Probably the Smoothest Deal I've Done Yet!

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Today I want to share yet another fun episode in my little Survivor Success Stories reality show I’ve got going. If you’re playing along at home, we’ve covered some pretty awesome ground just recently, like:

Today’s is another from the Tenacious D(dealmaker) himself, Cy—a fun, little video he made right from his car driving away from the title company with another solid $15K payday in hand.

OK, so $15,009.50 to be exact. 🙂

I’m super proud of Cy, in case you can’t tell. And rightfully so, if you remember his first deal soap opera—by comparison, this one was a total cakewalk.

That’s the real-world spectrum for wholesaling real estate, isn’t it? Some deals are slow, painful and iffy-at-best… and others somehow become…

“…the smoothest deal I’ve done yet.”

Check out Cy’s story in 92 seconds…

Video Transcription:

Hey Justin, just leaving the title company right now and had a deal to just close. It was a property that I never went to myself, but thanks to the system that you helped me put in place, I was able to get somebody to over there and get the contract signed and working with a buyer of mine that, uh, like to buy a lot of properties here and uh…, pretty happy!

Here's the check – excuse me, I'm driving right now – but it's about 15 grand, so going to make sure that I deposit as soon as I can. And um, thank you so much for the systems you help me put in place and the growth that, because I know how hard it was for year or two to at least find a deal and for me to find this one get into contract one day and the next day probably less than 24 hours having it sold already a, the big accomplishment and closing and three weeks and could've been sooner but suffered some title issues with the seller.

But even that, it was under a month and were very quick and very smooth. Probably smoothest deal I've done yet. So I'm pretty excited and thank you so much for your systems. I look forward to working with you and for anybody who doesn't think this stuff works, trust me. It works.

Hot damn, do I love hearing testimonials like this from my coaching students! This story—a polar-opposite of his first deal, right?—just shows how ridiculously coachable he is, and willing to trust me and ‘trust he process’ no matter how solid or weird things seems to look on any given deal.

3 little gold nuggets tucked inside

To wrap this up, let's go a level deeper for a sec on three key things I see in Cy’s story…

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First Nugget

one gold nugget“…a deal that I just closed…a property that I never went to myself.”

That’s right—Cy closed this deal without even seeing the property.

Cause that's how we do it. That’s my norm for almost every deal I do actually, and it’s exactly how I mentor others to do it whenever possible. I taught Cy how to wholesale houses without:

  • going to the property
  • taking pictures
  • finding leads
  • meeting with buyers
  • making outbound calls
  • doing all the marketing

I hear from other ‘regular’ wholesalers how impossible this seems…but what can I say? It’s just my reality. 🙂

I hear you saying, “But, Justin, of course those things have to get done if I want to do deals!” And you’re right, they do… but not by you.

Years in the trenches taught me that to own a legit business (that doesn’t own you), you really shouldn’t be wasting your valuable time on those day-to-day tasks. 80/20—Focus on the things that make you money and help scale your business: making offers and closing deals.

So I never see the property, and most of the time don’t even know the property owner. The idea of you needing to wear all the hats just isn’t necessary anymore.

Nugget #2

two gold nuggets“…Thank you so much for the systems you had me put in place…”

This is a key I teach that makes this kind of deal even possible: How to leverage (i) people, (ii) systems and (iii) processes.

I walked Cy through hiring an operations manager (commissioned based) and teaching his Ops gal the exact way I taught him to go about getting solid seller and buyer leads.

Now his ops manager does all the seller and buyer lead gen, pulls comps, does the marketing, etc. – that’s how/why Cy doesn’t have to waste his time and energy on those things. Plus, hiring a VA (virtual assistant) for other daily tasks like going through public records and making cold calls.

When his Ops manager or VA gets a ‘yes’ from a seller or buyer, then it’s Cy’s time to shine–his only job is talking with that lead as the owner of his business. Which really showcases tons of credibility with his 2-part system of ‘ops manager + owner’ subsequent calls.

I’m so proud of Cy!

It’s the systems, people and processes that allow Cy to rise above the competition and run his business like a business, rather than being the wearer of all hats.

A big mistake I see time and time again is investors wanting to be in the trenches, spending way too much time doing the legwork and initial calls.

Now, if you want to do that in the beginning to learn those tasks and to be able to teach them to someone you hire – that’s great – but to grow your business, you have to step back and put systems in place.

You don’t need to make 100 outbound calls. Your VA or ops person can. It’s smart business to make someone else responsible for all those day-to-day tasks. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Final Nugget

three gold nuggets“… to get it under contract in 1 day… and probably, in less than 24-hours have it sold already, was a big accomplishment… and closing in 3 weeks… the smoothest deal I've done yet.”

I’ve been personally mentoring Cy for about two or so years.

If you don’t already know, getting into the business was not easy for Cy by any means. His first deal was haaaaaard. In fact, most new investors would have called it quits right then and there.

But I stuck with Cy, and he stuck with me. And really listened to my advice, with his vision for awesomely wholesaling houses for quick cash in mind.

Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat it: Cy had some pretty major struggles in the beginning. But through the chaos, he put one foot in front of the other, persevered and never once even thought about quitting. He kept moving forward.

I love when people come to me with an open mind and really take the relationship seriously like Cy did. His mind is open and willing to trust me and just trust the process, even when sometimes he doesn’t understand or thinks he might know better – and boy has it worked for him!

Cy is a total Rockstar in the making, and I think he has another thing going for him too…

It’s his ‘why’–the reason he’s in the business is big enough for him to encounter many defeats, but not be defeated. His ‘why’ to quit his corporate job and prove to himself that, yes, he can do this.

What’s your WHY?

I say this to Cy:

You deserve the success that you have and the guaranteed success that’s coming to you in the future, thanks to your perseverance and coachability. You are a true motivation and inspiration to anyone interested in becoming a wholesaler who starts from ground zero with no clue and no money. Keep going forward, my friend!

So, how’s Cy’s latest deal story hit you? Leave us a comment before you go!


(NOTE: Need help wholesaling houses? Consider how a little personal mentoring with Justin could level-up your wholesaling game sooner than later.)

Justin Wilmot Mentoring

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