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Announcing: “Your First BNB” by Brian Page


Introducing Your First BNB by Brian Page, an incredible new training series that shows you exactly how to make terrific(!) money hosting short-term rentals.

July 2019 (eRelease) – is thrilled to announce an amazing new short-term rental program: Your First BNB by Brian Page. This training program is the perfect step-by-step guide for how to land your first BNB, even without even owning any real estate if you want to.

In these training modules, Brian Page actually offers up three different strategies for how you can make great money with short-term rentals (like Airbnb) and does an excellent job laying them out step-by-step for anyone wondering about how to land your first BNB with as little money or trial-and-error learning curve as possible.

Brian breaks down Your First BNB training series into easy-to-consume video presentations that show you how to make a solid income with low risk by hosting BNBs—strategies he's been using with great success for years.

Best of all, he’s now sharing all of his insight & knowledge in this straightforward, actionable training on how to find and secure your first BNB.

Your First BNB training with Brian Page includes:

  • BNB, Baby: How to get your first stand-alone listing on Airbnb—as quickly and painlessly as possible
  • Watch Out: Success killers to avoid
    Get ‘er Done: How to set up your Airbnb account
  • Origins: Lessons learned in my own BNB story—how it came about and quickly evolved for me.
  • The “Market Disruptor” Effect: How Airbnb’s game-changing, global impact can be a major advantage with your first BNB.
  • 3 Ways to Bank BNB Profits: An orientation to the three different models I (and the people I teach) frequently use to make great money in the BNB arena.
  • Easy Buttons: No $ to start? Don’t even want to buy a property? No problem.
  • Story Time: You’ll hear from 3 regular people (like you) who’ve done very well with each profit model.
  • The “Big 3” Market-Filtering Questions:
    1—Is this allowed in my market?
    2—Will it work in my market?
    3—Is it even profitable in my market?
  • Mathing: How to use Brian’s amazing invention—BNB Property Profits Calculator
  • IMHO: The 3 easiest places to find your first BNB
  • Online & Offline: A solid stack of other optional methods you can use to find BNB prospects too
  • Due Diligence: Exactly how to analyze properties for profitability
  • Demo: A full walk-through of finding your first BNB on Craigslist
  • BBPs: My own personal best practices and ninja tips & tricks
    On the Phone: The only goal of your first phone call with the owner
  • In Person: Simple ingredients for the perfect conversation (“low money” & “mo’ money”)
  • Role Playing: Hear exactly what I say and how I say it (starring Brian and Billy Bob)
  • Objections: How to handle the most common ones you’ll hear from sellers. (I’ve heard them all and know how to overcome them)
  • 7 Reasons: Why owners won’t just BNB themselves
  • Leases: Should you use your own or theirs
  • The 2 Docs: The only two addendums Brian uses, and why.
  • HOA: Do they matter much, or no big deal? You’ll find out
  • BBPs: Even more of my personal best practices for handling leases and the lease-signing itself.
  • Essentials: What you should definitely bring with you when you go sign the lease (and what to do when you’re there)
  • Keyless Entry: How to get owners to easily understand and let you make the change
  • And much more…

Landing Your First BNB…

With Brian Page as your sage (lol, see what I did there?) you have everything you need to land your first BNB and start making great money in the short-term rental arena within the next 30 days (or less) without even having to own any real estate, if that's how you want to do it. (Hint: That's how Brian does it too.)

Your First BNB

Your First BNB: The Bottom Line…

When the program is followed just as Brian instructs—with some good ole fashioned determination and action—the results will be extremely satisfying. From module 1, Your First BNB provides the directions, demos, amp sessions, resources and tools so you can begin earning income from short-terms rentals from just about anywhere in the U.S. Your first BNB awaits.

You can learn more about Your First BNB in Brian's free presentation here…

Inside Review of Your First BNB training…

Video Transcription:

Hey guys, JP Moses here. How's it going? I am thrilled to be finally pulling the curtain back on something that we've been hard at work on behind the scenes. It's been cooking in the oven for a minute and with a big sigh of relief, I am here to announce our new training program on how to get your first BNB listing. That's right. We've got the man himself, Brian Page, the B&B Sherpa. This guy has cracked the code on how to make bank with Airbnb on properties that you don't even have to own. That's right. You heard me right! You don't have to own the properties. Brian actually teaches three unique strategies on how you can make great money through Airbnb or VRVO or homeaway or choose your poison (but Airbnb is the 800-pound gorilla in the industry) and in this training, he does an excellent job just laying it all out for you step by step on how anyone (you included) with as little money and as little trial and error learning curve as possible.

So, the training is broken down into six, simple, step-by-step videos that walk sequentially through everything you need to know to land that first BNB listing and start making money sooner rather than later. And these are the exact strategies that he himself (and a number of people that he's trained how to do this) have been using for years, year after year.

So, let's just take a look. I'll give you a sneak peek at the training program itself so you can get a little bit more insight into what's in store for you.

All right, here we are inside the member's area for Your First BNB by Brian Page. And we always like to start off by just welcoming you to the family. Because when you do invest in yourself by stepping into one of our training Dojos, then you are part of the family. And we think that's pretty darn awesome.

So, we start off by giving you kind of a quick overview of what's in store. Then we point you to module one, the kickstart for your first BNB.

Now, here's where you start taking those first, necessary steps forward (on the right foot, hopefully) for your first BNB. And you just start moving that ball forward sooner rather than later. As you can see there, it's about 15 minutes long, and this is where Brian gives you kind of a mall map of the whole process start to finish. And you know, when I step into a mall, the first thing I need is the mall map, so I can see how to get from here to there—from where I am (right inside the doorway) to the store where I'm going to buy my shoes. Or, let's be honest, whatever toy or video game I'm into.

So in a nutshell, that's the purpose of this first module—just to give you an orientation of where you're going… Where you are now, and what's right ahead of you.

And also, just real quick, I want to point out the executive summary. Every video in Your First BNB training has a written executive summary because, let's be honest, some people like to read, some people like to watch videos. You can have your cake and eat it too. And also some people don't like to watch videos, they like to listen. So, you can choose your poison in terms of what media you prefer.

So, there's one video on the mall map just to orient yourself, and also you start right out of the gate setting up your core infrastructure—setting up your BNB account & getting it really dialed in for what's ahead. So literally there are some action steps right out of the gate.

Moving on to module two, this is where you begin to embrace the BNB opportunity. This is all about understanding important origin stories to the whole thing. You're going to hear Brian's BNB origins, how he first got into doing BNB properties. You're also going to learn three bankable BNB strategies that you can use. And we'll take some time to really understand how Airbnb has had a game-changing, market disruptor effect, and how and why you can profit handsomely from it.

So, a couple of videos in module two moving onto module three—this is where Brian starts walking you through how to choose your target market. Not all markets are created equal, as you might imagine. This is going to walk you gingerly, step by step through how you choose your ideal target market for your first BNB—and this guy thinks it's pretty awesome.

And also included in this module Brian tackles the three market-filtering questions that you must ask yourself when you're choosing your target market. Also he includes the BNB cities report, his own property profits calculator, and of course another executive summary. And let me just tell you these two assets are the easy button for you. I'm not going to spoil it or go into detail, but you're going to be really happy to see these two assets.

Now moving on to module four! This is where you learn every mother-loving thing Brian knows about how to go about finding the ideal, first property for your first BNB. And it turns out it's not really that hard, but there are definitely some Ninja skills that you need to learn sooner than later, and you just learn to focus on only the right properties, the ones that really matter for the strategy.

Module five. This is where Brian covers the easy pitch for property owners. Just a simple, easy conversation you can have when you start talking to property owners. And great news: It does not feel like a sales pitch. There's nothing salesy about it. It's surprisingly just a simple, straight forward way to offer the property owner a much better deal than they'd be looking at otherwise—including dissolving the most common objections, how to have the perfect low money conversation and, just to clarify, seven reasons why people won't just B&B properties themselves.

And rounding home base on the core training, we're going to cross the finish line with module six. This is where you learn about the paperwork involved. And there's not a lot of paperwork—there's just two specific documents that Brian uses on every single BNB. He'll walk through it, explain it in detail and hand you those two documents so you can use them in landing your own first B and B. Plus just a whole pile of simple best practices that Brian has learned through his own trial and error and is happy to pass along to you and me to shorten our learning curve. Important final pieces of the BNB puzzle for sure are covered in module six.

Now something we commonly do is include bonuses and just to amplify our training sessions along with our core training.And your first B and B with Brian Page is no exception. This little gem: 24 first BNB listing case studies. Brian teaches you, nothing held back, exactly what you need to do and the order in which you need to do it to get your first bnb listing sooner rather than later and start making bank through Airbnb. But you learn so much by adding to that conversation the true stories of 24 people detailing step by step their first B and B listing experience. And then we've got over 500 more conversations with students. These aren't necessarily about the first BNB. It could be their 12th BNB. People who've built full on businesses around Airbnb, but we really wanted to focus like a laser on the first BNB listing case studies because they're so relevant to the training that we put together here on how to get your first B and B.

So guys, that's it. Just a quick review of the inside of Your First BNB by Brian Page. If you want to know more, just come on over and you can take a little closer look at your first bnb by Brian Page and make a decision if it seems to be a solid fit for you and accelerating your real estate endeavors. Guys, thanks for tuning in. We'll catch you either on the website or in the members area or on a future video. Thanks, JP out

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​About Brian Page

Brian Page made his first million in real estate before he was 30, but lost it all during the historic market crash of of 2007. Starting over with no funds or credit to speak of, he went on to create a highly profitable Airbnb business. Making six figures + in his first 6 months, Brain's innovative approach involves making money from using properties he doesn't own.

Once he got the profit model really dialed in, he then automated and outsourced nearly every aspect of his BNB business. Today, Brian firmly believes wealth is not merely having money, but also the time and freedom to enjoy it. So he enjoys traveling the world while easily managing his thriving Airbnb operation remotely—from his laptop and mobile phone.

Brian Page also loves showing entrepreneurs exactly how to accelerate in building their own six-to-seven figure Airbnb business—even without owning a single property, plus how to outsource & automate as much as humanly possible.

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