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Hi! We’re a small, fast-growing 7-figure online publishing company offering training, tools & content to U.S. real estate investors. We’re seeking a full-time Web Developer with extensive skills and problem-solving capabilities to support our creative and marketing production teams. 

Interested? Carefully read this entire page ⇊ and then follow the instructions for next steps…

The “Quick-‘n-Dirty…”

You, In a Nutshell:

The perfect fit for this role is a superstar with experience in:

  • front-end technologies
  • development languages
  • problem-solving for all things web & tech
  • managing primary assets, platforms & servers

And this too: Our web developer must also be able to proactively evaluate the needs of our company — and analyze any technical issues to program highly functional systems. Plus, you’ll be responsible for staying current on developments in web applications and technologies, remaining adaptable to new coding languages and the changing needs of the industry, and working closely with our awesome Chief Marketing Officer.

We’ll break it down: you need to be super-experienced in all things coding and website/tech-related work AND digital marketing and tracking. (We’ve got more details below, so keep reading!) We’re looking for someone to hop in on a full-time basis (9am-5pm EST, M-F).

Us, In a Nutshell:

We’re Awesome REI, an online publishing company with a rich history of experience in the real estate investing (REI) industry. All of our customers/clients/members are real estate investors with U.S.-based target markets, but could operate from anywhere in the world. The awesomeness we create for them ranges from content-rich blog posts, videos & podcasts to structured online training programs.

 Our company tagline is “Real Estate Investing for Awesome People,” gives a hint about our vibe and culture. Our success hinges on delivering awesomeness to help people level-up their REI game. We take our mission statement seriously and revisit it together weekly. (Check it out below.) It's a key driver & filter for everything we say and do as a team. And take a looksie at our values and what we stand for  MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW THIS BEFORE REACHING OUT TO US.

Seem interesting? Then let's go a level deeper… ッ

Real People Helped So Far ッ

Our Mission is to Inspire, Empower & Equip people to LIVE AWESOMELY.

To always be leveling-up with specialized knowledge, world-class training and rare insights that ➊ accelerate profits, ➋ amplify your results, and ➌ ultimately make your life easier, awesomer, and more rewarding in meaningful ways.


Are You a Perfect Match for Our Web Developer Role?

If this sound like you…

  • You work awesomely from home
  • You “play well with others” in a small biz with a fun crew that's growing fast.
  • You’re a self-reliant action taker and finisher.
  • You’re conscientious about details and make sure work is “done right”.
  • You’re maybe even a little weird – which fits right in with our unique culture. In other words, “characters welcome.”

Still good? Then keep reading and read carefully

What Are We Looking For? 

  • First, please watch this SHORT introductory video
  • This video ⇈ is a snapshot of what we do and how we do it, with a message from our President and Director of Operations as to what we're looking for in the role.


  • You’ll be working closely with our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Matt. (We think he's great!)
  • You’ll need to be creative, innovative, team-oriented, and be able to work in a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing priorities.
  • Our team works hard and at times we wear multiple hats, but we play hard too.
  • We’ve kinda mastered the art of not taking ourselves too seriously, while taking our business and customers very
  • It’s an incredibly exciting time for Awesome REI as the business is growing quickly. You could say it’s an awesome time to join Awesome REI! ッ

Special Responsibilities & Essential Skills?

Yes! I already mentioned or hinted at many of them, but the perfect person for this will be…

  • Proactively collaborate with the CMOCreate & test offer/funnel assets
    • Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft connections, Order Pages, etc.liamneeson.gif
  • Manage primary assets & platforms — including, but not limited to:
    • Domains/URLs
    • WordPress
    • Memberium
    • Servers
    • Clickfunnels
    • GROW
    • Hyros
  • Strong working knowledge & experience with Codes & Languages:
    • HTML
    • PHP
    • CSS
    • Java Script
    • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Ensure proper systems interactions and connectivity, through API integrations, web hooks, etc.
  • Manage all split testing, including multivariate testing 
  • Proactive data tracking and visualization:
    • GROW
    • Google Analytics
    • Click tracking
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Interacting with paid media tracking
    • Hyros
  • Point person for all web/tech problem-solving as issues arise
  • Troubleshoot existing systems setup and proactively provide & implement ideas for more optimal systems


    You are:

    • Able to work both independently and under close direction
    • Open to feedback and responsive to directional changes with a quick turnaround time
    • Extremely detail-oriented
    • Calm and composed in fast-paced, high-stress environments
    • Highly organized and efficient
    • Humble and hard-working
    • Primary English-speaker
    • Comfortable “failing forward” sometimes and learning from mistakes along the way

    We Offer: Hours and Pay, Remote Work Environment…

    • Competitive compensation package
    • Full-time position, with “normal hours” — 9am–5pm EST Monday through Friday.
    • U.S. holidays off
    • Weekly team Zoom meetings on Tuesdays
    • Professional and personal development opportunities
    • Fun, casual remote work environment

    A Note from the President:

    El Presidente Fancy​Hi, thanks for your interest. OK, 2 key points to drive home…

    1. Our Culture: It’s important that we’re a fit for each other. Not everyone is, and that’s OK. We’re fun and jokey but serious about producing high-quality work for our awesome customers.

    2. This Position: This role is hefty with lots of moving parts — we’re talking coding, website/tech work + digital marketing and tracking experience + collaboration and independent work. (Hey, I said hefty.)

    So if this juices you, and using your skill and creative energy like this to help shape and improve the lives and financial well-being of our customers seems like a great fit, then I look forward to hearing from you. 

    How to Apply

    If you think this job is peanut butter and you’re jelly, then please email your resume along with a COVER LETTER to [email protected]. Standard form letters will simply be discarded, so make it personal. We're real humans and we enjoy working with other real humans. So, show us a little humanity. ッ

    No exceptions, you must include the following visibly labeled in your cover letter:

    • Why Me: In 1-2 sentences, tell us why you’re the ideal pick for this position. Be specific.
    • Personally: What stood out to you the most when you read this job posting and why?
    • What/Why Now: Explain what you’re doing right now for a job…
      • No job? Concisely explain why.
      • Yes job? Explain why you’re looking for something else.
    • Lastly: Include a pineapple emoji in the subject line of your email with the job title, like this: “🍍Full-Stack Web Developer Position” That’s your first test to see if you can follow simple directions and whether or not you even read this entire posting.
    •  Cover Letter Pro Tip: Add details you think matter… but be concise. (No novels, please. Those are for bubble baths, of course.)


    We look forward to hearing from you!


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