Amp » Pushing Your Limits—A Must Watch!

no excusesNot sure about you… but I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan and eat up everything he puts out.

But whether you're a fan or not, I guarantee this video from Tony will seriously challenge you on breaking through some of the limitations you find yourself shackled with right now.

Seriously, you've got to watch it. And don't be surprised when suddenly it all just “clicks” in your mind. So darn simple… but it’s gonna make a huge difference in the way you approach things, especially in terms of reaching your elusive goals.

Oh, and I should say that it’s not about real estate at all. But I couldn't not (like that double negative 🙂 share it with you here, because frankly I believe this is the single, biggest underlying reason why most people don’t make it in real estate. And hey, it’s actually a pretty easy fix, which you'll hear first hand from Tony just a few minutes into the video.

And let me just say, he’s spot on when he talks about the difference between two people, when they both get the very same course, learn the exact same stuff, and yet, one makes it big and the other falls by the wayside. It’s not about potential, or resources — you'll see it plain as day in the diagram he scribbles out.

Here's to being the guy or gal who breaks through those barriers and makes it big!

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