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“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” —Jim Rohn

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Our Awesomely Bold Mission

To help 100,000 real people (including you) level-up your real estate investing game with specialized knowledge, training and insights that (i) accelerate profits, (ii) amplify your results, and (iii) make your REI easier, awesomer, and more rewarding.


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😏 “Wait, what other kinds of Awesome training do you offer?”

Great question!

Take a minute or two to peruse below and see if any of the Awesome REI training we've put together for you could scratch a major itch you've got, accelerate your success, or even level-up your game entirely…

The Capital Syndicate

Did you know there's a way to earn income from home by lending other people's money 💰? All you to do is find people who need to borrow money for their real estate deals and then refer them to Lee for funding. You're basically just lending out Lee's money to investors. This is a great opportunity to start making money, fast...

Default Deals

With all the tenants who can’t afford rent, plus the homeowners who are unable to pay their mortgage... millions of homes are in default. And as I'm sure you can imagine, this creates a huge opportunity (if you know how to profit from it). You're about to discover a clever way to earn income from homeowners in default... simply be helping them out.

The Vacant House Bank

Here's a fact: There's a little-known 'bank' that's been quietly funding vacant house flips for real estate investors across the country lately. But FYI: it's not your typical bank, for sure. First, your credit & income don't matter. Plus, once you have access to this funding, you're not actually charged anything to use it. No interest. No fees. No points. Nada...

The Z Code

What if you could earn income using Zillow without owning any real estate? Pretty awesome, right?! Well truth be told, it's not only possible, but you can actually zero in on these 'hidden' seller leads for a grand total of free. And thanks to this little-known 'formula' you can find & do deals just 'hiding in plain sight' that most rehabbers & wholesalers can’t touch...

Family Bank Funding

Everyone knows the game is absolutely changed today. And also, that the "perfect storm" of opportunity around us right now is rare. But few are those with the vision, experience & resources to be able to clearly see it & effectively seize it. But thanks to the rare insights & assets of The Family Bank, you can see exactly how to find, fund & flip these gems for awesome profits.

Tax Yields

Would you like to learn how to make double-digit returns guaranteed by the government? We're talking 12%... 18%... even 24%. And in some cased 1000%. That's right, some of these guaranteed investments, hit the jackpot and 10X your money overnight. Welcome to the wonderful world of what our friend Jay calls "Tax Yields". Prepare to be blown away as you learn more about this exciting and timely opportunity...

Your First BNB

There’s a cool hack to earn income from Airbnb with other people’s properties. It’s brilliant & easier than any other REI strategy, hands down. And you can do this: (a) without much overhead, (b) without loans, mortgages or debt, (c) without any advertising budget, and (d) without any employees... You’re about to learn a game-changing cash flow secret that few know...

Tax Yields Map
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