WHY: 4 simple-yet-compelling reasons you should be a private money broker for real estate
  • Gold Map: Exactly where you can (and can’t) make money doing this, and why
  • Simplified: 4 simple steps to becoming a lending AND money-making broker
  • Best Practices: All the practices, pro tips & shortcuts the most successful folks doing this today use.
  • Getting Noticed: The best, most effective tactics for simple lead generation (online and offline)
  • Paid ASAP: Learn how to get paid at the closing, regardless of how the deal itself turns out in the end.
  • Direct Mail: 7 best practices you MUST follow (and Lee’s best templates for doing it)
  • Face-to-Face: The 5 best in-person ways to get noticed and have people asking you for money.
  • Call Scripts & Key Questions: Everything you need to make money-making conversations easy and awesome with investors in any U.S. market— even if you’re nervous. Don’t reinvent the wheel!
  • The Perfect “Home Run”: Understand the who, how & why of each step, so it’s easy and intuitive.
  • Targeting MVPs: 5 musts & 3 must nots in working with your “Most Valuable Players”
  • Don’t Do This: The biggest, most common mistakes people make—explained and understood.
  • The Achilles Deal: The single biggest reason deals fall apart, and how to avoid it.
  • Ninja Syndicate Tactics: 4 insider “hacks” that people use to accelerate their profits with this!
  • And seriously: Tons and tons more…

Bottom Line with The Capital Syndicate & Lee Arnold…

In The Capital Syndicate, Lee Arnold reveals exactly how regular investors can make great money as a private money “middleman”. Through thousands of transactions and many years perfecting the private money lending process for real estate investors, he has carefully distilled the entire private money lending & brokering process into the fewest possible steps.

The Capital Syndicate training openly shares specific strategies for how to systematically find (and be found by) real estate investors who truly need deal funding across the U.S.—and make great money connecting them with the private real estate funding they so desperately need.

A Note from JP Moses, President of Awesome REI:

JP MosesYou’ll probably never know a more skilled financial expert in the realm of real estate than Lee Arnold.

He’s like this perfect combination of legit real-world experience, down-to-earthiness, honesty and ingenuity—all mixed with a years-long, proven track record teeming with big wins, “lessons learned” from mistakes made and everything else.

The “lead domino” of The Capital Syndicate, Lee’s been deal-making for over 20 years and teaching people his real estate investment lending strategies since 1995. He’s clearly passionate about helping others elevate their own real estate journey. If you’re serious about real estate investing, I personally invite you to size-up The Capital Syndicate opportunity.

Trust me, when it comes to this ball of wax, you only want to learn from TGLA—The Great Lee Arnold. 🙂

Get a “sneak peek” inside The Capital Syndicate with Lee Arnold here…

Reviewing The Capital Syndicate…

Video Transcription:
You're about to see under the hood of our brand new training program called The Capital Syndicate with Lee Arnold. And we're super psyched to be releasing to this, to the world. This has been in development for months now and I just wanted to show you the members area and walk through some of what you get with the program.

I've actually known Lee Arnold for a few years now. I'm a part of a group called The Success Alliance. We meet a couple times a year—just a group of entrepreneurs that help each other out in business. I've known Lee for a while, and the more that I've gotten to know him, just the more impressed that I've become. I mean not only impressed with him personally (as a human) but as a real estate investor and leader and innovator in our field.

The program's called The Capital Syndicate. We'll click through to the members area here, and I'll show you around in a moment. But let me tell you a little bit more about Lee, and why I'm so impressed with him.

He's an active real estate investor who's been in the business now for decades. To this day he still does dozens of rehabs and renovations and flips each year. He also lends out millions of dollars to investors all across the country. He started two private equity funds and has a third fund opening soon. And I think that he said that over the last five years they've loaned a little over $167 million to investors.

He's just got so much going on. His company also puts on training events throughout the country, and it just amazes me the business that he's built and just all of the awesome products and services that his companies provide.

But all that aside, AwesomeREI.com partnered up with Lee to create a training program on one of the topics that Lee and his company are experts on and opportunities that they have where you can earn a killer income.

First off, what the heck is The Capital Syndicate.? Well, it's a group that Lee's put together with Lee himself and other wealthy individuals who've put together funds for their private equity funds to lend out to investors. And basically The Capital Syndicate is looking for people (potentially like you) who want to earn an income by finding real estate investors who need funding. Basically you find investors out there that need funding for their their investment property deals, and then you match that person up with The Capital Syndicate and they provide the funding. And then you make a nicfee for making that connection.

One way to describe this strategy is private money brokering. You're basically in the middle, brokering the money between The Capital Syndicate and the real estate investor who needs funding.

JP Moses on the AwesomeREI.com team is our product development master. He worked really hard in conjunction with Lee and their team to develop the outline and all of the deliverables that come with The Capital Syndicate.

It's a five module program—you'll see the five modules listed here. This is the dashboard page where we welcome new members. We tell them a little bit about what to expect in their first time here, how everything works with their membership. And the first module in this training is called the kKickstart. JP always likes to include fun gifs in our training.

Each module has a video or multiple videos—this one's an hour long to kick off the training. But the Kickstart really serves just to show you where you're at and ultimately at the end of the day where you want to be. He calls it the “mall map”.

For each module that walks through this whole private money brokering process, we have like basically a “Cliff's Notes” version of the video training made—an executive summary. We put a lot of work in to all the stuff that we create with our training products and programs, but I always love the executive summaries here, which condense down everything that they go over in the module in a nice easy document to review.

The comments section: You know, we just released this recently and we've already got the comments section just lighting up here with new new members that have joined the program, which is really awesome.

Okay, so there's five modules. I'm not going to open up every individual module, but that basically teaches the A to the Z to all the way to getting paid. You know, even if you don't have any real estate experience, you can do this. It's a really cool opportunity where you can work from home and team up with The Capital Syndicate and Lee Arnold and his company and make a great income.

Other stuff that comes with this if you get in: There's what we call Amplifier Training. These are additional training sessions just on various parts and pieces of the overall puzzle. Each one of these here, you can click it open and it's a video training. A couple of these things are just upgrades that you can potentially add. And then down here, the Resources, JP has them broken down in here from fundamentals, get noticed and get details. Each tab has information about it. And then there's a lot of other resources, really detailed stuff too. I love this Craigslist Hack Cliff Notes—I didn't even know this was going to be a part of the program, but I just saw that the other day and I'm freaking loving it.

So, this is it. I've given you a little under the hood, inside peek at The Capital Syndicate with Lee Arnold as the expert behind this training. AwesomeREI.com—we are the publisher. That's what we're really good at, working alongside real estate investing experts and then creating educational programs and training just like we've done here and many of our other products and trainings.

All right, that's it. This is Patrick Riddle with AwesomeREI.com Introducing to you: The Capital Syndicate with Lee Arnold. Super excited to have all the members we have so far and those that are lucky to get in the future. Uh, this has been Patrick Riddle with AwesomeREI.com. We'll see you again soon.

AwesomeREI is a crew of real estate investor-entrepreneurs who, with a healthy dose of core values and culture, have banded together to provide exceptional training, coaching, tools and resources for other awesome investors. In short, AwesomeREI is real estate investing for awesome people.

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Disclaimer: AwesomeREI.com is not a law firm or legal counsel. Consult a legal professional and/or financial professional before taking action on anything from The Capital Syndicate, Lee Arnold, Cogo Capital or Awesome REI, LLC.


About Lee Arnold

Lee Arnold is an international speaker, trainer, author, and licensed broker who has spent many years perfecting the real estate and private money mortgage lending process through thousands of transactions. He's a leading expert on private money mortgages and has been featured as an investment strategy expert by Forbes, the Boston Globe, Market Watch, Reuters, and Business Week. He's also consulted and taught for several national financial literacy companies.

As a master of networking, Lee connects private investors to borrowers from across the United States and Canada. To leverage the power of these relationships, Lee and the Secured Investment Corp's executive leadership team have created Cogo Capital – The Private Money Company, Lake City Servicing, and The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing. This family of companies is among the fastest-growing private money mortgage firm in the United States.

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