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It's too common for real estate investors to struggle, wander after shiny objects, let fear hold them hostage, or just fizzle out. Our mission here is to help you stop doing that and be awesome instead. We're not infomercial guys and you won't find us offering “free” seminars in hotel rooms. We're just real life actual human beings who care and are willing to let you learn from our many wins and losses so you can shorten your own success curve in the process.

If you're new to real estate, we believe in you and don't want you to quit. You can do this. If you're experienced, we want to help you crank things to the next level. If you want to grow your business, do more deals, make more money, stride towards freedom, expand your mind, have piles of fun, and be generally awesomer in the process, then you're in the right place.

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The “Transfer Properties” HONEYHOLE

The “Transfer Properties” HONEYHOLE

Ok, so one of the big complaints I hear is from investors who are having trouble finding deals that aren’t way over-leveraged. There are often short sale opportunities in every neighborhood… but what about deals that don’t require the headaches and hassles of...

85 Acronyms REIs Should Know 😉

85 Acronyms REIs Should Know 😉

ave you ever found yourself in a lively discussion with other real estate investors, only to be thrown off by some weird acronym or abbreviation they keep using? Or felt like an obvious outsider puzzled by the many 2, 3 or 4 letter REFS you see...

Announcing: “Default Deals” by Peter Vekselman & Julie Muse

Announcing: “Default Deals” by Peter Vekselman & Julie Muse

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Introducing Default Deals by Peter Vekselman & Julie Muse, a step-by-step program for real estate investors with key resources & insightful training on how to tap into a “perfect storm” of opportunity emerging in today's market for...

What Some Awesome People Are Saying

Yeah baby! You guys are awesome, awesome, awesome! Already, I’ve learned all of you are the bomb! Thank you for being who you are, honest and full of integrity. I didn’t think it still existed. God Bless.

Dennis P.

Sanger, CA

Being a former SoCal beach bum and frequent user of “Awesome” in virtually every way possible…I’m extremely humble and thankful that I found my way to the Awesome REI Team!

Eric M.

Carmel, IN

Hello and thanks for the awesome things you doing. We need more people like you and your team. No wait… the world needs more people like you and your team. So thanks, be blessed and keep spreading the awesome.

Jonathan B.

Memphis, TN

I am so delighted to have found AWESOME REI, I have learned so much from Abandoned House Secrets and Private Money on Demand and I love the fact that I can pass it on to my employees in my office for better achievement! Thanks guys, you all are AWWWESOOOOME!

Aiysha F

Ashburn, VA

Don't Forget To Be Awesome シ

Nobody puts baby in the corner