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Announcing: “The Lifestyle Investor” by Justin Wilmot


Introducing an innovative real estate investor training program that reveals & details how to become a lifestyle investor…

…Earning a high income flipping properties anywhere in the world—from your cell phone, tablet or laptop, from wherever else you might happen to be.

December 2018 (eRelease) – AwesomeREI.com is very excited to announce the release of an innovative, new real estate investor training program called The Lifestyle Investor.

This leading-edge training was developed in partnership with 10-year Florida real estate investor Justin Wilmot and serves as a step-by-step “field guide” revealing exactly how he created and runs a sustainable, highly-profitable business flipping properties (both wholesaling strategies and “cherry picking” fix-and-flips) in a way that completely supports and serves the surfer lifestyle he richly enjoys living.

The Lifestyle InvestorIn each training module, the Lifestyle Investor himself Justin Wilmot breaks his successful operations down “blow by blow” into four main training modules, composed of a few easy-to-consume videos covering every aspect, strategy and tactic he has deployed to make this possible.

Each video sequentially demonstrates how real estate investors—both seasoned and new investors alike—can create their own lifestyle-centric real estate flipping business in any US market, that can be run “remote control” from any place in the world.

The Lifestyle Investor training includes:

  • A-to-Z: Justin’s step-by-step “field guide” to creating your own Lifestyle Investor business on “remote control”, based on his own big wins and lessons learned from expensive mistakes he’s made along the way.
  • On the Cheap: How to start your business for less than $1,000.
  • The 3X Freedom Equation: How to finally free yourself from the shackles of your job & truly enjoy living life.
  • The “Classic Recipe” rub: Why traditional wholesaling is no longer sustainable in todays' market, for a thriving dealmaker operation.
  • Lifestyle Investment Strategy: “Retail Wholesaling” explained step-by-step
  • Justin’s “Secret Sauce”: RCIs—who are they, how’re they different & where to find them.
  • LDO Formula: Completely different than anything you’ve been taught before.
  • Mildly Motivated Sellers: Yes, you heard me. Not desperate sellers. Just a little.
  • Deal-Getting: Top 3 solid seller lead strategies working awesomely for Justin today.
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: The little-known place investors can get direct contact info for retail cash investors in any target market.
  • 40 Hypnotically Persuasive Words: That convince your RCIs to buy deals from you again and again and again.
  • Zero Heavy Lifting: The easiest way to outsource nearly all of the work—exactly why and how Justin is able to make big money leveraging other people's time and money in his Lifestyle Investing business.
  • And much more…

Review of The Lifestyle Investor

Here’s a short video review of what’s included in The Lifestyle Investor training…

‘Smart’ Tools that Boost Profits for The Lifestyle Investor

As an experiment, a number of key, in-house real estate investor tools & resources are being offered in rare combo with the Lifestyle Investor training, including…

The Lifestyle Investor by Justin Wilmot

“Pocket Profits”—One-year access to the Target Market Finder software. This is a custom-built, automated solution to help people determine their ideal target market with lightning speed—it lets you quickly see hot spots in every city across the country. Created to help investors quickly figure out the best areas for higher-profit deals in just minutes. Effective in almost any U.S. market, and you can even see trends so that you know when certain zip codes are heating up or cooling off.

Your Lifestyle Investor Dream Team—An entire video (besides the core modules) with Justin Wilmot coaching exactly how he's created his own “dream team” of other people to handle anything and everything in his business that he either (i) doesn't want to do, or (ii) can't do very well himself. Authentic student feedback recently: “This is one of the best explanations I have ever heard about building a real estate investor dream team!”

Finding Retail Cash Investors Online Demo—A step-by-step visual demo of the actual process, leaving no stone unturned.

Instant RCI Backdoor Trick—A bonus strategy that Justin came up with only recently that lets him quickly “reverse engineer” RCIs in his target markets in only a few minutes online.

Bottom Line on the Lifestyle Investor

We sincerely believe this is the best training available today to teach everyday investors how to create an enviable house-flipping business that serves their lifestyle, rather than building a profitable business but sacrificing their life in the process.

What Justin teaches (and does) is truly special in that it’s simultaneously (i) unique and (ii) time-tested and proven to work extremely well—not just for himself, but for his student who have setup their operations the same way.

If you’re struggling to create a business that serves your life (rather than the other way around) then you should seriously consider leveling-up your game and effectively setting yourself above your competition by learning how to become a Lifestyle Investor.

Find out more about The Lifestyle Investor by Justin Wilmot here

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