In the REI game since Y2K, JP's deal-making adventures run the gamut from rehabs to rentals to realtoring to wholesaling—from REOs to lease options to seller financing to raw land. Many 100's of deals later, his active real estate game is played remotely today (from home) in various U.S. markets, and intentionally with the smallest team possible. The aim is high margins with the least possible time & effort. Less, but better.

Invest in Something Bigger:
Help The Forsaken Children While Leveling-Up Your Real Estate Game Awesomely

JP MosesI’m so excited to share this with you…

  • What if you could corner a few legit, world-class dealmakers for a private, candid conversation?
  • What if they privately shared their personal “tricks of the trade” with you about how you can consistently get more deals, find “hidden” deals you aren’t seeing, master this market we’re in, and accelerate profits in your real estate game?
  • What if you also got to actually help children in need in the process?

⇊ Please briefly watch this… ッ

The deal, in a nutshell:

It’s my wife’s birthday! Could you possibly help me with a weird little birthday gift please? If yes, then there’s a little something Awesome in it for you too. ッ

  1. The Ask: For Kara’s birthday would you kindly consider giving to a remarkable charity we both ❤️?
  2. In Return: It’s tax deductible, plus you’ll get free access to the members-only “Dealmaker Intensive” sessions that can level-up your real estate game awesomely. ッ

My wife’s unusual birthday gift…

Recently, while not-so-slyly probing for birthday gift ideas, I was surprised when Kara said:

“You know, I don’t really need anything—but it’d make me really happy if we could just donate something extra to help The Forsaken Children…


I mean yeah, I’m still getting her a nice little something. But I think it’s super cool that she wants to use her birthday not just to get more, but to give more!

Suddenly, another idea hit me:

What if I get others in on this with me?

What if I could quietly get a group of our family & friends in on this, and we all chipped in together to surprise her with a way bigger donation to The Forsaken Children?!

That’s when this idea got AWESOMELY BIGGER & started taking shape!

So, here’s the deal…

My Give / Receive “Ethical Bribe” Offer:

  1. GIVE: Help me give the best gift ever to my lovely wife…
    1. Simply donate to The Forsaken Children — a remarkable charity we both ❤️
    2. Even as little as $10 dollars (+ donations are matched!)
    3. You’ll hear more about TFC in the final 4-mins of my video above ⇈
  2. RECEIVE: To say “thank you”, I’m very happy to give you full access to your choice(s) from our array of world-class Dealmaker Intensive sessions…
    1. These are candid (unscripted) conversations you won’t find anywhere else
    2. Each 2-3 hrs privately “deep diving” into a specific topic, tactic or strategy
    3. Plus, including all their related templates, scripts, execution plans, etc.

You want in on the Awesome?

Sweet, let’s do this… ッ

Choose Your Level of Awesome:

Option #1: The Hamilton Maneuver

Yes, a mere $10 bucks to The Forsaken Children, and you get to choose any one (1) out of the five total Dealmaker Intensive sessions you see outlined below! ⇊ Just pick your favorite!

Option #2: The Grant Giver

Donate $50 to The Forsaken Children org for Kara’s birthday, and you get to choose any three (3) of the five total Dealmaker Intensive sessions below.

Option #3: The Benjamin Benefit

If you’re ❤️ struck by the vision, mission & good work of The Forsaken Children—AND you’d just rather not have to choose, then a $100 donation gets you all five Dealmaker Intensive sessions. Boom!


  • Regardless of which Awesome level you choose, the button will take you to TFC’s website to make your tax-deductible donation directly into their donation platform.
  • Then, on the landing page you see confirming your donation afterward, you’ll see exactly how and where to get your chosen Dealmaker Intensive goodies!

The Dealmaker Intensive Sessions:

Here's a quick summary of each Dealmaker Intensive session you get to choose from when you make a donation. Check 'em out so you know which is your favorite and which ones make sense to you in your real estate operations.

➀ The Perfect 📞 Seller Call...

“The Perfect 📞 Seller Call” — with Blair Halver & Jeff Kemmer

  • These two world-class dealmakers privately shared behind closed-doors their personal “tricks of the trade” about how you can consistently get more deals, find “hidden” deals you aren’t seeing, and make a LOT more💰 money from the motivated seller 📞calls you’re already having.
  • Blair & Jeff also shared their $3M “opening call” script for seller calls, explained it step by step, and even shared a whole stack of live seller call recordings so you can hear the Awesome in action.
  • Plus live, unscripted Q&A’s.
  • Bottom line: You'll walk away from this 1h:57m conversation with the ability to get consistent, easy deals by simply following Blair & Jeff's $3M Seller Call Script.
➁ The 🍯 Honey Hole Method...

“The 🍯 Honey Hole Method” — with Rob Swanson

  • In roughly 2½ hrs Rob walked us gingerly through each & every step of his “Honey Hole Method” he created for quickly finding easy-win, speed-to-paycheck real estate deals in any U.S. market.
  • He transparently shared the “tricks of the trade” he’s using right now to help his own brother implement this from scratch in a remote market (literally just scored his first $10K quick flip in only the first 3 weeks!)
  • You get all Rob’s related goodies, his “execution plan”, the full mind map, Rob’s templates, etc.
  • After this session you’ll walk away with the ability to get consistent, easy deals by simply copying Rob's proven “honey hole” strategy.
➂ How to Profit 💰 Awesomely in this New Market...

“How to Profit 💰 Awesomely in this New Market” — with Cameron Dunlap

  • This unscripted dealmaker conversation w/one & only Cam Dunlap is pure gold.
  • Cam goes deep, privately walking us step-by-step through little-known, emerging opportunities inside the market mayhem of today’s soaring prices, acute competition & plunging profits.
  • He candidly shared the biggest mistakes he’s seeing & deal-killers you should absolutely avoid to keep from being sidelined—and shared exactly how you can start extracting profits from the problems instead.
  • You'll walk away from this 2-hour training with the specific insight & intel you need to consistently land winning deals even in today’s topsy-turvy terrain.
➃ Five ⚾ Fastballs to Level-Up Your Seller Marketing...

“Five ⚾ Fastballs to Instantly Level-Up Your Seller Marketing” — with Christina Krause

  • This was my good friend Christina going unscripted walking us step-by-step through five “fastball” strategies being used right now to amplify profits of some of the biggest, most successful investors in the country.
  • Behind our “closed doors” she went all-in privately sharing private “tricks of the trade” that could instantly level-up your motivated seller marketing game.
  • She even shared her Real Estate Investor's Guide to Big Profits in Probates to everyone—and yes, you’ll get it too!
➄ 17 Sneaky 🤫 Wholesaling Tricks...

“17 Sneaky 🤫 Wholesaling Tricks” — with Alex Joungblood

  • This is the “OG” dealmaker intensive with the one-and-only Alex Joungblood (maybe you Alex from his Wholesale Houses Full Time group on FB)
  • Once upon a time I cornered Alex & picked his everloving brain about how he’s able to consistently score 6-figure profit months wholesaling houses remotely.
  • Long story short, Alex opened up and spilled ALL the beans with me…for nearly 4 hours
  • The results? The very first Dealmaker Intensive session affectionately (and appropriately) named: 17 Sneaky Wholesaling Tricks.
  • This was a rare gem indeed, with Alex sharing sooooo many tricks-of-the-trade, like his “Bankruptcy Lead Blitz” strategy, his “sniper marketing” method, and a whole lot more Awesome.

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