The Scary (But Needed) Real Estate Roller Coaster Ahead

Hey, something I gotta share real quick—a sudden insight I just had after a call with a guy I'm currently mentoring…

Contrary to public opinion sometimes, I have challenges. Just like anyone else. Difficulties, hardships, sucker-punches, or whatever you want to call them. I got 'em.

A hard fact of life:

Just because someone has reached a lifestyle you desire does not mean they don't have obstacles and problems anymore. Heck, they only get bigger!

But the other (very shiny) side of that coin:

Solving bigger problems and fighting bigger battles means you’re playing at a bigger level.

So honestly, I don't want to fight small battles and make small decisions—I want big decisions and problems to fix. Consider…

Everyone Has Problems
—Champions Embrace Them

We all know life can be a roller coaster of ups and downs, and crushing it big in your real estate ventures is no exception. But—and here's the real kicker—ultimately it's how we handle the ‘downs’ that reveals who we really are.

Personally, I have rarely (if ever) enjoyed a big, fat win in my business or personal life that hasn’t been shortly followed with (or even accompanied by) an equally big, fat challenge.

But it never fails: Each and every time I go through something like this, when I finally emerge on the other side of whatever challenge I’m facing, the growth is simply undeniable. I have a new understanding and can now 10x that specific part of my life.

Every. Single. Time.

I get stronger after pushing through to other side.

So Why be an Angry Elf?

These days anymore so many people seem to enjoy shaking their angry fists up in the air, and shouting on Facebook or wherever else, “Argh! Why me!?! What did I do to deserve this? This just makes me so mad!?!”

angry elf

Here's the missing link: These mistakes… the gaffes and blunders… even straight-up sucker punches of your life… Each and every time they happen, you’ve been given a rare opportunity.

When something bad happens seemingly out of nowhere, you have 3 basic choices, either:

  1. Let it destroy you,
  2. Let it define you, or
  3. Let it sharpen you.

Think about that for a second—you get to choose. You can let misfortune (i) soil your attitude and suck the wind from your sails, or (ii) you can extract value, learn lessons, sharpen yourself more, and become a better you afterward.

Those things that hurt, instruct. —Ben Franklin

“Problems” have made me who I am!

You can choose the same.

So here's the deal: Ultimately it comes down to recovery, stamina and growth—your ability to pick back up, and press on through inevitable obstacles, setbacks and BS I guarantee is waiting for you, and most importantly be sharpened by them—this may very well be the most important common thread between the bulk of successful high-performers that I have studied and had the privilege to be mentored by.

If you are going through a challenge right now, I hope this finds you well.

To life,


PS. Another favorite quote of mine:

“A ship is safe in harbor, but it's not what ships are made for.”

Be the captain of your ship. And when storms come, embrace it as part of the adventure you signed up for, and become an even better captain through the experience. It starts with paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, as these are what dictate your actions.

Talk to me…

How's this apply to your own struggle? Ever faced a sudden storm, unseen pitfall or got sucker-punched in your real estate adventures? Did it crush you, or make you better? Let's here yours…

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