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Announcing: “The Z-Code” by Joe McCall


Introducing The Z-Code by Joe McCall, an awesome new system that walks real estate investors step-by-step through exactly how to earn income using Zillow, without owning any real estate.

April 2019 (eRelease) – is thrilled to announce an incredible new real estate investing program: The Z-Code by Joe McCall. This highly effective training program teaches new and seasoned investors how to systematically harvest leads from Zillow.

In typical Joe McCall form, the entire training orbits around a comprehensive mind map with related documents and helpful checklists included. All 4 training modules are broken down into easy-to-follow videos demonstrating the entire process—from setting a solid foundation of important core values and principles, to the exact steps needed to target and find sellers, to gathering critical intel, using an Excel calculator for fast and easy ARV calculations, how to contact the sellers and how to keep track of all your work.

The Z-Code offers all the essential ingredients, plus the expert insight and action items anyone needs to level-up their real estate investing game, by focusing on an arena for getting deals where most of the competition isn’t.

Best of all, you can be successful with this strategy in just about any market—whether remotely in markets around the U.S., or right in your own backyard.

The Z-Code training with Joe McCall includes:

  • How to understand your ideal outcome for the Z-Code leads you’re able to easily extract from Zillow.
  • Knowing your “end-game” before you start; defining “success” of your Zillow leads-getting before you start playing the game.
  • Why & how you can accelerate success by “riding the giant’s shoulders”.
  • Exactly how to research your market quickly using Zillow.
  • How to find more motivated sellers on Zillow than most people even think possible.
  • Why and how to create marketing that ‘speaks’ to your Zillow sellers.
  • Transaction engineers vs. one-trick ponies: Which one should you be, and why?
  • Joe’s top buying strategy right now, and why the market is begging for it.
  • How to find & focus down to the top segment viable leads from your Zillow activities.
  • Joe’s simple template for tracking this data quickly & easily.
  • Exactly why (and how) Joe smartly uses his V.A.s in this part of the process.
  • Five other key websites Joe quickly references (to reinforce the Z-Code data)
  • A “secret list” of motivated sellers Joe’s found hiding in plain sight in Zillow.
  • Everything about targeting Z-Code sellers in your target market.
  • How to effectively get 95% of the Z-Code leads (gathering, contacting & screening) systematically handled for you.
  • The Zillow leads hiding in plain sight for most investors.
  • Exactly what to say, how to say it, etc. when you start talking to motivated sellers from Zillow.
  • Precisely how Joe’s Virtual Assistant lands him Zillow deals with nothing more than pre-written text messages.
  • The secret Zillow hack that nobody else is doing in your market.
  • And much more…

Review of The Z-Code by Joe McCall

Here’s a short video from Patrick reviewing of what’s included in The Z-Code training…

And here's a fun video from JP Moses about the “origin story” of the Z-Code, including a bit of his backstory with Joe McCall and some playful humor in typical JP style, plus well as a little more insight into the training itself.

Implementing The Z Code Strategy…

With The Z-Code, real estate investors can begin using the very same strategies Joe McCall uses to pinpoint your ideal target market, then start doing “Z-Deals” anywhere in the country.

With this simple training, there's nothing holding you back. It comes with several downloadable docs, templates and resources that Joe uses in his own business every day This includes Joe’s all-encompassing mind map, contracts and checklists—as well as a lengthy list of online resources and the super-helpful Excel calculator. Plus, a complimentary copy of Joe’s Wholesaling Lease Options book.

The Z Code by Joe McCall

The Z-Code Bottom Line…

We sincerely believe the Z-Code by Joe McCall gives investors absolutely everything needed to fill your seller lead engine to the max.

You can find out more about The Z-Code by Joe McCall here

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