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We believe 1,000,000,000% (that’s a billion percent) in the concept of “CANI”, which stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvement. It’s an acronym that literal-giant Tony Robbins developed more than a decade ago, and what it means essentially is this:

As a real estate investor, entrepreneur (and really just as a human being) you’ll go farther, faster and with a whole heck of a lot less pain along the way if you’ll commit to always “sharpening the ax” as we like to say it. The late, great Jim Rohn said it brilliantly…

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

To this end, we aim to help you sharpen that ax of yours as frequently and awesomely as possible. We do this in a myriad of ways, including structured training programs. Here’s a few of our most popular you may want to consider…

Target Market Finder

We’ve been hard at work developing another awesome software tool to make wholesaling & flipping faster, easier, and well, awesome-er.

Enter: Target Market Finder… your automated solution to determine your target market with lightning speed.

Now you’ll finally be able to quickly figure out the best areas for your deals in just minutes… even if it’s a market you’ve never visited, thousands of miles away.

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10-Hour Wholesaler

If you want to learn a simple way to get started in real estate, with the absolute lowest barrier of entry possible, then imagine for a sec…

No more talking to sellers, or driving around looking at properties, or even making offers. You don’t need earnest money or even proof of funds. You bypass all of that and just focus on the core essentials needed for success.

10-Hour Wholesaler is a proven business model for flipping houses nationwide. It’s like regular wholesaling, but easier and awesomer.

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1-Minute Leads

We’ve taken the tedious, manual process of finding leads such as wholesalers, cash buyers, hard money lenders and even team members and automated it with just a few keystrokes and a mouse click. (You’re welcome, investors!)

It’s now the simplest, easiest and awesomest way to generate leads – faster than a knife fight in a phone booth.

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Abandoned House Secrets

Abandoned House Secrets was developed in partnership with 16-year Florida real estate investors Sean and Tracey Flanagan, and serves as a comprehensive, step-by-step ‘blueprint’ of all the unique tactics and strategies they’ve been using to systematically take down high-profit abandoned house deals for more than a decade now.

Their entire creative-yet-simple system has been carefully documented, recorded and served up on a silver platter for any real estate investors who want to follow in their footsteps and crush it with abandoned houses.

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Private Money on Demand

Did you know there’s a ‘backdoor’ way you can instantly find private lenders in any city around the country, right from the comfort of your home using only your computer, and your fingers and eyeballs?

And I mean, these are real private lenders too (not hard money lenders who charge you an arm, a leg and a firstborn).

You’ll be flat-out blown away when you see the simple process to find these lenders. Oh and no, you don’t need any of your own cash or credit.

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