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Announcing: “Tax Yields” by Jay Drexel


Introducing Tax Yields by Jay Drexel, an amazing new training program that skillfully teaches real estate investors to tap into a unique asymmetric opportunity with high potential upside, low downside risk and super-low competition to do your first tax yield deal fast in countless U.S. markets.

January 2022 (eRelease) – AwesomeREI.com is thrilled to announce a remarkable new real estate investing program: Tax Yields by Jay Drexel. This distinctive system is for newer and seasoned investors who want a unique view into the world of tax lien certificates. Tax Yields allows REIs to learn how to invest 100% passively for guaranteed double-digit returns by getting properties for only the cost of back taxes owed — from anywhere remotely, with any amount of money. We’re talking tax-delinquent properties and lists and auctions galore!

Jay and his co-teacher Phil Kessler give you everything you need to level up your bottom line while riding the momentum into higher levels of Tax Yields investing.

  • The Tax Yields training program is ingeniously divided up into a series of jam-packed video modules, plus tools, resources, bonus “amplifier training” sessions and even more.
  • Each training module is broken down into easy-to-follow media (videos and audios) that clearly explain how you can become an expert Tax Yields investor. You’ll be equipped to quickly crank out deals, building your business through this exclusive asymmetric opportunity.

Tax Yields Includes:

  • Kick Start: your “Game Map” to this incredible training
  • Understanding: what this unique opportunity is all about
  • Murder: 3 things that can kill your success
  • Why: what’s yours
  • Crush: 3 keys to crushing this program
  • Mindset: get yours right
  • Potency: this potent resource clearly explained
  • Core 2: choose between 2 types of players
  • Differences: states and counties have different rules
  • Levels: 4 levels of tax yield investing
  • Outcome: quickly win faster
  • Essentials: Pros, cons, similarities & differences
  • Dive Deep: 1 specific tax yield investing strategy in detail
  • Principles: setting you up to win
  • Play on: 4 steps to playing the game
  • Demos: watch and learn
  • Live: buying tax lien certificates in real-time
  • Pro tips: throughout modules
  • And much more…
Tax Yields by Jay Drexel

Bottom Line with Tax Yields & Jay Drexel…

Jay DrexelTax Yields gives newer and seasoned real estate investors all of the right elements, plus the expert knowledge, guidance and exact steps needed to become a world-class Tax Yields investor. This training program allows you to use this interesting asymmetric opportunity so you can profit quickly from tax-delinquent properties… then rinse and repeat.

A Note from JP Moses, President of Awesome REI:

JP MosesJay Drexel was broke. Yep, it’s true. So broke that he had to crash in his mom’s basement in 2015. He heard about tax liens through infomercials, then began reading about it. Though his first tax sale was a bust, he ended up meeting an investor who gave him some solid info. Finally, with less than $100 bucks, Jay did his first deal and continued slowly with small deals to build up from there.

Today, he owns 500+ Tax Yield investments! Jay is the sweet combo of humble + legit real-world experience, mixed with a proven, lengthy track record bursting with deals and “lessons learned” from mistakes.

Jay and his co-teacher, Phil Kessler, clearly love helping others improve their own real estate journey. If you’re serious about real estate investing, we’re pleased to cordially invite you to this extraordinary opportunity. When it comes Tax Yields, you want to learn from these two incredible folks.

  • With this training, they’ll show you how to tap into the asymmetric opportunity of tax liens and deeds.
  • You’ll learn how you can invest 100% passively for assured double-digit returns by getting tax-delinquent properties for just the cost of back taxes owed — from anywhere remotely, with any amount of money.
  • Plus, your Tax Yields route to success will be accelerated by our first-class tools, resources, amplifier training videos, demos and best practices for your own real estate investing endeavors!

Bottom Line: Anyone can be successful with this Tax Yields strategy in numerous real estate markets across the United States. This training program teaches newer and seasoned investors everything you need to do your first tax yield deal fast — with high potential upside, low downside risk, super-low competition and it’s pandemic-proof.

Get a “sneak peek” inside Tax Yields with Jay Drexel here…

Reviewing Tax Yields

Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Patrick Riddle with Awesome REI, and I'm super excited because today, I'm going to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the members' area of one of our brand new training programs for real estate investors called Tax Yields. And I'm going to basically give you a quick review of what's included with the program.

Now Awesome REI, our company, is the publisher of this training program, the expert behind Tax Yields who teaches here, his name is Jay Drexel. Now, if you're not familiar with Jay, he's actually been in this field for over a decade now and has quite an inspiring story.

When he got started in this, he was literally at rock bottom. I won't go into great detail if you want to learn more about Jay and the opportunity here, we're going to give you a link for that. But fast forward to today. And Jay owns hundreds of these tax yield investments, and he also loves to share his experience with others. He's got students across the country who are following his lead who are earning killer returns from Tax Yields.

Now, if you're wondering what the heck is a tax yield? Basically, it is a niche of real estate investing that includes things like tax lien certificates, tax deeds, and even other opportunities. Now, the Tax Yields training program here is specifically focused on showing you how to capitalize on tax lien certificates and earn killer fat double-digit returns guaranteed by the government. Yes, these are guaranteed returns, and sometimes you even hit the jackpot and can 10x what you make off these. It's really cool.

All right, so let's dig in. This is basically the member dashboard page for the training. It kind of oriented you, if you're a first timer here, it gives you a little instructions and kind of tells you how things work.

And at the bottom of the page here, there's a navigation bar. There's also another one in the sidebar here. In essence, all of the training is broken down into three core modules, the Kickstart, Learning the Game, and then Game On. Basically each module has several training videos.

And then we've got amplifier training; this is kind of bonus additional training that really takes things to the next level. It's advanced strategies for making even more money inside of the world of Tax Yields. There's the resources page, which gives you some awesome downloadable resources to make this investing easier and awesomer.

I'll show you some of the pages here if we cruise over to module one to Kickstart. And if we scroll down here, here's our first video that just kind of orients you. I think this video is about 30 minutes, but you can watch the video, you can just listen to the audio if you prefer. As you complete the training, you can mark training videos complete so that you know where you're at in the training.

Each training video also has a corresponding Executive Summary and the executive summaries are basically like Cliff Notes. If you remember Cliff notes, they're basically just a short, concise summary of everything included in the video. So, for instance, I've got one open here. And so this is the first video here, and basically it just walks you through what's covered in the video. It's a really easy, neat way to quickly get a snapshot and check in on the content of the video training.

Okay, let's cruise over and show you real quick. Module Two in the program has a number of video trainings here has all the executive summaries. Module three. There is a lot of meat here to cover. And basically, we've got it separated into two different categories. Here where this is the first four video trainings. And then you've got four more right here. Basically walks you through a seven-step process just from ground zero to investing in your first tax yield.

I'll quickly show you the resources page here. You've got a cool phone script. Basically, some terminology resources to help you talk the talk. Oh, man, this state-by-state tax yield resource saves you tons of time, tons of research. It's all done for you and lay stuff out. And then also a portfolio tracker, which is really cool, because once you get into this world and start making these investments and earning killer returns, you're going to want an easy way to track profits.

So I haven't even shown you the amplifier training. There's a ton here. It walks you from A to Z, and we look forward to hearing how you enjoy the program if you decide to become a member. All right, that's all I got for you. This has been awesome. It's exciting every time that we come out with a new training program to release it to the wild. And you're going love Jay. He knows his stuff, and he just lays it all out for you in the training program.

All right, so I'll shut up now. This has been Patrick Riddle with Awesome REI. We'll see you again soon. Thanks.

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