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Tenant Ghosting You? Use THIS to Get Their Attention…

JP MosesHey there — JP Moses here with a quick and effective hack… that also happens to be a Swipe & Deploy goody, yay!

Yep, we love sharing the documents, agreements, scripts and other good stuff that’s working for us in our real estate investing game. And that’s exactly what I’m doing here.

I’ve got a simple and important tool for rental property owners

And I’ve used it for years with great success.

So, occasionally we all have a bad-apple tenant. Such is life.

But if your tenant starts to ghost you when they're late on their rent payment and your phone calls just aren’t enough…

Here’s how to get their attention.

Watch my short & sweet video…

Video Transcription:

So what do you do when you're a landlord and your tenants just stop paying the rent and then they go dark… they start ghosting you… they don't return phone calls… How do you get their attention? Let's talk about that.

Hey, it's JP with doing my best to help you level up awesomely in your real estate investing game. And this is a simple but important little tool to have in your arsenal as a landlord, as an investment property owner, a rental property owner, I should say it's pretty darn simple.

And by the way, PS, this is as is. Use it at your own risk. No warranty expressed or implied blah, blah, blah, all the legal things, okay?

I've used this for years. Like I said in the intro here, sometimes a phone call is just not enough. Most of the time, it is. Most of the time, if you're doing your best to prescreen and rent to quality people, they're not trying to hide from you.

They're going to pay their rent, and when they're late, they're going to let you know proactively. But once in a while, you get a bad apple and you didn't see them coming, and then suddenly, a few months in, they pay late, they pay later, and then they start going dark. They ghost you. And how do you get their attention? Well, this stacked right to the front door has a tendency to do the trick.

It's kind of embarrassing. You come home and you see this thing plastered on the front door. It's enough most of the time to get some kind of response, and that's what you're going for. It's simple, short, and sweet.

You are late! Your rent for whatever the month and year is, has not been paid. If we don't receive your rent payment in full, including the late charge, by the 11th of the month, we're going to begin immediate eviction proceedings.

Pretty darn clear and straightforward. Remit your rent plus your late fee payment to this company name and address, fill in the blanks with yours, or contact our property manager directly. Three final points that I think are important to tuck on there.

Remind them if the amount is received by the fifth. This is the case, at least in my lease. Your lease. It may be written a little bit differently, but if they pay by the fifth of that particular month, then it's this plus this. I want to make sure they understand the total amount that is owed to me for each day.

After that, they got to add $5 for each additional day, and that's baked into the lease that they signed. They knew it going in, but I got to remind them. And payments received are applied first to the late charges, then to the rent owned. Learned a lesson on that many, many years ago when people were making partial payments and they assumed their partial payment applied to the rent, but they would pay the rent and not pay the late fee. I'm owed the late fee.

That's part of the deal, part of the contract that they signed. So for that reason, I always make sure that they know that it's applied to the late fee first if they make a partial payment in particular. So, having said that, that's it.

Basically, if your tenants are late with the rent, you got to get their attention, like I said. And sometimes when a phone call just isn't enough, sticking one of these bad boys in full color right to their front door does the trick. And trust me, you'll get their attention.

Alright, so if you want a free download of this, I mean, it's pretty easy. You can just create it yourself. But, you know, why do that if you can just download it for free? Just follow the link at the top of the description of this video. If you're watching this on YouTube or if you're watching this on our blog, then scroll on down below the video and you'll see the simple, easy way that you can download it yourself and add it to your own arsenal.

All right, that's a wrap. JP out. Take care.

Simple, short & straightforward…

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