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Announcing: “Touchscreen Profits” by Lee Arnold


Introducing Touchscreen Profits by Lee Arnold, an incredible new training program that expertly teaches real estate investors to systematically find undercover assets and quickly cash-in on this highly untapped market of properties in nearly any U.S. market.

May 2021 (eRelease) – AwesomeREI.com is thrilled to announce a remarkable new real estate investing program: Touchscreen Profits by Lee Arnold. This distinctive system is for newer and seasoned investors who want to profit quickly and repeatedly from this underutilized and relatively known REI strategy. The Touchscreen Profits program covers specifics about the little-known category of “distressed properties” and shows you how to find hidden lists of these undercover assets across the U.S.

Lee explains how to be the hero for motivated owners with a real problem by kindly offering solutions. And it just so happens that you get paid awesomely for it — yep, you’ll get your first (or next) paycheck quickly with the least possible time/effort by going an inch wide & a mile deep.

Inside the Touchscreen Profits

The Touchscreen Profits training program is smartly divided into a series of info-packed video modules, plus tools, resources, bonus “amplifier training” sessions and more. Each training module is broken down into easy-to-follow media (videos and audios) clearly explaining how you can profit from the little-known nuisance property market — from what these properties really are, to how to find them and talk with sellers, including:

  • Get in Here: why and how you should embrace this opportunity
  • Scale: just how much undercover assets opportunity there is
  • Murder: 4 things that can kill your success
  • Why: what is yours
  • Framework: understanding the problem and solution
  • Lingo: how to speak the right “language”
  • Time: understanding the nuisance property timeline
  • Wholesaling: for the win – fast!
  • Acquisition: exactly how to find, assess and prioritize
  • Helping Hand: connecting with owners
  • Negotiate: how to negotiate like a pro
  • $$$: profit quickly
  • Bye: how to sell the deal
  • Double Close vs. Assignment: smartest and easiest way to close deals
  • Finder: understanding and finding the right properties
  • Process: the right steps for finding deals
  • Speak Up: getting them quickly
  • Offers: how to make winning offers
  • Pricing: how to price it right
  • Contracts: using the right agreements
  • Exit: the right strategy to profit quickly
  • Closing: what it looks like and how to get there
  • Payday: how to get paid quickly
  • Pro tips: in every module
  • And much more…

The Touchscreen Profits Bottom Line…

Touchscreen Profits gives newer and seasoned real estate investors all of the necessary ingredients, plus the expert knowledge, guidance and action steps needed to become a nuisance property specialist. This training program enables you to go an inch wide and a mile deep, so you can quickly land your first deal AND payday, all while helping people along the way.

Touchscreen Profits Course

Lee Arnold and Touchscreen Profits…

JP MosesA note from JP Moses, President Awesome REI: Lee Arnold has been deal-making for more than 20 years and teaching people his REI lending strategies since 1995.

You’ll probably never know a more skilled nuisance property AND financial expert in the realm of real estate than Lee Arnold. He’s like the perfect combination of actual real-world experience, integrity, truthiness and ingenuity — all mixed with a proven, lengthy track record overflowing with big wins, “lessons learned” from goof-ups and everything else.

Lee obviously loves helping others elevate their own real estate journey. If you’re serious about real estate investing, we cordially invite you to this incredible opportunity. When it comes to undercover assets, you want to learn from the one-and-only Lee Arnold.

  • With this training, he shows you how to quickly find and flip nuisance properties — by focusing on only the details you need.
  • Plus, your Touchscreen Profits path to success will be accelerated by our first-rate tools, resources, amplifier sessions, scripts and best practices that you can swipe, customize and deploy in your own real estate investing endeavors.

Bottom Line: Anyone can be successful with this undercover asset strategy in just about any market — virtually and in your own backyard. Touchscreen Profits prepares newer and seasoned investors to embrace and dominate the very profitable nuisance property opportunity market in real estate — as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Learn more about Touchscreen Profits in Lee’s free presentation here…

Reviewing Touchscreen Profits…

Video Transcription:

You're about to get a behind-the-scenes look and review of everything that's included with the “Touchscreen Profits” Neglected Assets Training Program.

Hi, I’m Patrick Riddle with Awesome REI. And I'm excited to bring this quick review of the different training modules, resources, downloads, and what else included with Touchscreen Profits. This is a program that was developed by Awesome REI, which is the publishing company, and we worked with Lee Arnold, who is the expert and trainer behind the program.

When you click here, when you have access to it, you'll land on the dashboard page. This basically just sets the stage, tells you a little bit about what to expect if it’s your first time here and how this all works. And you can find links to everything in the program here in the sidebar and at the footer of the page.

Basically, the program is structured in four modules: you got your Kick Start module, which just builds a foundation for you. It kind of tells you where you are on the mall map so you can see where you need to be. And then we go over the Framework of the Touchscreen Profits profit strategy. Acquisition, how to find these properties.

Lee, I mean, I do have to say, like I'm continually impressed with Lee Arnold. The more that I get to know him, both his business and him personally, he is just an amazing investor. We're really happy to have him teaching in the Touchscreen Profits training. And you're going to learn some really just unique strategies that you haven't heard anybody else on how to find deeply discounted houses.

Now, a lot of these undercover assets or abandoned houses, vacant houses, zombie properties, even owner-occupied, at times, have these neglected assets where you can come in and, using Lee’s process, you can profit huge and he shows you how you don't have to close on these yourself and bring in the funding if you don't want to. All you gotta do is learn how to find the deal itself and a lot of these are so discounted that they practically sell themselves.

All right.

So if we click over to the first module, this is the kick start here. So the kick start has two video trainings — each module has at least a couple, if not more video training. You've got the video here, you've got the audio version too that you can just listen to.

And this is pretty cool — each video has an executive summary. This is basically like Cliff Notes. If you're familiar with those books, it's basically just like a little summary of everything that's included in the video. So if we click over here… you still need to go through the video training. But this is a nice thing to have just to glance back at or even to print off and have a copy. Some of you may have chosen to get this in the form of a book as well through the order process. But these are really neat and cool. Easy way to go back in and find something that you've learned if you ever want to review.

So if you are a member of the core of the Touchscreen Profits training program, then you'll see all of this except for the software and instant accountability. Those are potential upgrades that you may have made in the order process. If you did, congrats. You're going to love it. And you'll see that in your sidebar if you said yes.

And just to show you some of the resources that come with the training program and you basically just get everything that Lee uses in his business and that his students use to have success with everything from contracts to his offer, process and system. You've got scripts and marketing templates and forms tons here for you.

So that is really just a quick high-level review of the different training modules and forms and. Things that come with the Touchscreen Profits Training Program as a member, you do get full support any time you can send an email to [email protected] and our staff is also available, if you want to just call it regular hours during the workweek. And we're here for you.

All right, that's it. This has been Patrick Riddle going through the details of Touchscreen Profits. Have a good one!

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