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Announcing: “The Vacant House Bank” by Cameron Dunlap


Introducing The Vacant House Bank, an incredible new program detailing  exactly how to routinely find, fund, flip & profit from vacant houses “hiding in plain sight” in any U.S. target market.

November 2019 (eRelease) – is thrilled to announce an incredible new real estate investing program: The Vacant House Bank by Cameron Dunlap. This unique training program teaches new and seasoned investors how to systematically find off-market vacant properties and profit from them by quickly selling them as-is to hungry cash buyers already in the marketplace.

Cameron makes a striking case for vacant houses being the most lucrative, yet overlooked, property type for investors—distressed properties “hiding in plain sight” all around in any market.

  • The program is laid out in a series of informational-packed training modules, complete with resources, bonus “amplifier training” sessions and more.
  • Each module is broken down into easy-to-follow media (videos and audios) carefully explaining and demonstrating the entire process—from finding your vacant house deals, to funding your vacant house deals to flipping these “hidden gems” to hungry cash buyers and profiting nicely each time.

Transactional Funding at No Cost

One of the most notable aspects of The Vacant House Bank is its inclusion of “free, flash funding” for one vacant house bank deal.

Most transactional funding for wholesale real estate comes at a baseline cost of 2% of the amount borrowed. But Vacant House Bank members automatically get 6 months' access to up to $600,000 in transactional funding for one wholesale deal at no cost (“no fee funding”).

The Vacant House Bank Includes:

  • The Vacant House Bank Mindset: How to begin thinking correctly about seizing the vacant house opportunities all around you.
  • The Awesome: What’s so great about vacant houses in today’s market?
  • Opportunity: Understanding and embracing the vacant house opportunities all around you
  • Vacancy: Various reasons distressed houses end up vacant in the first place
  • Funding: 5 ways real estate investors can fund their vacant house deals
  • Free $: How you can get Free Flash Funding (transactional funding at no cost) for your next deal
  • The Find: Exactly how to find vacant house deals, step by step
  • Sellers: Different sellers, the right process for locating them + the tools needed
  • People: How to find and recruit the right people you need to leverage for this process
  • Step-by-Step: 7 ground rules vacant house bank investors must understand
  • Owners: Pre-screening, tracking down & talking to vacant house owners about their problem
    that we’re going to solve—how to be their solution
  • The Flip: Quickly connecting vacant house deals with ideal buyers
  • Your $: Getting paid from vacant houses as quickly as possible
  • Pro Tips: All the “secret” hacks Cameron Dunlap and his most successful students use day-to-day in their own real estate endeavors with vacant houses.
  • Private Seller: The 2 basic types of vacant house owners
  • And much more…

The VHB Bottom Line…

The Vacant House Bank offers real estate investors all of the essential ingredients needed, plus the expert insight and action steps needed level-up your REI wholesaling game, focusing on an arena where most of the real estate investing competition isn’t. Investors will easily learn how to tap into their own “Vacant House Bank” to seriously impact their real estate investing business and income.

Cameron Dunlap & Vacant Houses…

JP MosesA note from JP Moses, President Awesome REI: Cameron Dunlap—the Vacant House Banker himself—has been deal-making since 1993, and teaching people his real estate investing strategies & tactics since 1995.

You’ll likely never know a more skilled investor, serial dealmaker or authentic advocate than Cameron Dunlap. He’s like this perfect cocktail of real-world experience, mixed with innovative thinking, some “Average Joe” relatability, and absolute integrity—all blended within a track record teeming with big wins, “lessons learned” from mistakes made, and everything in between.

It’s obvious to anyone who knows Cam how thoroughly he enjoys helping others speed their advance in their own real estate journey. This is the opportunity I invite you to embrace.

I can’t think of anyone in real estate investing that I can recommend more highly as a teacher, mentor and friend than Cam Dunlap.

  • With this training, he shows you how to get a Vacant House Bank paycheck into your hands as quickly as humanly possible, with the least possible time and effort required on your part—by focusing an “inch wide & a mile deep” on the most potent ideas and actions.
  • Plus, your path to Vacant House Bank deals will be accelerated by our top-shelf tools, resources and best practices you can swipe-and-deploy in your own real estate investing endeavors.
  • Cameron’s even giving Vacant House Bank members free, flash funding (no-fee transactional funding) for your first Vacant House Bank deal.

Bottom Line: Anyone can be successful with this strategy in just about any market—virtually and in your own backyard. The Vacant House Bank prepares investors to dominate and exploit the very profitable arena of vacant houses in their target market and enjoy that first vacant house deal paycheck—as quickly and painlessly as possible.

You can learn more about The Vacant House Bank in Cameron's free presentation here…

Reviewing The Vacant House Bank…

Video Transcription:

Hey, JP Moses here. and I am so excited to be able to share with you to finally pull the curtain back on our new training for real estate investors. It's called the Vacant House Bank.

So, what the heck is a vacant house bank anyway? Well, I'm glad you asked.

This is a step by step online training program, and the Vacant House Banker himself is a guy named Cameron Dunlap. You may or may not be familiar with Cameron, I don't know. He’s a high-level investor, but also just an average Joe like you and me. And he methodically, systematically, routinely finds these off-market gems that are hiding in plain sight in any U S market.

These vacant properties are not in MLS, they're not in Zillow, but he knows how to find them quickly, zero right in on him, find the owners, have constructive conversations that create win-wins on both sides of that deal, then he buys them quickly, flips some, puts a chunk of change in his pocket and moves on to the next one.

He's really got a pretty magical process and we detailed it step-by-step, soup to nuts, A to Z. This training program is a series of videos all online. Let's just take a look. We'll dive in. I'll show you the members area.

Aaaand, welcome back. I just want to quickly walk you through the members area of awesome REI and show you the Vacant House Bank training.

For anyone who's really not familiar with Awesome REI, we specialize in providing real world training for real estate investors. We have free training—a lot of free training available on our website—and we have formal training. And the formal training is specifically for people who review it and say, yes, that is exactly the specialized training that I need to level-up my own real estate investing game.

And so, for those who do choose to invest in the Vacant House Bank training, it'll be in the members area. Let me just give you a quick walkthrough and show you what's here. Let me get myself out of the way.

By the way, I forgot to mention in my introduction that the one of the coolest features of the Vacant House Bank training is the free flash funding. Literally, complimentary with Vacant House Bank membership, you get access to transactional funding for up to $600,000 for six months, and you pay zero. That's no fee, no points, no interest. I'll get to some details in a minute, but I just forgot and left it off in the beginning.

Obviously, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We like to have fun. This is the kickstart training for the Vacant House Bank. We kick off by just showing you an overview of the whole Vacant House Bank training, so you can find your place on the mall map. And then we dive into the Vacant House Bank opportunity…

That is Cameron, our Vacant House Banker, and he starts at the top, which is a great place to (begin anything new) and explains what the Vacant House Bank opportunity is and is not—and the best ways to begin cracking that nut open once we get through the kickstart.

Before I continue, let me just point out, we also have an executive summary for every single module. So videos are great. I prefer learning via video, but also when I try to remember what was that thing that they said in that one video?… I don't want to have to review the whole video again. So, you can just use the executive summary is kind of the Cliff’s Notes version of the training. It's not a replacement of the training videos, but it's a great supplement and it's present on all of our trainings. There's also an audio version of all the videos also.

Once you get through the kickstart, you go right to the first official nuts and bolts module on funding the deal. Basically, Cameron works through exactly how you can go about funding vacant house bank deals.

There's five different ways that you can find these vacant house bank deals. And the coolest way (and I think saves the best for last) is explaining how you can fund using transactional funding that literally is money right out of his own pocket. He's willing to fund your next vacant house bank deal. I'll save the details because he's got a whole presentation about that. But we covered the funding of all the vacant house bank deals in this module.

Then we move on to finding these vacant deals. Vacant houses are these hidden gems hiding in plain sight all around you. Like I've already said, you're not going to find them on the MLS, you're not gonna find them on Zillow, you're not gonna find them on Craigslist or in the newspaper. But you will find them very quickly and very efficiently if you can follow the instructions that Cameron lays out here in this module on finding the deal.

Several videos on the right process for finding these properties:

The right people (it doesn't necessarily have to be you)…

Breeding bird dogs (if that's something that you're interested in doing)…

Pre-Screening these properties (that's an important step)…

Finding the owners…. My gosh, kind of like the secret sauce in my opinion of this whole module is how to find those owners quickly and have conversations and make effective offers to create win-win scenarios.

The next module is on flipping the deal. It doesn't mean thing if he can't make money, right? It’s all about hip national bank, so this all about rounding home base & crossing the finish line. Cam goes through step-by-step what his best practices and pro tips are for flipping these things quickly and for the most money possible.

As you can see, it's not a complicated. I mean it's a very logical, sequential training program. It's not complicated, but there are some things that is taken Cameron years and years to develop and learn through trial and error . And this is your opportunity to shorten your own learning curve if you would like to repeat his results. That's what the Vacant House Bank is all about.

Let me mention before I go that there is amplifier training. What I just walked through is the core training. The amplifier training, which is something we do in all of our training programs, is all about amplifying (or improving upon) what you learned in the core training.

So, there's everything from live demo calls with vacant house owners, interviews with people who've used Cameron's free flash funding, a walkthrough of some of Cameron's more agile tools…

This has a really cool deep dive and 29 ways you can explode your cash buyers list…

There's these conversations on everything from wholesaling one on one to making cash offers.

This is all gravy on top. This is really good stuff. This could be a meal in and of itself, but it's not part of the core essentials that you must have in order to repeat the success that Cameron's enjoyed and is currently enjoying with vacant houses in multiple US markets.

Last but not least, I've mentioned it already, but let me remind you of the free flash funding piece of this:

I don't know you. This may or may not be something that's a perfect fit for you. But if you do decide to get in on this Vacant House Bank and learn how to repeat Cameron’s success in this arena, then you will get a deal funding certificate just like this one that entitles you to up to six months access to free flash funding for your next vacant house bank deal. It's the same day funding for a transactional deal, wholesale deal. If that doesn't make any sense to you, we explain it in the training, but you get complimentary access to Cameron's flash funding.

This is an impressive offer and I suggest that you take advantage of it. Even if you don't really want to learn all the awesomeness that's in the training program itself, it's the cheapest transactional funding you're ever going to get access to because it costs $0 dollars. All you do is invest in the training program itself and you get it.

So that's it, guys. I just wanted to give you a quick little look inside the members area and show you the Vacant House Bank. Follow the link that you see below this video. If you're interested in hearing more about it, if you want to just size it up at another level and make sure that it really is a good fit for you and your business.

Alright, thanks. Don't forget to be awesome. JP out, high five!

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